Turned out to be a warm day after all. What was that all about schizo ward cancer ward, blablabla ward? all fantasm of involute. not bounced to the step of shining glitter sunshine Halloween.

you project so much darkness you become darkness.
it's the desire machines.
cutting and glittering yer school balls.

or women and loneliness yer head spin.
go to a meeting. connect. undo the faucet of negation.

we move to ward impassable places.

garner the future of earth.
fruit of harvest .

warm sun hit the street . you were wrong. it was
a bea u t i fu l day

radiating sun. across a silve city.....

silver was the city's blue of


draft after draft

draft after draft like a


like a schizo

the cold came this week like
i forgot how bad

in the mental institute
on the schizo wards
shock therapy

in the cancer ward
chemo and radiation
whirr and humm of machines

in the street
cold kicks like aboot in the face
the ass

in the schizo ward everyone gets a check except me
no check for this mental case

no call

are you?
do you?
did you?
will you?


secret ? I will tell you the secret _ the secret is money


I do

I know the secret of love ~
I do I do

a heart that is secret ~


--------------- it's possible (secretly ) that Zizek is a form of transcendence! he is the hidden formula against Guattari . He forges the transcendent in disguise. Foundadadada. Hes peaks fast. which you like. But is RonGRong about his views on Pierre Felix Guattari_ he seemed to grasp and hook something then flees off under cover of the Name of the Deleuze to criticize what he Imagines is the Guattari.

zizek is still goin around speaking of deleuze before 'the corruption of guattari....' which is really quite funny. so say Badiou Zizek and perhaps others all want to take away the
G from the D
the Guattari from the Deleuze
the God from the Devil

O well.
too bad for them. then.

I prefer rhizome to roots Mister Zizek bisert.


in this discussion of film however he speak to the matter at hand without bringin' anyone else down....

Zizek on Children of Men

.... to avoid sex... spiritual infertility...

cut root

this is future....

really survive
cinema as



the pain of failure is great too.
no children. no home.
no family.

the pain of havingfailed
not having done

i cant say
as these words
make me ill


the pain of shame
not being able to say

what one has failed
to feel as some people say like 'a piece of shit'
ah,t hat's so good. its the degree
nothing to do with a degree of

a degree of chapters.
a degree of mist
a degree


it's easy to laugh till the hammer
of the machine comes
crashing down and
death becomes

dangling there

were wolf on mah Door on the Eve of All SOulS!

a werewolf on my door
there's a werewolf on my door
O O O and what's more she's
gonna get my soul
and roll
her teeth
right into my claws
there's a werewolf
on my door
Im wary of her
an' for shure' she's reckin' my soul

We're poor we're poor etcetera
with werewolves and dandelions raffling for our soul


easy to imagine a little ditty
even if you cant hold a chune (tune ).

busted geysers

busted geysers
veiling the hour
a houri. not damask
but aired by fault .
along a lover's line.
around her waist line.
imagine. plenty. as fullness.

then kilting whipped by the wind.


gondola 2

mISTER Duffy. you dont write good poems. better prose verse. to equal her eyes.or the sentence as a beauty of supple banking river. or say. one which add to two and three. her many bodies, a Hindu goddess. now these thank-yous are grafted like paintings on longing.
or the prose coming in backward. trundling the passage. to gorges and you picnic with her in the meadow. then we saunter. the canal curb, get on the gondola a trip . through love and history.


how can he forget this woman

whose body he's never held her
fingers would be sex
conversation in the prayer of

i n the city street where
between the breaths
of his heart
as a dog
happier than a loud cloud
in a blue slate day ~ ....

ou il habite
beaucoup beaucoup des
il pense,

c'est elle
c'est elle elle avec
ses sourires et

ses charmes et

her thighs
her chaleur

si grand
il a jamais rencontre ca

in her city
her bed
her heart

il parle
avec elle



imperfect words to say. it says. someone saying your name. hers. you speak only to you. yourself a secret. great loves are hard. yes, but, great. they are great, eh? they are great.

