So pretend a poet


. so the works are try-outs, experiments, i suppose and so one re_pairs, does again, tries over, and then one does not try, one does. it does. sentence coming after word. word coming to try. draft. death intercedes, tries again. breath takes lake. impostures pretend to be 'me' what mepretends to be other than self. it's not 'moi' the I which . okay, then try again. Try gain that's easy some do it daily. gain the habit of its upkeep. rip it out, chord it off, baloon kite, skipping in the sky.

and this is why. well we can't see it nor hear it. in the pit down below bardo . bardo matches niveau cunning to cut draft as plateau to memory. the painof the what never was, the virtual. or it's virtually true. rather like the imperative, it's gone from the usage. not as love is, but as .

we' ll more again. more again in desperate plea to debt its calm. rain, sun, then sun rain.

her eyes veil.