... ______________ becoming ......


 before these words
there's sufficient  
it's what supposes the fact 
                                  that's  a  tall order

              as some might have said it ,,  it,  
it's a tall order, buddy , not hearing Bodhisattva  between 
                                                     the vowels

(Mister) (a humdrum echo Mister T,that'll fool'em)

come along then your pragmatic fact to the debt glorious free 
to your hanging pen forges the sacrifice greater if eyes 
                                             are to be gone 
with the night of its predecessor the something something 
                                minor to its song

of winter's precious cargo not buried by the will ,, 
'yet the will it must hav
        taken to live '

no lover held out so (long)
 far over the world's
not the memories of radio's false reel tearing apart of genuine


  and the word i will not say ,, the easy out ,, so the fiction , 
take harmony from that place other than to its tangent  song

that woman'll risk the classicals 

                intensity to their  favored league 


___________________________________________________________________ ___________



Wasn't a song after all! at all! 
       was just a test! an experiment Expérimentez!  DiG iT






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` egypt ___________________tunis __________ yeme n ~

A way of life

Thousands Protest in Egypt in Largest Popular Challenge to Mubarak in 30 Years

HOSSAM EL-HAMALAWY: Well, it’s an honor to be on your show. And I think I need to make it clear in the beginning that I was not in Tahrir Square yesterday, but I was monitoring the situation and following it with my fellow journalists and activists on the ground.

Egypt yesterday witnessed its strongest protests in probably four decades, since 1977, where tens of thousands have taken to the streets in virtually all the cities of our country, chanting against Mubarak, chanting against the U.S., which is backing Mubarak, calling for internal reforms and for democracy. Others were chanting for a revolution and saluting the Tunisian people.

The police have responded with iron-fist tactics we’re used to, although they showed some self-restraint in the first few hours, by using rubber bullets and tear gas and mass arrests against the protesters both in Cairo and in other provinces. As I am talking to you now, there are at least 200 political detainees locked up in the notorious state security facility in Nasr City. The government has blocked Twitter and has blocked, just in less than an hour ago, Facebook and has blocked yesterday also Bambuser, which is an online live-streaming video platform on the internet.

 Of life ____________________________________________

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Le Sacre Du Printemps ReVoLT _________the brave people of Eygypt_ TunIs Yemen People to Come ______

ry, about 1,000 people gathered outside the morgue in Suez to protest the death of one of three protesters who died in clashes on Tuesday. Protesters threw petrol bombs at a gove

 Sacre Du Printemp
te joins deadly Egypt protests

 Sacre Du  REVolte


                  Sacre Du Printemp

. On Wednesday, clashes continued in the capital, Tunis.
Protester: "We sit in peaceful manifestation. And what happened, we are surprised by the police who is coming, and the police, all the police, use the gun in order to separate us. We don’t do anything. Just we write piece—sheets of paper in order to demand for a job. Many of us have no job. We don’t have the right to work in our country. We earned bachelor degree, and we don’t have any job."

          gods  ~  

                  Sacre Du Re Volt             Printemp

efying Gov’t Ban, Egyptians Protest Mubarak

The wave of protests sweeping the Middle East in the aftermath of the Tunisian uprising continues today in the two key U.S. allies of Egypt and Yemen. Thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets in defiance of the government’s efforts to clamp down on the biggest demonstrations against President Hosni Mubarak in three decades. On Wednesday, protesters faced tear gas, water cannons and beatings 

Baradei arrives in Egypt


          gods  ~  

                                  cre ation's                                    rough 

Thousands Protest Saleh in Yemen

In Yemen, thousands of people are demonstrating against President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the capital Sana’a today for the second time in less than a week. The demonstrations appear to be the largest ever to directly oppose Saleh’s three-decade leadership. Like Mubarak, Saleh has been a critical U.S. ally in the Middle East. Classified U.S. Department of State cables released by WikiLeaks show the United States and Saleh have covered up the use of U.S. warplanes to bomb Yeme



ask (for this ______________________ breath)

people ask me what i do youI say youI am full time starving artist

  not that Iyou    am hungry  

                       that youI am not  
                              that  I youam
             not middle class

  receive no rewards nor travel plans

nor pension
                           no insurance
 for sure contrary to stated opinions

    I am not a canadian poet as ah 'm not recognized by their instiTuTTuShions

nor their money grubbing goverment

nor the medias infinite joy at reporting the Negative the media, it occurred to me ,,

 a  re  all Hegel i a  n 

                 _______________________And the second ary 

                 t h    i         n        ker s  
               to                   the   
                                     poetaster entertainers
               great guys   out of the way

         and they blame Ezra Pound

                      for being the  bad guy
                       but what did they do  
                                  where waz they

          they blame Tzara 
                      for bein'g  a  leftist Stalin communist

              yet where waz they during the  gestapo's 

where are they
when the shocks run 

                    where are they but calling on yr help 
                      this shit hit fan run they run
                                apologize for the dictator





an d theirs too

this these those and that there theirs our your

An open democracy of desire for all men and women: a place between the strata of capture and boredom: to create art in whatever form suits them. Poetry then is a way of living, a state of mind, and a form of expression. Acknowledgments to: Tristan Tzara, Antonin Artaud, Bill Bissett, Felix Guattari, Jack Hirshmann, Gilles Deleuze, Jean Genet, Mina Loy, Hugo Ball, Emmy Jennings, Mariam Waddington, Gwendolyn Mackewan, Hans Arp et tant d'autres et tant d'autres.

Poetry as a Way of Life Expression _this poetry of the future_ what are becomings to be exists now yet exists on aural virtual visual plane and is a process of definition in and fiction| and other spaces of desire |clicks the rhizome space. criss cross frontiers mix melodies perform verse machines magics boundaries as usual A Recalltopoetryisawayof life and so many others et tant d'autres et tant d'autre_



_____________ Schoenberg ~~ :Serenade `Op. 24

Serenade Op. 24



thank you and yes your remarks about ,, temporality ,, punctuation of subvocal and inward head voice versing lips as accurate as can be to the wish breath not the dime but the arrow which flies a bouncing ,,,, ball ,,, ba,, ,,

_________________________________Thank You SO MuCh Corry ShoRes


2 JAN 2011

Clifford Duffy's New Work on Time

Another beautiful Clifford Duffy poem, "fantasy 2010 labour work" at ReCall to Poetry. But it's always best to see his works where they first appeared.
"fantasy 2010 labour work" by Clifford Duffy
(Thanks so much, Clifford Duffy)

What about this new use of commas? Are they commas as pauses? Do these new usages of pauses free language's temporality?

 and for 

Animated GIF is a glimpse of Clifford Duffy's "fantasy 2010 labour work" found at: