the n i g h t

the night is lo ng

day is short

spare keys are what you



Der Wa n derer
Par Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier
rediffusion du 11.04.08


Toshio Hosokawa
Voyage I
Asako Urushihara, Violon
Musik Fabrik
Peter Rundel, direction
réf : KAIROS 0012172 KAI
et à...

Toshio Hosokawa
Ferne - Landschaft II Für Orchester
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchestrer Berlin
Ken Takaseki, direction
réf : KAIROS 0012172 KAI

22:00 - Programme musical
Les Symphonies de Schumann par Wolfgang Sawallisch
Par François Hudry

radio fran ce


'a r e s t e d

yer a comedia mister d spri g's gotta be a rreste d ~
yer a comedia mister d spri g's gotta be a rreste d ~

everse time i d i g


Spring Mon t real wa rm

at last
streets fill

_________ bodies wake


mother & kids stroll


the day

(for us 11 degrees is warm~)

eyes blur r with bea uty's half-
blin di g light


a nd of cou rse
i thin k of yo
je pen se a toi



coffee keep--- y'our head straight

_______________beans steady your feet

________life heap yer grass grow

______________________light pushin g

____________ bein' ____ friday
___ over
sea '

____ friday
___ over

_______________________light pushin g

____________ bein' ____friday

_______ bein' ____friday
_______ beCom'in' ____friday


Blade Runner ... I've seen things ...

-------------- the movie i'v e no t s e

Cin e ma Differe ce

I've seen things ... glitter in the dark ...

all those

moment s

like tears
___ in the rain


t o

die ~


n th rain
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||li es like that p t me i mi d of ...




mention Mao

news that stay news is worst defining of poet ry ever. look it where it took the guy that wrote it. where he went. he was already . heading and aimed for his . his desperado effort to force the Confucian mode on everyone just As the Chinese were readying theirselves for the great leaping forwarding more than ever in the history. mister canto was right out of the 19th c. and missed the 20th century boat of Mao and the movement of the peoples.Like Celine he lived his life long racist-delire his paranoiac reactionary poles swung in full forced view. poetry is news that stay new? how so? how is Homer's battle new . it's not. one does not see an Achilles today . One does not want to . either. Poor Achilles so old and long gone ago . yepum passed passe depasse _ the new that stay new is the march of the millions _ never mind the mutitude that does not encompass even its roundness its fullness fullest marched of millions. raTHEr BillIons now.

a foolish failure to apprehend . imagine supporting Mussolini. i n contrast to what was happening in russia
one can understand russia even its failures and they are not over yet. Italy of the 70'd was progressing regressing method forward. Its metroPolitan Indians compared to Futurists war mania .

One can understand women and men supporting the Russian and Chinese revolutions and the forgotten Trotsky . mourned by what was it? a half million Mexicans attending and visiting his bier the day before his burial.
was this not molecular millions on the move?________ contrasted to the fascist mobility of riot police and fascist alignement otherwise known the nazi formation of horibble geometries of death. and more of it death. One can under stand the Kronstatd sailors soldier s revolt.

one can see how the Communist revolt drew the hope of millions world wide. one is able equally to see the paranoid fears of them other masses in America told otherwise they are t o be afraid ... but not given the tools and books to learn to think for themselves. one can SEe it.
and not respect it.
it was a Mistake.
but there wer e other avenues opening in the grand capitalist machine molar intent.

One can see History. the NDP fighting for Medicare in Canadadadada dumb land . former dominion and inheritor to two failing empires France and England.

One can


the Illusion of the Beaver.

O of historionics one can hear the millions bullion of valued gold worthy peoples rambling and straggling South America Latin America Nicargua Venezuala . the North & South flood of the people.

------------------------------ One can.
O america
O Europe with yer vile veild flunky world theft ~ who has not forgotten the dead?

---------------------------------------------------------- Two can see too how its ragged NDp is a failure to gain its ground . to overcome its compromise positioning too long the game compromised. O caNada O roCky Mountains O

Space of concentration .

One can hear the moan.------------------------------------

who's not forgot the living and dead




Hope against hope; a memoir [by] Nadezhda Mandelstam. Translated from the Russian by Max Hayward, wi

Lenin reloaded : toward a politics of truthRevolution at the gates : a selection of writings from February to October 1917 / V.I. Lenin ;

your check is in the mail
did i miss your birthday?
my debt collectors range me round
alternate district poet


imagine: the great idiot Sarkozy is going to give a talk: the moralization of capitalism: only
the most perverse discours d'une idiot de capital un discours comme ca : moralization du capitalism est impossible.

Prends ce monsieur et l'envoy a une ecole de realitie des mouvements gauchiste et progressive for all humanity. sarkozy thinks with his arse.

__________________________ imagine donc. une place sur le planet e pour les idiots.___

for more listen
radio france morning report

another left est possible...

'the PeoplE are always to the left of the Party ' Lenin
Another Left is possible: The protests in France and the New Anti-Capitalist Party

"It would be wrong to see last Thursday's massively successful protest actions in France as distant and exotic, of no particular relevance to us here in Canada. With the economic meltdown heralding a new political era, and with most of the country's Left and social movements still stunned and disoriented following their embrace of the misguided and failed Liberal-led coalition plan, the French experience is instructive and inspiring.

France has just gone through another day of mass strikes and protests against the hard-Right government of president Nicolas Sarkozy. The protest action is hugely popular in opinion polls and comes on the heels of another successful but smaller day of action on January 29, a victorious six-week general strike on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe that spread to other overseas colonial territories and the proliferation of radical protest actions among students and in a number of workplaces - all in the context of growing job losses and a deepening financial and economic crisis."

for the remainder of this essay head over to rabble ca commentator

Nathan Rao


Go left woman Go left man head toward the door of becomings communist socialist. as listing to left is always the flow of history as it beckons towards freedom more for all always round the way ward way-planet. an earth for all bodies and a fuller earth for more and then some. even.


and over at Znet

for further comments alongthese lines

"France's General Strike"

PARIS -- "The general strike called this week by French labor union leaders and students has won widespread public sympathy, with opinion polls reporting 74 percent support for Thursday's "Day of Action," which threatens to become a serious political crisis for the government of President Nicolas Sarkozy."

The public mood, never in great sympathy with Sarkozy's reform plans to liberalize the economy and labor market, has been badly affected by rising unemployment and incidents like the announcement of hundreds of job losses by the Total oil and gas giant despite a record profit of more than $20 billion. Even the government's labor minister called that "scandalous."

It is always dangerous for a French government to fight on two fronts, against the students and against the labor unions at the same time. But that is the position Sarkozy now faces, and he does so with very little public support behind him."


ZSpace Page

and today's Liberation

Grève: Pécresse demande le rattrapage des cours

"Alors que les enseignants-chercheurs entament leur huitième semaine de grève, la ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur souhaite que les examens de fin d’année puissent se dérouler «dans de bonnes conditions».

the liberation page contains a sur le sujet section
and the above excerpted article solicited 151 réactions.

Life is a zany against Zarkosy the bumble fool of the right. mister end the world. for others. mister nondesire except for his cronies and others. hidden and not hidden corporal cacacapapapalitists.



Anti is micropeccatin

gémellaire twin

micro freakin

drunken sailor wiki

drunken sailor freak

but we are sober sailors

my love

so we

can sing
funny songs

as love's





each sobriety sober
folded for this something
under the somethings
in our becomings
its round hedge of your thighs
the daring wheel of thought



Hat _preliminary productions to a skech how to escape verse as all pronouns are dead

finding a hat as desire machine

hip as help
body as wife

it's all as
not like

as you see what he say


letters /love

Pessoa wrote " All love letters are/comical/ They
would not be about love, if they were not / comical "



If I write you a love letter making you laugh
to tears as your heart pulse beats harder
like my sex imagining I enter you
your drawbridge open your harbour
wet for moi ~

___ Happy Birthday sweet one
a ll Month for you ~

------------------ Blog Postale vers Lettre Postale ~

___________________________ Stamp to add ~ .


but love aint on strike

love's never never on greve


Greve GreVe GreVe ou Grave! Obesance? Suivance Dance ~ allez vous en en greve! mes amis!
___________________________ Delicate strike of labouring its heart shelfed felt wish want . piston positive to its popluar to minor delicate between ~ obediances? oR moVe round line line line erring its thoughtful body


by soukaz
_________________________ basically the whole country including Canadaa land ought to go on strike creating a fat Immanence between each body of Water ImmaNEnce to its fat floor.
its horizontal shape ending its cacacacacacapeeeppeeeesshit

______________________ come to the mirror lad
not lady
but Lad
yer country is about to geyser fort? fortdadada? O je jette le petit objet a desire
vers future

O my raBBLE MY rabble o babbble of truths

Now paris is on strike
and so

Canadada blabalabla landsome




Mozart et le piano

---------------------------- radio france vivace ~ Monsieur Mozart ~

Our musics are fine Mister Mozart
dance along with piano key & our sabot
kick up your sore foot & your
hollow knee
over floor

yer round shoe
go fling roun
keeping it keepsake goan


depuis 04:00
Programme musical

Mozart et le piano (1784-1786)

Par Benjamin Hertz
rediffusion du 09.11.06


Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart
Concerto pour piano et orchestre n°24 en do mineur, K.491
Clara Haskil, Piano
Orchestre National
André Cluytens, direction
et à...

Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart
Concerto pour piano et orchestre n°23 en la Majeur, K.488
Daniel Barenboïm, Piano
Orchestre de Chambre Anglais
réf : EMI 7 62825 2

a france vivace ~ ici

'Et puisque, après Deleuze, j’en appelais à Nietzsche, je me suis souvenu qu’il expliquait la naissance de la musique par le fait que sa nature avait mis l’homme “sur la voie de l’invention du plaisir”. C’était à mon sens la meilleure réponse à la question initiale sur la présence d’idée dans la musique. Pardi, le plaisir !'

via cairn

Y a-t-il une idée dans la musique ?

Hubert Nyssen Hubert Nyssen est écrivain et éditeur, fondateur des éditions Actes Sud.


et voila
a charming
coincidence of name and musique chez
d. rubenstein's website
Pierre Deleuze -

World Premiere Piano Quintet

A. Dvorak Piano

Quintet in A Major Op.5

F. Schubert: String Quintet in C Major D956


Violin & Viola
D. Rubenstein

and cheze radio deleuze radio challenger places bet

O to be Rich

debted musical beaute


what poet's not seen the shining stars ofempire Ovid

why does time forward go that way in blogbld space? Doctor can ye reply? No answer to stare is staircase of chronos? Cannot it reverse the floogoffluidripidrabidbite?

so no top to bottom at lov'es belly . come to the dance. Prof. Challenger its long medication on English Civil war. But what of North Ireland and its shipbuilding working slugs heaving ho-ing and blowing their horn what pragma is that which sees its bearings strait to the gate of desire love. not the king of spent dice for sure.

Old PegLeg! me heartie! a dare and a do and she must she's not homosexual but hoboto her nomadglad deem > O my steaming hotdogs of glories! shall her whisper kingdom come to dumB!

O my hearties!

O comeuppance ones

the night

The night is a nurse. Two last night says to moi. She will have this one. She say her lord _ her god dog bring him to her outside of his marriage. I listen weep. No spare detail. to confine this talk . not my business. as the Merchant's pounded on the rood. What perverse spell binding be'iin is this?

At the city centre saunter the street. Of her he thinking. Her legs her walk what of it? Can she find the passport to his heart piece?

Being a communist I know what love means. Not the old Gulag. Nor the drudgery of death, nor the . something that comes in green comeuppance.
is that so? she 's waiting for godot, her godot that's not Molloy to her seems. All these mirrors _ black and white .


__________________Vers Postale
vers Carte Postale ~
this night must be air
or errant arrant ? as a knight riding

or some obediant object fling through the
word off missed the subject its kindness resting against
the sky but its cousin missing
mouth after breast
longing for your taste

__________________________ this could be
__________________________ no other held
___________________________ by this your dress
____________________________ has many marriages
_____________________________ this dress your body and


on first line


Carte Postale
Vers Postale ~

Come three lining fore
question the answer as it mingle aloof sand

flashes over audition dictation summer

meriting the only grace down available its wings flagging

for anything would be moon me thinking of you
tout le temps
les temps de toutes

these explanations of your hair
your arms around these circled air
erring columns speeding

move every breath to
see its tender grass your name



est -ce c'est votre anniversaire

ah you it's been so long

oui ~

je cherche les mots

je cherche
dans monde
je cherche


les jours et nuits passe

et passe

et sont quoi mes émotions de cette dame?

