the wave

how many pens halcyon bird ?
  what time we find the waves

                  knocking on the sea

  ' I was in the boat and we docked near  ... the shore of Phoenicia and the many deaths and they came to me ... crying, hollering... the dead hold ... filled with them, packed along the yarns? ...' 

the voice ascending upspeak on the dearth stroke of pine  the red words

culvert in the gulf of war 

the nights long
the desert warm




  Something brought me here

    an ancestor   ,,    strangers   ,,  a  woman  not seeing

   and if the god was a  stranger
                               miles away centuries over waters of thousands miles fish deep running   ,  ,   floating

 the sea  flocked there

                           and I died in my verisimilitude 



Giacometti qu est-ce un tete pt 5/5 3, 4, 4

Giacometti qu est-ce un tete pt 1/5 1,2


alberto giacometti 4, 5, 6,

blog 2

 o yea there's no question about , on THIS blog it's best to use chrome browers. on firefox the whole

of the sidebar drops down the side! like an elevator shaft!\

blogger recently made changes to the number of posts/ you can have  without
crowding and ive found that using days instead of posts has helped.
                                                 AnYHow a blog is a blog is a blog

                       so it's probably all good but its best to enjoy the ride   ~ 

 as well as ye can   ~

 _________its analogouss to a poem non? a poem seen this way
is perhaps the same
but seen That way it's best.

of the instant

of its . journey . of desire and love.

_________________ what's a computer anyway? a glorified typewriter.

blog look and lay outs

 Well as always with internet machines __________things change, metamorphose , s hape

size and appearance depending on one's browser. For a few months now I have been blogging and
working with chrome 

and today I've tried firefox again __________________ and this blog

looks better    and works better with the  chrome browser

it depends on the lay out and the amount of gadgets that have been added on and so forth...

it's an interesting problem and 'part of the game' so to speak!

the fiction blogs present themselves almost identically across firefox and chrome. as for explorer, i never go and look. its too slow and its a dinosaur in terms of movement.

I have not checked all of the blogs yet.

ANyhow, i prefer chrome.

... then was


where was a head
                                a heart
         the chaos of beginnings

  which word is city 

                   of its cain and unutterable revolt its murderous

where is the beginning of the                   sentence 

this would be nobody but the movement of the sun

 and Jill's head moving the skull   ~  

Alberto Giacometti 1,2, 3,



between those  (        ) these 

  a s  effort forces sunlight

its humming string 

by the _______silence you know their names. as it witches. each coming thing.married to matter. characterd to thought. and hands tremble  (this) by ___________path    ~_______________ the plastic matter  ~ 

you'll come back to this Jill as the box loosens, tightens, (and)
begins    again   ~ . as        it             does   does     ~.




la le et le


   tu pense a  la délire de lire    toi folle   folie

folie de
 de le la de le de la le de

  les petit mots de  quel'
                                                  un               une

Il y avait un temps ou je vivais comme.   Dans cette période de ma vie . Il y avait ....un grande tempête sur mes genoux.   Générosité     de l'esprit et  une chose  non destinataire a  dire  a cette instant. Un monsieur qui parle avec                           Générosité   C'es un voyage . Un  grand ? peut-être

Dans les rues que je traversais

et dans les rues ou je vivais

  des fortunes des larmes des hyènes les monstres  et les montres mais tellement beaux des tortures! et même des animaux ... de cette loi de fortune ...

  Imagine toi cette période et cette phrase même cette phase!



Jardin d'hiver

Solace in winter ~ which is hard/
won't seem t'a end~
but it' ll ~

"Jardin d'hiver from the album "La biographie de Luka Philipse" . ____photos sur le thème de la chanson, chantée par keren ann."



William Hazlitt the neglected

_______________The tides and the rides ~ and the ride of the Valkyrie     ~ an artist

loves and his heart loves foolishly 


 ANd Mister Hazlitt he too was a  lover    ~

"The tides of literary posterity crash in unpredictable ways, and the vagaries of what makes an author feted in one age, ignored in the next are often mysterious. Near namesakes Sinclair Lewis and Upton Sinclair were considered the greatest American novelists of the early twentieth century, but are little read these days."

 _______________Ah there was no circumspect malarkey with this king of polemic no pretenses,
                                      all love and passion, fire and lightening, polemic and pointing  .

" It’s diverting to ponder which contemporary author will be read with regularity 50 years from now. I wager Irvine Welsh will last longer than Ian McEwan, spring the results of that one on me in the nursing home.
Perhaps the biggest mystery of all concerns that of William Hazlitt. By my side are two ragged, moth eaten selections from his Collected Works, each printed over a hundred years ago, precious gems salvaged from Ken Spellman’s bookshop in York for £4 each."


