when she

en she walked she heard nails. Holding the heart which catered its sea walk. She heard stymied bells heaas stunned gracearitounded he r heart as city do as city do she heard the compose t walk city as she do she compose compose compose she s she do she compose compose compose she s she do sh the night it was stunring, not so the next of kin her wrath had worn. Beside every close thing she knew pearl of patrolling wisdom was "sagesse's" window of little hollow hearts lending her tootnail to the closet. Not nearest her teeth in order, her eyes, willowed the fancied part of praying
paving paving paving

when they went to the ide of love. she was timbred her forest cow ghetto nearest her balk stunned by parading trope
then it came to her: as any narrative wood. shes gotta get a place to go to go. she got repeating her phone her phone .

now the next time:she sawed her lover. he was cross-winded to her path. along her ass. she was silts to her salt. around her buttock[s] he flew. like any wind carrier. fart! fart!
fatassed to her fartling bin. bung-hung to her tung. what? is she any tine to grape
a paring knife to her cloving knees? loafer included?they arrived to marry him to her tudor gown her two door down her two door limousine to her cuisine.
gullible stragments of to-be-[comingscontinued]narrative. two fallO. Oh.

walk shard the nightwas stunned gracearitounded he r heart as city do as city do she heard the compose t walk city as she do he walked shshe compose compose compose she s she do she compher eyes, willowed the fancied part of prayingrl of patrolling wisdom was "sagesse's"
paving paving pose compose compose she s she do sh the night it was stunned a s graces t wounded he r heart as city do as city do she heard thnding here compose to walk city as she do se compose compose com her epose she decompose it's mouth of air. then she rose to hear its walk r


Okay, baby, now listen up, you gotta call when u say u do
she call ringingalingling. dingalingling lingam and yogum
. she curried her fatvor with it. she winkled her bow.
to his fizz down late. was speed her fuddle-duddly-do?
Now she wish him gone . to her inside view.
of her wishing womb. her lover boy. raptured to his captured
body. in her come out side of herself rest to do to do . to do.

===============================. Period.



if you doub t

the poem does it



these simple thoughts

have made

you heed


this becomes

as emptiness




Anna Karina reciting Paul Eluard a "Alphaville", de Godard (1965)

Ta voix, tes yeux...
Tes mains, tes lèvres...
Nos silences, nos paroles...
La lumière qui s'en va...
La lumière qui revient.
Un seul sourire pour nous deux.
Par besoin de savoir,
J'ai vu la nuit créer le jour sans que nous changions d'apparence.
O bien aimé de tous,
Et bien aimé d'un seul...
Au silence de ta bouche
A promis d'être heureuse.
De loin en loin est la haine;
De proche en proche est l'amour.
Par la caresse,
Nous sortons de notre enfance.

Je vois de mieux en mieux la forme humaine
Comme un dialogue d'amoureux,
Le coeur n'a qu'une seule bouche.
Toutes les choses au hasard,
Tous les mots dits sans y penser
Les sentiments à la dérive
Les hommes tournent dans la ville.
Le regard, la parole
Et le fait que je t'aime.
Tout est en mouvement.
Il suffit d'avancer pour vivre,
D'aller droit devant soi,Vers tous ceux que l'on aime
J'allais vers toi, j'allais sans fin vers la lumière.
Si tu souris, c'est pour mieux m'envahir
Les rayons de tes bras entrouvaient le brouillard...


D'après l'oeuvre de Paul Eluard "Capitale de la douleur")

Paul Eluard, died in 1952 was a close friend of Tristan Tzara ~ who wrote, I believe three essays about his friend. He also addresses him directly in one of his own later poems.


nothing surprise m(oi)e . in this world.
in this 'stinky' world

only the schizos ~ immerse moi

ontly the schizz


between this page

find a book a bad one tear its cover. renew the blandishment of its existence. in this sirocco its page is a mockery.

__________________________ between this page
Experpirpirpirations: Artaud, Lawrence, Tzara, Miller , Kerouac, et autres entres chaosmosictic schizogenealogies . as the rename of the mother is the dear price of pearlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

so Jill has her fathoms. not escaping but fleeing on the line of escape and . rippling and rioting the lam.

the french commune 1871

as this word is hurt.
as its spine's cracked round the rim.
of your undying face so I am smitten with love's tongue
a bare backed tiger
wouldn't do better and t his is English Canadian poetry not the French hexameters of well measured verse nor is there a primer minister in this beef and baloney sandwhich. and I am lonely for the thighs of prettiness, and my eyes hurt. and with you i am competeitive without knowing
without knowing the shoreline
knowing this that only the newcomer last week spotted us
everyone else being too busy in their own heads. to see. a contagion pack. an epidemic? are you making me sick. already a . a book told tale of our love affair. can a love affair be brief . a few hours.

a life time of remembrance and grief follows to memory to remember.

people are even afraid. love is death. and they come with their armies and riots squads to beat you up. and the others rape. and kill maim and torture.this is how they treat the lovers of love.


not having

i have come to read a bad book

there are no tears
no treasure in the eyes



iit cld. be a book
yes could be
book could be
booked in your vous-les vous
cook book
cook book
you're eyed booked
good book
cld.bea book
a cld becomed book


and fine liner was the book.