_ Till a god comes along
and rips all up
his rage and angry destruction


____________________ writing is always an effort. to the body. stretched. screamed. by the knight's whose writing is always an effort. to the body. stretched. screamed. by the knight's whose plaidoyer death.

what death?
You ask what death speaking to your self the night cowboys.
Once joy is a thrill it's killed.

pirates, brigands, J,j,

(she comes to him i n a subway
) (any clinging place -death made mighty)
(haunting other )


the night is a song to your thighs between your
sweet taste of (sweet is weak in this instance Mister D.)
songs have brought me
e verywhere

division of self and lover.


how can sweet be sweet ? (sweet is a weak verb unless it is contextual it is cliche)

if you've not tasted it?
how can air be air
if it's earth?

is cold cold
when it's not there

when is a word a word and not a language?


taste thighs never cooked by lips burning?

when shell is fish and fish is oak
oak's a brush in the carrying fright
language burns its needle off
the ground is termite bending all to its will.

you bust and desire.

its the brokenness which counting over cities and plains
re_invents death not breath soothing ? your heart?

your heart's a busted geyser.

how to make the verse cuss the wind.


verse curse reverse



wake from her. dream. this month.
was cake month.

soon we go the 'defence' then doctor?

o yes monsieur doctor ? it's a strange challenge to become .

or yer heart. upside down.a cigarette. or a mouth. smiling which is love.

your face. tugging my heart. in the paris cafe. or some . place
i picture us. rowing a boat.

Or say one day : a Gondola in Venice.

I see you and me.


Berlin et Rattle : En quête d'harmonie

it is perhaps Stravinsky's music
which invokes this death impulse..
more below.


Programme musical

Par Olivier Le Borgne

Berlin et Rattle : En quête d'harmonie


Palette d'oeuvres choisies interprétées par l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Berlin sous la direction de Sir Simon Rattle, à l'occasion de la sortie en salles le 29 octobre du film de Thomas Grube "Trip to Asia - En quête d'harmonie"

(Le réalisateur Thomas Grube a suivi l'Orchestre philharmonique de Berlin et Sir Simon Rattle tout au long de leur tournée asiatique, dans six métropoles oscillant entre traditions centenaires et hypermodernité. Nous découvrons au fil de ce documentaire les mystères et les tensions qui règnent au sein de l'un des meilleurs orchestre du monde.)

as always the best


France Vivace

In quest of harmoney

but this music breaks my heart. permeated as it is, to me, by a terrible nostalgia. what is this sensation of nostalgia? what sorrow does it beckon invite and ask forth reminding us of our death? does music not always come to this strange sad tragic sorrow, or must it bust out creating something finer more veiled and secretively approached across?

is it love?


yes it is love. pour toi et moi.

the daily programmes at radio france vivace are various and many leaved. as here

to link


th'et th'

th'et th'en. not too. well? so the hunger.

climb. flock.
folk. wan.
cover. chink.

face harder than chasm.
between her thigh. clandestine of the wrench,


Ive held your hand with a sonnet
aimless iambic thunder
to her loving thighs
two times
each manner


like a

like a solider

camping on your doorstep.

it must almost be


a fall curls

to rocking wind ~

the poor, instead of banding together, fight
each other like
piranas, most
of them
do , that's what's

~` is it any wonder so

they go to
whirling into the pit
greed hunger sorrow
suffering pride's sufferance
is death


cover hoary

th'et th'en. not too. well? so the hunger.

climb. flock.
folk. wan.
cover. chink.

face harder than chasm.
between her thigh. clandestine of the wrench,


Ive held your hand with a sonnet
aimless iambic thunder
to her loving thighs
two times
each manner


inside the fire another river.
not touched by night hawks medias res.
Satan held his thumb.
Stuck his nose out
of the Suttree.

Brambled in gang formations. he kept his stelae carefully pounded. in the fish disease.

