------------------------------------------------- can show

 ________________impo || almo ____________impossible   write  ,,  midst      chaos world debris  ,, / hour/ days /disgusting  wave tsunami   ~ gun battle war/ of death/  begging hand/  face/  trapped caught  /'n c aaooos    chaos / t'a  react /  mad  , 
               men rave/ delirous non penitents/ al       ossible  / write

" Had she borne any resemblance to the thing she saw. Tie thigh to the merry night,
rope a caul bury that face. R "

                                                                      that sound '

(retake town) __________________
_____ painc  c aused_____human______________________________________
darkness descending round the earth
the whole earth
is this the dinosaur
(rank  __ and bodies ..   . boats hurl'd up like tippy toys)

                              (shows the human hand of    fate) a hand stronger than 

Mister  Brontosaurs Tyrannosauruses  death

?a final cape
of ice  age
the earth's  

epi  centre

      smash  heart 

___________possible   m ' ost

                       mister nuclear meltdown meet mister ghaddafi  goon 

 Wil l  the prophet Jeremiah Chomsky 
 ( BUt  You are the prophet)
guilding us? telling us some Light

           (the people of the earth

is the prophet)

  'ome light's o n the way human hope
(mouth can't ope'nnnnn)

    not death

(in this 'old'   bumpy recording  )


( hear thousand)
_____ ____  human hope


(and you forget to eat
 even the bread sittin' there
 and you forget 
  even as Adam's erect upright to his waking )

                                       ( and the naval captain )


                      explaining to us

                      this  insanity 
                            and the woman are forced to hurry through the streets 
fear of terror and  maniacs wielding axes,   and papers  
(We Want Freedom   )
                                                                     (leave our country  )


______what they did 
what's been done

to 'whole'   countries  ,,    countries  


 and the fascists were listening
                their deaths boiling the earth


 they came pounding      sirens and woof jets 
                                                 'screaming '    

  a nd  

                             besides the s trike 
       the stink     ~

and no one came      the night  
      eat acrid  sand
     maniacs     skeletal yammering 'n the world t.v.   

     the ladies making sandwhichs

  no sandal wood 

 forgotten the t 

  the caring beauty   on boulevard Baghdad    ~