___----------------------------------------- walked at the thought-------------
not the professional geese
but the bumbling walker -------------
hook capped knee --------------------- like a bum
-------------------------------------- _______________ then the meeting and
to move share that space of breath open gived _____________________

over and overcomed to become become become becoming

not a bother at all

these thoughts of the book
between hunger
feet and tea
not as amber
but buttoned by teeth

i like the driven
it's best works then
dont bothe r me none



too many bad poems
send them back
rever(t) to sender
cluttered bog


mister galois et mr schizo



Monsieur Galois said to me what have I got in common avec toi mr poet et j'ai dit, moi et toi, on a le numero pur de le rencontre non prevue . et tant d'autres chose...s...
les groups de li de herz.. et il y a aussi ce monsieur chayet... non?alors les numeroes mont dans le ciel.. un surpris de poesie parce ce que la poesie c'est aussi un numeroe....
ah yer french is terrible Mister Schizo says Galois mais MSchizo prends les lecons singulier d'un prof singulier...


when the loverleman found a horse . she was rivered .to night. gathered to geese. her thighs.
were only air to breath his mouthcall riding riding ridingshe rode his rode his rodeo rodeoshe did and he rode rode her rodeO
each night was a sea pulling backpulling backfrom the tip top pavement she wantedhis horseher glassesher glasses&his&hiswere wonwere wonwere One
beat in the streetin the street
in the bedthe bedthey were one rhythm in the sheets the sheets
her leman's lemanwas none to delivernone to giveher leman lover was hand on her bellyher cloying bellywheat
like any lovers canthey do they do and do do do do

the alpha-bet of wish kissaround the hip lissome as do do and do shedo do do

Comment: Did you already blog this verse Doctor D?
D: Yes yes no no both it's the number of both

all mathematicans are desire ~ .

every walk is a saunter ~

each air is a thing

perhaps a cube


if nary a nothing is green to willow then waving blue
is slate to its thing cerulean to its russet
rustle to its fan

are you suggesting these are pioneer poems?
coming from another time they arrive gliding


O my hearties before

O me Hearty Pirates of the SeVen BolD SeA ~Happy bogus and free
Harpy bogus and lealee warddown wind

lee to the windwinding leewinding lee

Peac e! ah is sweet!&
Humour is her friend!

before moo s


r'are s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
as bucolic bucaneersn blinder
than oxen
blun der

O my hearties

O me Hearty Pirates of the SeVen BolD SeA ~
Happy bogus and free

Harpy bogus and lea
lee ward
down wind
lee to the wind
winding lee
winding lee

Peac e! ah is sweet!

Humour is her friend!

something i made for her you

les fesses les siens... et lamours

AH les fesses des francais.. plus celebres de monde!

ok ok il ne peut pas ecrire e-Cri! en cri de Ri! ri Ri ri! ec_Rire DelIre
ah? ah mon dame de fesses et belle apparance et les autres mots

"jeu de mots en anglais?" c'est la meme!
On dit
jeu de mots
parce ce que en anglais
in eggggliissssssssssssssssss
on dit
word play
mais c'est jeu pas si beau comme en francais

les beau mots d'anglais et francais
sont beau au cause d'une mirage marriage schizo ~ coeur co_eur _cou_rir!
cou_rir cou _ neck cou rire laughing neck!

laughing neck cou _rire cou_rire
commes les oiseaux qui coo commes les amants...

en amants

tiens forts les courtoi zie zie zie
le zzzzzz
les zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz de cou


in actly pal

when the Picabia went to france. she was rich. yes. autorich. indeed. she was. not tzraor Sartre. the Marxists. Tzara et Sartre. May Francis . was the Daughter brontosauraus borne without a mother. her father was Head.

Mister dadaduffy was a knickerboxer. she was very Clifford.

did she lose her head for a lady in numbers. duffy was
mathematics love.


delete draft

A thing then, said Jill passing it alog along to t...o

A thing then, said Jill&Mona passing it along along to the suite of textand poems._______________________Is that it to know longing for what you can't haveknowing it's far further thestory of the strong one long awayhungering for her lipsthe shadow of the sidenarrows its breadthHow you yearn long shored to negative selfno one therethe space betweenwhere nowhere walks between?Sometime I longedpassionate prayerdom to failure and treacheryfrozen a phoneconnection click-click-clickaround the bodies trapped behind spaceO yes, some say take a train, a planecause 'my baby longed for me without saying'and I was hungrier, colder lousier than the nightor 'my baby she wrote me a letter' your letters stripped across spacesure tricked me, deceived like any mother wouldthe inevitable table of evilcountries, borders ,


geographies of medial pausesmy dazzled modem a display of heap and junkword glittering between andwinter a cold density come down like the fogkill and hurtingharming and hurt haring the night's harried wonderits wound of sediment rock pulling my teeth outbeside the alliterations of nayAh! Mister B B I've no bodybetween the contractions the sheets of wrap around spacemy lovers tarnished by night, their absence distancenot identical to some 'traditional' harbinger ofdoubt and its folly_______


comme t : reco sider the lilies of the alley
they do k not greave
or fear barrow
fleeri ng their sprig
of cotton



moderate yer own Repressions...

- Moderate your Own repressions!! Not mine!! svp!!

The Kremlin Mountain Man

___________________________ I R ssia the secon d time we I came
to un ders tand his poetry as the wi d bit the bo es ret ur ned to Can ada a stra ger
ever a d before
Osip Mandelstam, The Kremlin Mountain Man

Мы живем, под собою не чуя страны,
Наши речи за десять шагов не слышны,
А где хватит на полразговорца,
Там припомнят кавказского горца.
Его толстые пальцы, как черви, жирны,
А слова, как пудовые гири, верны,
Тараканьи смеются усища,
И сияют его голенища.

А вокруг него сброд тонкошеих вождей,
Он играет услугами полулюдей,
Кто свистит, кто мяучит, кто хнычет,
Он один лишь бабачет и тычет.
Как подковы, кует за указом указ —
Кому в пах, кому в лоб, кому в бровь, кому в глаз
Что ни казнь у него — то малина
И широкая грудь осетина.


We live, but feel not the land beneath us
In ten steps’ distance, you will not hear our words
But if they may utter a half-choked sound
They’ll remember the Kremlin Mountain man

His fingers are thick, glistening worms
But his words true like twelve pound weights
His moustaches laughing cockroaches
And his bootstraps are beaming

The thin-necked rabble of chiefs around him,
Half-man servants he toys with.
One squeaks, one mews, one whimpers, he only
Babbles and points.

Like horse shoes he forges ukas on ukas
For each one’s groins, foreheads, eyes

His every death sentence a raspberry
But the Ossete’s chest is broad.

Of various journeys that to Russia ad its territories is the closes t to what I am

the Slav an d Irish blood in me with the crying Jew of my Grandfather/
of those who travel and those who do not even when they move
there are worlds of differe nce

_____________ So we will make a map of the co tries
Engla nd & Irelan d
all of Can da

exceptig the North

back to
Va Gogh

first trip
to Paris
ad the oceaa
ad the archiecteres
of ifiite beaty
eye piercig

to gibraltor
the old ferry to Irela d
Italy 1972 _ it was there I leared of the death of the poet Ezra Po d Greece I was ot sre of becase of the Geerals I wet later after they left bt the blood stak still

back forth hither
ad thither
Irela d
Holla d


Oe frighteig trip to East germay
i that period

a d
the to Filad
oce to uSSR (84)
followig Peter ad nan cy


of the many thighs tonight there is onleeneeneekneneey y rs

o the 7th ratio of the flatea uJiul wears her cu mmer b undd

of the many thighs tonight there is onleeneeneekneneey you rs
ritte'n like thi s

politics is the last resort of 'man's folly' i aint got o mamapapa so
father folitics is foreign to my rain s

o utraged by treee herds we carry collops to the dark side coign cutted arrow roots


youur body is a long thigh
when I put my mou th
(pit my mo th
agai nst its pear)

night whispers

vesper i clamou r

adven t of this union extreme
unction of its celebration
resurrectio n


ca ncel all political bets
reader of red texts


why nato toetotoe 'when yo git a potatoe

nato nato the world empire's cop sq uad

cha nge and moveme t alway come from the bottom

Ok you hear dat? you sick poets wan ti g with yer power

ad yer pu blication--____________ yer literary
gotta visit the Cli niiqe

a in terview wid Mistah Chomskee at democracee now

NOAM CHOMSKY: Alright. Well, I think the first question to ask about NATO is why it exists. We’re now approaching the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, unification of Germany, first steps in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, the alleged reason for NATO’s existence was to protect the West against a Russian assault. You can believe what you like about the reason, but that was the reason. By 1989, that reason was gone. So, why is there NATO?

