_ah ~


you second rate hobo   ~  and it works like those   ~  that   ~  sends some  ~ her lips  ~
always a spoken word  ~ deteriorating at the elve level love's little knickerbocker
a tunin' thing a harp   ~ delectable on the days down  ~ her breasts stormy as a
 ship's deck   ~ what the heck she queries  ~ do you love me   ~love's alittle bugger
ain't it  ~ a tug ofwar down the ole' whachamacallit? a square where she played
hiking her skirts  ~

                             ________________________following the dizzy-dizzies of love's
disease we came to this south of the flanks heading for the ropes  ~ banged around
by thrusts and chewing gum no one saw what was coming     ~. Humming she
was as the book falling from her wet lap came on my ribs salting up my
Adam sake madam ma dame!    ~ is there no absurdity like your eyes?
If one cognizant  thought soft spoke your lips would the cities tumble?
shell fish  whales comfort zones big wigs and tommy trackers.... wait she's gone
off the radar reckoning on his hand inside that sex place by the way of her saucy
gown and bold moves on her part link him to the purring knees of her wanting   ~
he's this way cause he wants to toward every beckoning bridge    ~






The feeling is one I can dig, however, I think you are the jerk, or should I say, jerkette?


She's naked as a board. A ship between the legs  ~  a harbor 
without ins  ~ then outs? Mister D? O outs to her thighs 
                                   long rubber   ~.


if that was a poem would it be your name

holding your hand between    ~

your legs
of course

between ours
which become

four letter


I'd justify right columns with left 
between the sheets of  
your reindeer ribbons 
as any sweating lover does    ~


Some say I some say me some say between your teeth

a lover's lie tethered    ~




I love lesbians. This is not a missed connection but a loving one.

I mean the ones I don't like and the ones that I do. The ones that attract me and the ones that don't . It's a style of neighbourlyness. Living in the similar neighborhood of the spirit you could say.   Those days, and these   .


held hand


 who held the hand ?   across the sky  a temperament was burning
    over the heel of
          and around the
                          and the

                  over the cement
                         the cement sky
                            was it that and there
                               how are those days?

                           night bears its flock
                                          sheep to gazing stars
                                                     passing rainbow
                                                 a day like any other
                                                          breeze of blue on the afternoon 
                                                                      that sky rustic blue slate blue  
                                                                                                    blue as blue


Big and little ... in sickness and health : Plateau :1874


Wars, big and little, are behind me. Voyages,
always in tow to something else, are behind me. 

I no longer have any
secrets, having lost my face, form, and matter. I am now no more than a

 I have become capable of loving, not with an abstract, universal love,
but a love I shall choose, and that shall choose me, blindly, my double, just
as selfless as I. 

One has been saved by and for love, by abandoning love and


Three Novellas
"What Happened?"


( Gilles Deleuze   Félix  Guattari )

_ blood and


The novel— a flock of geese flew which the snow had dazzled. [Perceval]
saw them and heard them, for they were going away noisily because of a falcon
which came drawing after them at a great rate until he found abandoned
one separated from the flock, and he struck it so and bruised it that he
knockedit down to earth.... When Perceval saw the trampled snow on which
the goose had lain, and the blood which appeared around, he leaned upon his
lance and looked at that image, for the blood and the snow together seemed
to him like the fresh color which was on the face of his friend, and he thinks
until he forgets himself; for the vermilion seated on white was on her face just
the same as these three drops of blood on the white snow.... We have seen a
knight who is dozing on his charger.

 Year Zero  Faciality  173





the first blue skies were heaven sent along the  spring winds
     and breeze
         and a walking
                           and the summer hints of true summer 

                            and the air of love
                                                    and hope's beacon

                                          green was the name you called it
                                                               and spring's feather
                                                              lovely as borne air

                                                    night wrapped in day's hug
                                                                  and love's buck tucked in 

                                                                 night whispering
                                        Day pleases



re pebble

  Turns on tape:

  Interlocuteur:     explain that ....

    Duffy:______________________________The Lay Out the Lay out
      we'll come back to that but inthe meanwhile
                                                                     its like a jazz song riffed on the moment

                    no worry about the 'apparent' discord the 
                                          melody's all there
 ya dig?

as the page shape  changing but it's improvising jazz that counts an
                                                                                          recounts the jazz     ~
                         _______________________________________Volume down sound fades....



                to know what is going on
                          take a pebble
                                                    throw it five hundred feet in the water
                let it 'land'  so to speak figure of water flattering along the ground

                        City of  night  (lights sparkling rain color ) along
                                                                 the boulevard 
                                             sent a book to the heart away from this here 

                                         and the night's shape takes place   

                    pebble  hits the water
                                                bounces skims  skirts  the   rifts and hilts
                                           of the passing wave
                                                                            it rumbles beneath the sea    ~    

                            Do your eyes see better than your brain?

                                              your hips

                          your hips





Oh the full moon was a battered drum  


no one

No one swoons the way you do
As the full moon fattens its celibate roof 

She does it with the woof 
telling the ceiling its 

half-way to heaven back from the moon
recalling its unexpected grace and
a quarter of the way 
her hands feel mile after 
mile the way her feet hold on

the face of conviction



the force of conviction
night a secret whip
the care

tender hands
paning the hour
its rough discontent

little tidbits of tyrants and trying
sense gathered to pronounce geese 

continuing spring


P-e-R-I -P__h-e-r-i-e-s twit twit twit

___________________________________So Sow So  ~

 Twit Twit Twit
 Jug Jug Jug Jug Jug Jug
 So Rudely forc'd
                                                  (from  III The Fire Sermon from The Waste Land T.S. Eliot)

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