Love, sometimes , I say your name everyday.
it hurts.


other day s it is joy.



you wander (alone) in the body's hole.
canadian. desperate hope . in your hand.

this dearth is a breast. in the sign. of?
of has heard its burden. in breasting times.

cantilevered by contained hosts.
not Milton's shadow but God's

even night

night 's a mouth with tawny teeth. each
thing sustains it.
even ribs.
juice and fliction

even night has broad ribs
sustained by the working of death and your
meditation on the vapour of the body
stay steam wide
and cutwithin the mercurial pate
of ringing


even night has arrested your love



A foggy day

How enchanting to lisen to Summertime at this time of the year, followed by Foggy Day. Gershwin is perpetually a come back musician always surprising in his sentimentality and the accordian of his beauty__ which is to say the strain at the edge of beauty esp. comparing Summertime with Foggy Day one sees this. As always radio france Vivace is perfect in its choices . At least for me, "à mon avis.»


George & Ira Gershwin
A Foggy Day (Arrangement : Steve Gray) (Enregistré en novembre 1985 à Londres)
John Williams, Guitare
Orchestre dirigé par William Goodchild
réf : CBS MK 42119


Bertrand Renaudin
Ubi (Enregistré en septembre 2000)
Olivier Cahours, Guitare
Bertrand Renaudin, Batterie
réf : CC PRODUCTION 987629


Manuel de Falla - Gregorio Martinez
L'Amour sorcier : Danse rituelle du feu (Arrangement : Paco de Lucía) (Enregistré en 1978)
Paco de Lucia, Guitare
réf : PHILIPS 0042283603226


Stanley Myers
Cavatina (Extrait de la B.O. du film de Michael Cimino "Voyage au bout de l'enfer" - The Deer Hunter / USA / 1978)
John Williams, Guitare
Orchestre dirigé par Stanley Myers
réf : CAPITOL CDP 7 92058 2




DeFalla and


fine contrasts of the 'soft' jazz

a kind of haptic brushing...

france vivace > programmes: "08:07

George Gershwin
Summertime (Arrangement : Toru Takemitsu) (Enregistré en février 1999)
Philippe Azoulay, Guitare
réf : MANDALA MAN 4940



les bonnes de jean genet

The most intense version of Les Bonnes which I have ever seen.

SOLANGE, doucement d'abord.

[...]Vous ne m'intimidez plus. Réveillez le souvenir de votre amant, qu'il vous protège. Je vous hais! Je hais votre poitrine pleine de souffles embaumés. Votre poitrine... d'ivoire! Vos cuisses... d'or! Vos pieds... d'ambre! (Elle crache sur la robe rouge.) Je vous hais!

CLAIRE, suffoquée.

Oh! oh! mais...

SOLANGE, marchant sur elle.
.Oui madame, ma belle madame. Vous croyez que tout vous sera permis jusqu'au bout? Vous croyez pouvoir dérober la beauté du ciel etm'en priver? Choisir vos parfums, vos poudres, vos rouges à ongles, la soie le velours, la dentelle et m'en priver? Et me prendre le laitier? Avouez! Avouez le laitier! Sa jeunesse, sa fraîcher vous troublent, n'est-ce pas? Avouez le laitier. Car Solange vous emmerde!

her screams are the most intense living of the words
their emotion
their heart hurt.
articulate screaming
is not fashionable
but then again
neither is Jean Genet's work ~

Etats des lieux, l'habitat à Paris (3/3)

émission du jeudi 23 octobre 2008
Etats des lieux, l'habitat à Paris (3/3)

Par Kristel le Pollotec
Réalisation : Anne Fleury

3ème volet : Dans les hauteurs
Paris est trop petit. Depuis toujours. Pour résorber la crise du logement, plusieurs pistes sont explorées : exploser le plafond parisien en construisant des IGH (Immeubles de Grande hauteur), ouvrir le centre jusqu’à la périphérie en installant de nouveaux quartiers le long des maréchaux, ou franchir la frontière du périphérique pour créer le Grand Paris.
Avec Eric Lapierre, architecte, Dominique Alba, Directrice Générale du pavillon de l’Arsenal, François Laisney, architecte et enseignant, Jérôme Dubus, Conseiller de Paris, Jacques Lucan, architecte, Jean-Yves Mano, adjoint au maire de Paris, chargé du logement et Ugo Truscelli, architecte.

ecoutez a


mur and miracle

rocks and holes
thunderhead/ hotel/

miracle monday

the miracle mur the miracle not
the mirage
red hawks suddenly in the plain

cutting the southern wind you
are fiction

and its pleasure your
soul is
banked in southern

repetition is your god



mid-day was two o'clock you
feared fire John G said come
over for supper just

Ricky and Annette were at
the corner having

remember that?