---------------------- difficile de trouvez le chose qu'on a
qu'on a
qu'on a
que j'ai

------------------- je ne suis pas un homme courageux

---------------------------------------mais je voudrais dire
j'ai pas oubliée

sais que
vous est importante
même si je ne comprends pas

comment ni comment

ca prends combiens heures de allez d'ici a la

j'ai pas trouvez quelqu'un comme toi
j'ai pas trouvez quelqu'un qui vous remplace

ca n'arrivera jamais

on ne remplace pas des individuelles

on ne remplaces pas une personne qui est si chere
si profondément a nous entrez

-----------------des mois passe
des jours et nuits
mais on ne passe pas

passer ni passer

non je ne sais pas
the word stuck

struck word stuck

mais toi tu passe pas
tu me passera pas




its your birthday soon

or already? already soon? soon birth day anniversaire
soon moon turns for you pour vous

your birthday et je cherche quelques chose pour toi le toi vous qui est toi



C . c. of LoVe

C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e

I am now no more than a
line. I have become capable of loving, not with an abstract, universal love,
but a love I shall choose, and that shall choose me, blindly, my double, just
as selfless as I. One has been saved by and for love, by abandoning love and
PLateau 1874~ What happened ?

video over there at youtube mister waits singing the classic sea of love

C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e C o f LoV e

les vies se répètent à l’infini


les vies se répètent à l’infini jusqu’à la maigreur atomique

et en haut si haut que nous ne pouvons pas voir avec ces vies à côtés
que nous ne voyons pas
l’utltra-violet de tant de voies parallèles
celles qui nous aurions pu prendre
celles par lesquelles nous aurions pu ne pas venir au monde
ou en être déjà partis depuis longtemps si longtemps
qu’on aurait oublié et l’époque et la terre qui nous aurait sucé la chair
sels et métaux liquides limpides au fond des puits

l'homme approximatif ~ tristan tzara



talkin' to the sha do w s black coffee

__________________A great tune . .. first heard as sung by sinead o'connor and here ella fitzgerald and voila __julie london doing earlier versions

versions of version
molding unmoldin' your moult

_______________ its a great dance number too
slow as moving slo w

also radio deleuze porting similar post

Programme musical

Programme musical

Ecrivains irlandais

Par Célia Costéja
rediffusion du 12.07.06


Pascal Dusapin
Watt, Concerto pour trombone et orchestre : inspiré du roman de Samuel Beckett
Alain Trudel, Trombone
Orchestre National de Montpellier
Pascal Rophé, direction
réf : NAIVE MO 782153
et à...

György Kurtag
...pas à pas - nulle part... : sur des poèmes de Samuel Beckett et des maximes de Sébastien Chamfort
Kurt Widmer, baryton
Mircea Ardeleanu, Percussions
Trio Orlando
réf : ECM 461833-2


radio france vivace


your drive-in

this has been your bear

Hundreds of shadows scorching the hard gasoline
penetrate as your bodies do crowded against the expensive night this
brothel of the rich come
I will show you to a place where nothing ever lives
trusting the boudoir bordello as pinching the swath of black skirt
say a dagger tries the air your ruin of body carries weight this
way and that only bodies bear deception these double-lidded masks
won't become the erring of night your hand falling
double bodies speak louder than the remainder orchids free
a kiss tendril-ed by fashion's hour

you are only waiting for night speaking of this desert
there have been many here shamans years decorators
and your pleasant cheeks've always pronounced an end

leaving the dead behind you hear raptures cunning floats
a grief-stricken lane but not the pretend piano sound of
the rich man's pleasure dome
not high by the air nor
reckoned by home you open your legs
here open them wider your fantasy you always grafted
on the toe of dark speaking your hips a welcoming seizure to fight back
your demoness your double ended tripped up lips kissed by the same
reflection of your desire your virility planting the seed
always crying plant the seed in me
plant it

then finally alone you wash up on the shores of your movie
old whore to your beliefs a rotten leaf in the fake hours of dawn

go I will show you the bibliography of your ass
the near night's hectic with your whores
but beds are reeking with red before this Beowulf you are a poor soldier
reckoned by the harpoon of love's thigh

you curve your ass
to this tight sound

by your mouth


between breaths of cause
there are hours of cheeking
this paused the old hamstrung heart
but now you've come

its air is laden
and pugilistic enemies

jack SOn Molarities de _ fused html'd out baby

s .

prisoners dancing in the Philippines

_________________InStAll Missin' Plug
not out Dummy

gia;"> house

d a n c e
Defusing Molaritie
JackSon Molarity defused ___

s .r1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b&border=1"" typwptaccess="aln=" true="" height="264" width="845">

prisoners dancing in the Philippines

_________________InStAll Missin' Plug
not out Dummy

gia;"> house

d a n c e
Defusing Molaritie
JackSon Molarity defused ___

Mael -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ackson's Performence Of Billie Jean-In 2001-30th Anniversary Special

s bad

Cheap Trick don e the same ittude<<<<<<<<<wncookie.com/v/un3-Hb9wF9s&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6&border=1" type="applictaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="245">Is this yer bad Bad??? bababbababab. What rhyme scheme's dat daddio

