voice 2

 CD_ those lines came to me yesterday ...as I was eating ... and then the rest afterward   writing them down  ~ ....

C  ~  Oh  C. D .  ~


they killed your singing
  killed your voice

they killed your piano your piano lessons
     they dried your heart out

  forced you  to swallow the death drive
throat catching stuck up the throat
 (now you're hungry every day)

singing songs that werent your own

 they killed  learning music and
the organ lessons

they stopped you finding that
   better home the kind lady and her husband

   she was   so  nervous driving you home from visting their home

ran just about ran the red light I can see her
   face now the fear O the  terror O nearly crashed
they killed  it

they killed you
   and I bring you to life

 they killed a  lot of things in you
 but you bring them back
   you bring them
  I bring them

                  I bring you to life daily