26 yrs ago


you went over the door over
the Beaconsfield street overpass
walking up up UP
it was an Up view you
had one day almost
one the way
down to Friday Central



at 26 you are quite well,
just a little tired

O but gratitude pell-mell rushes
in bell bottom to your suit
plays the players

woos the winners
sainted by your rare cup



of forgiving there is many
like antlers hunting

rams charge crash up horns over the bullet scarred-hillside
by the river tents are

daily this content

whirls the minute as music touches
the inner fabric
age cuts its own bones

lest us

les t us

grim ones
grinned face over the coupole
round the tender weary worn out

no one reads this name
rubbed by every legal pad
you've been ferried by noose and lake
the red hawk flew up river
grasping a plain mesa below his eye pierced range

this would be forest
now you are almost 26 ~


let us

let us end war my brothers and sisters and
love our brothers

loving at home's where
starting starts

stars making skies
i n t h e
down t o w n
s u n


yer brain burns with hunger and love

at noon you see suffering still not still
but sweeping across the plaines of human humus?
is that it ? does night knock still
its murders still replete?

i think of thighs
wasted with longing
ours hurt by the hours of time
that does not pass
but wastes its injuring patient


breath halo as cloud opens
ray falling early afternoon haps the circumstances of life and death


starting starts

starting starts

it's not a theory

but a practice

of kindness unfurled in darkness

of the bouelvard where fierce air-planes dive striking the
kind children of light

the cowards of committment and daily
saw their soldiers there
hustling the light and
any other major

cadet would do


Sous le soleil d'Espagne

______________________ somewhere Laing talks about

' ... the music of those Braque guitars...' I think he was

speaking of Lorca... was a long time

a go I read ...

rediffusion du 23.06.06


Isaac Albeniz
Suite Espanola
Alicia de Larrocha, Piano
réf : DECCA 417 887-2


Manuel de Falla
Le tricorne
Joven Orquesta Nacional de Espana
Edmon Colomer, direction

-- france vivace ~

reading leaves t e a

Reading Robert Bolano's THe Savage Detectives. in bits and pieces. jumping in it has made it easier. i cant judge it really as I dont read Spanish and how can I tell its sounding in the other exotic language of Europe. Once when I was in Madrid with Cervantes I wandered the tunnels of death. looking for him , but Sancho Panza had lost abandonded, he had abandoned us...absconding his running mate. I was left alone in the Prado. I was there with Goya and Joyce and really the relation between them was really merely only the sound of J and G. or G and J.

Spent dour four days once in the prison in Madrid. She wandered the boulevards like a loose sheet of awning tearing and tarting her love. Like a shovelbottom. The whores busted us. I spent another hour in the dungeon prison. Thank god Franco was no longer in power! My first hidden book of poem. Printed in Spain. I think she was 28.
Do you remember that time?
A fotoshop where you worked. I played. Along with Cervantes. I was the daughter of Cervantes, and not a career specialist builder but capitalism was falling apart.
Truly you mouth was full of

Serge Rachmaninov
Les Cloches, Symphonie chorale op.35 pour soprano, ténor et baryton solistes, choeur et orchestre : Sur un poème de Constantin Balmont d'après Edgar Poe
Marina Mescheriakova, soprano
Sergei Larin, ténor
Vladimir Chernov, basse
Orchestre National Russe

I Could not read the book between the line. She it between his les. faires les choses. colis!
she lived in Rimouski tabernacle! Colis! we fucked the night we got there. Dead cold of winter. Hell boring. Broken skating rinks. l'hiver c''est n'est pas mon paye, c'est le merde!
her girlfriend Judith, le paintre, walked with me naked along the water. Three women and I lying by the stream. A lover, and her two friends. Breasts. flaked out on the flattening sky. Yes. yes.
We She Judith and I walked right in the river. the other two , the s0-called lover and her friend, sauntered behind. we were naked bare assed to the wind. all the years of. she wanted her kisses badly. i was swollen to the sun.