Michael Jackson's Performence Of Billie Jean-In 2001-30th Anniversary Special

s bad

philosophy friday radio france culture....

so much to learn mister recall is there not?
toujours et jours quelque chose a!pprendre prendre apprendre
et prendre ~

émission du vendredi 6 mars 2009
Rencontre avec Françoise Héritier

Par François Noudelmann

Réalisation: Clotilde Pivin Françoise Héritier est une référence majeure pour l'anthropologie et elle inspire aussi la philosophie par ses réflexions sur la parenté, le corps et sur la différence sexuelle. Fidèle au structuralisme elle étudie à la fois bien les invariants fondamentaux des comportements humains, leurs différences et leurs transformations. Celle qu'on présente comme la principale disciple de Claude Levi-Strauss a forgé sa propre pensée en développant une anthropologie symbolique du corps, avec ses affects et ses humeurs, ses combinaisons et ses interdits. Parmi ses chantiers théoriques, la déconstruction des relations entre masculin et féminin, permet d'éclairer les nombreuses échelles de valeurs liées à la répartition des sexes et à leurs hiérarchies. Françoise Héritier est une intellectuelle qui ne se contente pas d'analyser les structures sociales, elle engage son savoir dans les grandes questions du monde contemporain, celles des revendications d'égalité, des nouvelles filiations, des utopies scientifiques, et des différends culturels.

et radio france vivace

Jean Cocteau à l'oeuvre Par Germain Trouvé
rediffusion du 26.08.06

  • 10:00

    Darius Milhaud
    Le Pauvre matelot " Complainte en trois actes "
    Jacqueline Brumaire, soprano
    Jean Giraudeau, ténor
    Xavier Depraz, baryton
    André Vessières, baryton
    Solistes de l'Orchestre National de l'Opéra de Paris
    Darius Milhaud, direction
    réf : ACCORD 476 159 1

  • et à... 10:31

    Arthur Honegger
    Antigone " Tragédie musicale en trois actes "
    Genevieve Serres, Antigone
    Claudine Verneuil, Ismène
    Janine Collard, Eurydice
    André Vessières, Tirésias
    Jean Giraudeau, Créon
    Bernard Demigny, Hémon
    Bernard ...

  • aujourd'hui 01:00 - Programme musical Stravinski par Stravinski (4) Par Olivier Le Borgne


    cine ma complete ~

    hurl bash bang the calendar hangs its night pregnant
    oafs carry wheels from Brazil to forest cowboys
    merging their pregnant teeth this has been its suction cup
    come to show its telling rescue by her eyes the lady of lamps
    decrees shade and the higher rent pays cotton
    dresses her gurgling stock by nylons imported to her
    she tables trucks miracle its wastrel cannon imploding off ears she
    cannot figure knight boarding coaches adding ways to the Coupole
    we sit its air a camping yawn

    je voudrai ....

    you hear wrong

    comme d'haut-couture et comme d'habitude

    the salopEs of randy

    Do you think spelling mater at time as this?
    go hang
    comme d'haut-couture et comme d'habitude

    the slippery slop of randy

    i t 's


    that molar delire


    that molar


    that molar delire

    that molar delire


    that molar delire



    that molar delire



    that molar delire


    that molar delire


    that molar delire


    that molar delire


    that molar delire


    that molar delire

    id I tell i was a lon e ??
    did I tell i wasn' t a lon e ??

    molar effect s

    of the

    dan c e

    dancing at Poodles at Lezard dancing it s bad abad a bad man dancing man its man dancing ah the whole world has to tell you righ t now who's bad the world is bad bad man dance macabre

    talk is


    feel those feet dan c in

    i t

    the hurtin g
    knees lungs

    you ecstatic dance ing

    idont need nono chacha

    billie jean baaaaaaa aaaaad thrillerrrrrrrrr

    prisoners dancing in the Philippines

    only way of this

    d a n c e

    EnuFf of thiS Adoration of the Sheep ~

    Jackson's Performence Of Billie Jean-In 2001-30th Anniversary Sp

    s bad


    in this

    in this house you live in mantles and prophets
    sharing and keeping between two apartments two
    faces endless tobaggon not drifting
    one to the other but fared and ferried
    aft and fore is that it? for my hearties dear does
    the night it's clasping held by
    mothers rings the S is often its keep placed
    by down and feather and a smile
    of the night