Hazlitt the neglected « Feature « ReadySteadyBook - a literary site
Hazlitt the neglected




James Joyce said that a little bit of dirt won't hurt anyone.    but to be covered in dust  ~. is
there no end to this       ~ . matching. care for its things itself. 



 its been a  long time that I have . been Indian. and walked the streets of India.


do i call it

all those grim reapers /the steel philosophers/ the ones/the forks/ the staving knives/
 goin to church to kill/
you go to get laid  / fogged by the 'god'   / and the god dog was a ?
a something something not the fantasm of that first book's requite image. but the beauty
of its golden cupola in the mist. morning. and the 
wind harbingerin the fruit of other things coming and not afraid
to love to admire 

then you came to bed two leggd god or Two headed I should . say  .
I not being i-eye eye captain but a fiction. perfect in its pluperperfect sense     ~ 


not some motherfucker's vision of god._________________________
Now whatever motherfucker is you're not it. Dogman. As the two antlered head. was a dog
warrior and though the woman mother came to your bed. she was a tree locked into your .
And then 

  continued she did in the note bad of the allher life forgiving you and saying I  lov e  you .

and how kind she was as. the hills raised the antlers to the sky. and myrrh murmuring
chains sang . thrusting t heir 


but i was in prison then. sufffering the years. captive. by the ... and the  .. ones other i cant name
a. nd. they kept your prison very well. and until you escaped they were very well to keep it.
 they kept

but the prison's long . and the escape's hourly, daily, not the martyrdom of the cost of time.
but time itself.

not the graven shoulders of the dead .


And so the mothers came. she came. they came. for him. him.
murmur him. coming their mothers   ~ .

her majesty

Simone Weil a Joë Bousquet


Le dialogue Joë Bousquet /Simone Weil


L i k e L O V E


So the trees

                   So the night the earth ___________________________

Acclaimed writer Alaa al-Aswany on the unity inside #Tahrir: "Revolution makes everyone more beautiful, it's like Love." #Egypt #Jan25

Valse triste de Sibelius- L'AMORE DI DIO


O___________________ Ireland ~

  Oh ireland  do you watch and wait who's at the Watch?



She jiggles her one year old on her knee
and smiles like Magda Goebbels,
of whom she has never heard.
If you don’t have central heating,
more fool you for having no respect
for yourself. She is not au fait
with trade unions. Her laughter,
a bag of rattling crowbars
and always at someone else’s
expense. If you didn’t get paid
no one to blame
but yourself. Her husband’s income
bracket, no one’s business
but hers and the guy she shares
occasional hotel rooms with
in Limerick and Ballybofey.
Her chin, you could skin
several cats with. No such thing
as poverty in Ireland today,
as anyone who’s ever had
a proper job would know.
If you are say to anyone, “Who was your favourite ancient Greek philosopher born in the 4th century BC and who was belong to the Cynic school and who live in a barrel,” seven times out of ten they will answer you “Diogenes of Sinope
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  and last but not least

The Net Delusion


Two down....

Tyrants, Dictators, Oligarchs, paranoiac leaders, fat cats, pigwalkers and dandy billionaires beware 
people on the march    ~_________________________>

Two Down as ....

4 Feb 11 2011
by Bassam Haddad

[11:10 am EST]

Husni Mubarak steps down as President of Egypt after a 30-year reign, and power is transferred to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. It appears that Omar Suleiman, the recently appointed Vice President, will have no role in the emerging political formula, but details have not yet surfaced.

The implications are grand, for Egypt, and beyond. But the jubilation at this moment must be reserved for Egyptians who struggled for decades and brought the symbol of the Egyptian regime down in a matter of 18 days of protests around clock and country.

All reactionary forces inside and outside Egypt are on guard at this moment . . . as they should be. We will discuss those later. Also, much can go wrong in this transitional process, stripping the revolution of a good deal of its gains. The political game will now be transferred to the organization and institutional realm, where people power can play a role in the long term to the extent it is organized. One thing for certain: there is no foreseeable return to uncontested power.

Bye bye Mister tyrant

Sharif Kouddous

Sharif Kouddous

@sharifkouddous Live from Egypt
journalist. Senior producer for Democracy Now!, a global, independent news hour (@)
 Sharif Kouddous 

lift your head up, you're Egyptian!" - the ant  of victory in the biggest celebration in hisotory 

Lift your head Up
O People of the River

O Nile 


_Live Coverage of Mubarak Resignation


The people of Egypt has forced Mubarak to step down. The dictator has gone_____________________________>

Egyptian President Mubarak steps down

Friday, 11 February 2011

Egyptians celebrate the news of the resignation of President   MubarakEgypt exploded with joy, tears, and relief after President Hosni Mubarak resigned as president, forced out by 18 days of mass protests that culminated in huge marches today on his presidential palaces and state television. The military took power after protesters called for it to intervene and oust their leader of three decades.

"The people ousted the regime," rang out chants from crowds of hundreds of thousands massed in Cairo's central Tahrir Square and outside Mubarak's main

palace several miles away in a northern district of the capital



Right so, bitwixe a titlelees tiraunt
And an outlawe, or a theef erraunt,        120
The same I seye, ther is no difference.
To Alisaundre told was this sentence;
That, for the tyrant is of gretter might,
By force of meynee for to sleen doun-right,
And brennen hous and hoom, and make al plain,        125
Lo! therfor is he cleped a capitain;
And, for the outlawe hath but smal meynee,
And may nat doon so greet an harm as he,
Ne bringe a contree to so greet mescheef,
Men clepen him an outlawe or a theef.        130
But, for I am a man noght textuel,
I wol noght telle of textes never a del;