Not a fairy tale but a true mist to. Mister Cervantes. In the doorway of the hacienda. was Bubby the bore. she lay back her pending pen.
something was .
something as simple as that.


le sacre de salonen

a france vivace

Programme musical

Le Sacre de Salonen

Par Olivier Le Borgne
rediffusion du 08.12.06


Igor Stravinski
Le Sacre du Printemps, Tableaux de la Russie païenne en deux parties, v
ersion de 1947 (Enregistré en public au Walt Disney Concert Hall, en janvier 2006)
Orchestre Philharmonique de Los Angeles
Esa-Pekka Salonen, direction
réf : DG SACD 00289 477 6198


bookstore two streets over
Lire Encor'

- I think of her seeing this bookstore


as I think of her everyday ~

everyday as waves
as moon wax

as her eyes penetrate

she is there here
still in this heart beating

field fire

in the Nina there's a disagreer . Sort of Uriel. As sunbreath winged heavenward
its cunning face. Not asked. Or traded. But pride is the ruse and device
of young men
busting its bran working its call.

So goes it. as thighs to willy nilly jets.
and the public, now immature, childish and ignorant is ingrain to
its own level cause.


when it makes sense Men will become Kings, women
democrats, children stepping into the future becomings galore
their fine yielded throng.

Say that for verse. Or say prose. Capitalized o n experiment and pride.



holding her between my legs. i come.
its her name. comes out my lips.
round her head. face and arms.
tangling around me. i feel hearingword her love.
warm . its so.

o its' yes. across the city.
acorn. and lover. cry . over stepped across street. not seeing.
not knowing. knowing its. her. breath. haled to me with love.


many times you don't say her name when you come.
quand tu viens. pourquoi?

pourquoi pourquoi tousjours pourquoi
mais il y a n'a pas de pourquoi

c'est intense
intense intense so saying not saying name
he r name mingles with my breath mouth



does many poems hide their verse for her? yes, yes . they do. as light. shine. glimpse. glance. salvo o f fire. our handing. our living. in the city of her love. she's kissed every plate i've sunk. she wears my heart in her head. its her bandanna i keep place next to the heart of breath. pulse. to feet . as it weeps. i weep . in her moth. she's been my many come some. i'll find her yet. in my riverof song. not forgotten the forgetting , getting. i kiss thee. i kiss. her mouth. over citied. air. its love . as this which wings my throng of . of kissing teeth next to her sex.


cookie 2

i think you gotta revise that cookie thing. dontyou? yes you do. well how revise the vise speaking of ,, the vice of grip, the vice grip ,, the city grip the only grip to vice yer presidency as wits do wallop their saying being

take that word fosting for example ,, what is that? a slip of ,,
of the tonguing? ,,


do you repeat the same recitaL?
pear the same peat
keep the similar beat?

are you metonym your becomings as suave
clothes covering her imagined body?

yes yes i see her naked nightly
ahunting and haunting moi

as she is the kiss kiss
her breasts I'd imagined



what're you doing?

standing on my head

what're you reading?
books books books?

is yer head blonde or green
hair's dyed green blonde blue

what's yer heart
tied in caught knots

kippered by the sun


do you eat?
yes I breath by the sun

are there words in your harem

are there feet in your heart
do you walk to the one you love?

