No we won't

Now it is clear to anyone who thinks that the man who said 'yes we can' is a yes-man, a no-man, a man of 'ignoble peace' .

we were naive to ever think , to imagine something honest and perhaps smacking

of the start of real sharing and a possible spreading of wealth and a democracy for all, cld. and wld come of his
time in Office ___

we all have our moments of illusion. we there you have it.

Obama is Obuma. A bummer, a bad trip, A bum. the great compromiser.

"War and Peace By Alexander Cockburn " says it and explains it and gets the point over, once and for all.

No we don't 'buy' at all, and we don't 'buy' the yesman Obuma's
deceit ~ .
And Gideon Levy _also at Counterpunch (see the link below) _ speaks to the Issue of Peace in the middle East,
mister Obuma's failure to do his part there, and the betrayal
by the norwegian committee to give a real man of peace his due,
After, and Not before he has done his work.

"So far he has betrayed his mission in the one region most threatening to world peace. There has been no "change" and no "yes we can." There has only been profoundly depressing treading in his predecessor's footsteps. The same methods, the same foot-dragging, the same trudging through the same mire."

everyone already knew the Noble committee is tainted
by political interests, and this time its farcial nature is
evident to anyone who thinks about it.
Now, we know
for sure that Norwegians speak out of both sides of their Mouths.


_______________ Brendan Cooney writes :
about the "wonderful" army put in place by the United States and its terrible effects on the lives of ordinary people:
Always always
the monstrosity of
its terrible

everything and
everyone in its path

"Khan was serving as an artillery commander in the Afghan National Army away from his home in the eastern province of Khost on April 8, when U.S. forces came knocking. In a case of “wrong house,” they killed his 17-year-old daughter, Nadia, and his 15-year-old son, Aimal. They also killed his wife, a schoolteacher who taught villagers for free. They killed his brother and wounded another daughter.

"After she thought the dust had cleared, Khan’s cousin’s wife walked outside. She was nine-months pregnant. She took five shots to the stomach. Her fetus died, but she lived. She might have some thoughts on Obama as a man who “created a new climate,” as the Nobel committee claimed."

Ask Awal Khan About Obama's Prize | Yes a prize for letting others die.
A prize to claim As the Trophy to Death ~

THey are the Warlords of Death

All three writers say better what I could ever hope to say about this disillusioning
circumstance. the best one can do with the noble prize is to tak e it apart.

______________ Pity the Nation that harbours such illusions.