the waistress ~ revisted


If the waistress grows 'long hair' 

  does it make her beautiful?

(she certainly won't regain her youth)

        S spending time with the hag ,     the metaphysical whore increase her chance of learning?

       She looked better with short hair 

her beauty which was beauty   ~ escapes her 

becoming something other than her  who she was the   beauty of her   

(her secret which I won't tell you here)  ( I won't tell her here)

she turned old and  fretful table hopping having cast
aside what made her interesting ,  lovely  ,,  alurring ,,  rich in spirit
and her  eye flashing

  (she had  a bit of the prophet curled in her hair )  
                     (and her guts were brave  )

           with the midnight sun  
                                  she gave up all that choosing death
                                          choosing death     choosing more death for him too   ~



Call that One


Not Two

Two not True

but there   ~

hair thereherhair 

_________________________In the  various BunKUM!  vein low backed low-vowed body she's charmingly sane. Her  summons  and , her return to Paris  the seventy thousand thieves. What on errractic on earth is this wishing Jill? Come along my huffies pretend your notes to the one and only .


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