Well, that question did arise. Mikhail Gorbachev offered at that time to the United States, which runs NATO, that he would permit a unified Germany to join NATO, a hostile military alliance aimed at the Soviet Union. Now, that’s a remarkable concession. If you look back at the history of the twentieth century, Germany alone had practically destroyed Russia several times. And now he was offering to let a reunited militarized Germany join a hostile military alliance, backed by the most awesome military power in history.

Well, there was a quid pro quo. George Bush, the first, was then president; James Baker, Secretary of State. And they agreed, in their words, that NATO would not expand one inch to the east, which would at least give Russia some breathing room. Now, Gorbachev also proposed a nuclear weapons-free zone from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, which would have again given some protection and, in fact, security for peace. Well, that was just rejected. I don’t even think it was answered. Well, that’s where things stood in 1989, ’90.

Then Bill Clinton was elected. One of his first acts was to break the promise and expand NATO to the east, which, of course, is a threat to Russian security. Now, the pretext given, for example, by his—Strobe Talbott, who was the Under Secretary of State for Eastern Europe, is that that was necessary to bring the former satellites into the European Union. But that can’t be. There are states inside the European Union that are not part of NATO: Austria, you know, Finland, Sweden. So that’s irrelevant. But it was a threat, and Russia, of course, reacted to the hostile threat. It increased tension.

Well, going up to the present, President Obama’s national security adviser, James Jones, has been a strong advocate of the view that NATO should expand further to the east and to the south and that, in fact, it should—to the east and to the south means to control the energy-producing regions. The head of NATO, Dutch, the Secretary General de Hoop Scheffer, has proposed, advocates that NATO should take the responsibility for protecting energy supplies to the West—pipelines, sea lanes, and so on.

Well, now we’re getting to Afghanistan, which is right in the—has always been of great geostrategic importance because of its location, now more than ever because of its location relative to the energy-producing regions in the Gulf region and in Central Asia. So, yes, that’s what we’re seeing.

Actually, there’s more to say about NATO, about why it exists. So we might look back, say, ten years to the fiftieth anniversary. Well, the fiftieth anniversary of NATO was a gloomy affair that was—right at that time, NATO was bombing Serbia—illegally, as everyone admitted—claiming it was necessary for humanitarian reasons. At the NATO summit, there was much agonizing about how we cannot tolerate atrocities so near Europe.

------------ O yo poets yo t'ink you ke'n be a machin e
without the machinie?

for the bala nce go there


r ubbing

the new night is a stair
not striated by the ju dgemen t's parry

is thisa w ord reaching for wealth 'rr
a radio noise i my ear in terfering

speaki n g
sartre to death se time tal ab

id rather rimsky-karasokov than
the sentimentalism's i'd prefer

living than dyin'g
( at each readi
recitn g glow roe bu ck deer)
(voice re vveal mo nnnster)
[delicate bea (u)u s ty de lov e ]

this pause breath over
the air as violiens
excited gyspyies

-- Mister D write bald poesie as this
prefer to slide fiction balls roun d this he
marking space
makin g choice for her bran ds of tea ann

' dice
Mon a filters all her choice



back to the factory

hunkered by villages the old man hunched on the bridge his keepsake working the space of no delta the wayward trilium of its bluster, the rose breath wreathing the second this continuous pain

RecallToPoetry ReC All rE CaLl: h unkered

h unkered

hunkered by villages the old man hunched on the bridge his keepsake working the space of no delta the wayward trilium of its bluster, the rose breath wreathing the second this continuous pain


before the grain and sand , the eye, worked the erring hour
the occidental shy of its pairing, not a simple sailor
but Ulysses and her song,
sheeting the edge of dog night its rags its tenements
and its burial wrong.


not the other pampered by the basement
but the broken deceit of trickery
not treachery's greatness
but little trickery its pettiness

on this side

ok its a draft. a wind to breeze its salt to knees in bare winding tracery

On this side of the poem, it's your face,
on that other , its hers, a word spins
dice gathering at the gates of
something or other,
casual carnal a sweet caporal lighting your lips

condiments to further captors night.

Knight? a mail of armor not amour
des mots

et des chances et rencontres

Each one wears the burnous
as the desert wind winds along
dust cuts eyes
but lovers looks never lie
neither rain or shine hail or lion long rivers
make a difference .


gherasim l cas' Tzara's yo ger brother

l cas gherasime

this was

Sprin g an d mon treal is
> a tree of desire

is mister sun comin g home
for good?

is there mister good i n sun

mabbe word stretch o ut like bleached breaker?

with the You missing in the I what is there?

O the'e w orld 's afunn y
place face

______________________ each heart's a damp ci nder
weakig for its do uble

______________ o e imagin es
a nd older o ne gets