I see her on every sun-sent street



does a lover squeeze your balls?
she squeezes squeezes squeezes

as I am hand to her beauty
night is the hand
reaches to my sex

as copulating we've kissed the darns out of night

wool to her skin her skin is breath to the beauty of her charms

she's my vein in every hand

not forgotten by the mate of time . and peace. or continent. held back its hoofed breath.


shes not juss any gal who cookies her beats down the gingerbread scoopyadig? shes willin'taplayanytime day and night. gotta a garter belt a footthickwide kickyerarse with it too. slang her's game, whipping fosting what was that word, coming like abeard down the dime store paperback of her willin' desire not like any sucker but any one at all

was shovedto herpermiter of self. busted by ghost and no one. shes as likely to be had as spent.pained by gathered geese. a current theme'o mine.

O my cookie shuaga where's yer sweet label I dont mean labile or labia but the princess of your thighs



here you work day and night the wordss. are skinny rivers. propped up by sedentary sea. washed over puffed up cloud. into the centre a ocean of mouth out open words. . Now the character espeaking quest her gleam. Not silver or weather but ruddy as hale heath working peasants bending and lifting lifting hefting and .

Over the gelid stampede Jill has fractures in her feet.

Mona Jill Franny. The night working becomings.

tame 2

now are we over the hill.language. speeds. its breed. huckster fools. its predatory limit. like yer hand reaching around my ass. we are the special flower, cupped in your hands. up to yer mouth.angel of sex and rearward glancing.


hitched rainbow and...

hitched rainbow

must you hold yer nose. hitches to rainbow.
cuddles the sack. kisses arse.
blunder over fair ground.
not La Ronde, but the rondel and its many filtered spectator.
its odd whimsy. its hefty tack.
as though a boat placed its fate in fat. wearing its catch-cloth nearer the bone.
or coming between our thigh. we don your hips. once more to come.
over forest and rib. whaled in each ocean dock. you primitive leaf. mama
of the foreign sun.

fallow pear

inside here it's close eye night.
grabbed by the gutter. or empire.
stared on ruin. fell on down fallow. to roofing its slender content.
cambered up by the routing fill. down over the land. under feet not
walked by the pavement you see this stitch. night. crews hammering away
at the witch's cabal . rune and cite inside their crumbled scroll. merited
by foxes and . at the end the mouth. pleased. by its malevolence. suffers
its pretense, repetition a concentration not suffused by loneliness
beckoned by big words and flour bags. something cloud undo on rainy
days. winking as they bear their travel. what voice cups your mouth.
is this your wide assed lovered hunkered over the cloud barrel ?

i hate closed windows. preferring air breezing back and forth.
so winter, and autumn are a pain in the ass for the writer
wishing to skate back home. but what winter has come yet?
don't fret as the sun's eye heads south. yer other heads'll be back
contracted by the flip of grammar's weird I. U no these things are not
flow but cut tracking in the window heat of your song. the body ever lasting
its ring-a-ding-dong death. Death? why do you speak of death ? there's food
everywhere mister fling along rain.

If fictions hold your song then Franny must belong.
Ruins are not are comedic. power grabs hustling you along the verb.
Capsized by fakes, voyeurs, two bit timers, and governments
sans song . O this word remembers a prince picking his bones
in the wheat.
She wears his throne like any handy ring. Wedded to his intent.
Garnered by his pleasure, waits and weep.



now you've seen everyone the night is gone
like a shade bearing its hips a girl
garland shearing her name

unveiled by her willing thighs

this way

yer not much of a poet
this way are you mister
missing wave dulcet weary
monster homeless

where is that very which echoes
so yer mighty thunder
applause to the darning wool
of the eel and spider

does it add up to envelopes or strangers lips
things carried in the air a
mysterious stranger arriving on the ground
elided by the silent thing between you?


