William Hazlitt the neglected

_______________The tides and the rides ~ and the ride of the Valkyrie     ~ an artist

loves and his heart loves foolishly 


 ANd Mister Hazlitt he too was a  lover    ~

"The tides of literary posterity crash in unpredictable ways, and the vagaries of what makes an author feted in one age, ignored in the next are often mysterious. Near namesakes Sinclair Lewis and Upton Sinclair were considered the greatest American novelists of the early twentieth century, but are little read these days."

 _______________Ah there was no circumspect malarkey with this king of polemic no pretenses,
                                      all love and passion, fire and lightening, polemic and pointing  .

" It’s diverting to ponder which contemporary author will be read with regularity 50 years from now. I wager Irvine Welsh will last longer than Ian McEwan, spring the results of that one on me in the nursing home.
Perhaps the biggest mystery of all concerns that of William Hazlitt. By my side are two ragged, moth eaten selections from his Collected Works, each printed over a hundred years ago, precious gems salvaged from Ken Spellman’s bookshop in York for £4 each."


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Hazlitt the neglected