"Le corps est le lieu de tous les marquages, de toutes les blessures, de toutes les traces. Dans les chairs s'inscrivent les tortures, les interdits des classes sociales, les violences des pouvoirs, dispersés mais jamais abolis. Aujourd'hui, seuls les exclus créent. Car c'est leur corps qui parle, énonce le refus. Le cri NO FUTURE - si ce futur est le présent continué - est cri d'espoir." Michel Journiac.


tea for two


i m just discoverin this magical movie. it seems wonderful. charmed. positive . happy with good reasons to live. live in this world.making the best. best the yet. becomings the best . best yet to come. come yet to become. as it . yes, well ive not watched the whole movie yet as im doing, as always so many things, like reading a book in the kitchen, making toast, and boiling water for tea, and the movie on in the bedroom, and the book I am reading is That is No Country for Old Men.
which I believe i've read before, as I've also read Virginia Woolf before.

kitchen sink

Now playing: Christopher Lydon - RadioOpenSource-Slavoj Zizek
via FoxyTunes
do yer brains work Mister Duffy? yes, but only on Monday. listen'in to the grief of kitchen sinks.

And you Mister what is the theoretical grand slam conviviality to make the world work Better?

Love Love is the answer
choirs of love singing holler'in shoutin' singing
not war
not war
but flowers peace and parliaments of poetry flowers

letters letters pOlYLicks letters from artist in torontotototo

fromm thelilith gallery's blogzine

October 5, 2008

Open Letter to the Opposition Leaders: If Harper wins a minority

To Stephane Dion, Gilles Duceppe, Elizabeth May, Jack Layton:

CC: The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail

If Stephen Harper wins a minority government it will be because you four have failed to work together to collectively portray him as an incompetent do-nothing leader and a pawn of the American Republicans and the oil industry.

You had plenty of scandals that leaked out as well, ranging from bribery to fraud, so there was no shortage of ammunition to prove Harper is corrupt and incompetent.

Squabbling between yourselves is a given, we can accept that. But what we don't want is another couple years of Harper bullying his way through parliament with threats of another election and either the Liberals, NDP or the Bloc propping up the Conservatives (you're all guilty of doing it at least once).

As opposition parties facing a minority Conservative government you will have the power to say NO. We shall be expecting you to exercise that.

Furthermore you also have the power to put forth a private members bill, on the topic of the environment for example. Mr Dion has proposed taxing carbon emissions and Mr Layton wants caps on carbon emissions. Why not do both? Seriously. Tax the carbon emissions AND set caps on the maximum allowed.

On the topic of medical care Mr Layton wants to introduce pharmacare and Mr Dion wants to train/hire more doctors and nurses. Evidently in this case we could again do both.

Other issues ranging from Quebec, native rights, Canadian troops in Afghanistan will have to be discussed on a case by case basis. In some cases you will have to compromise (what would politics be without compromise?) and in other cases you will always have the option of doing both, nothing or multiple solutions.

Your end goal should be to make the Conservative Party powerless. When a minority government becomes powerless there is always the opportunity for the opposition leaders to form a new minority government without going to another election. You will have to check the precise rules in the Parliament of Canada Act about forming a secondary minority government. We should note however that, to our knowledge, that particular rule in the Parliament of Canada Act has never actually been used, and is a bit controversial because it relies on several opposition parties to work together to form a new government.

Lately many Canadians we've spoken to are undecided about whom to vote for. We like Stephane Dion's integrity, we like Jack Layton's optimism, we like Elizabeth May's fiery spirit and some of us Anglo-Canadians even like well-spoken Gilles Duceppe and wish he was leader of a national party.

In the case of the Greens, the NDP and the Liberals we are faced with vote splitting and its reached a point where we are looking at an endless line of Conservative minority governments until either one of you or all of you decide to take some initiative and work together.

You may even decide to form a New Liberal Party and push the Liberals more to the left. We have far too many left-wing parties in Canada right now and while that it is encouraging that approx. 65% of Canadians vote left of the middle, the voting system in Canada is such that parties like the Greens and NDP have millions of votes but collectively only get 30 seats or less in parliament.

Redesigning the voting system might be one of the things you want to discuss if we do end up in perpetual minority governments.

We personally don't mind minority governments because it means the parties are forced to work together to come up with solutions. HOWEVER, having someone like Stephen Harper who bullies through legislation defeats the purpose of a minority government. Minority governments are supposed to compromise. Harper has been doing very little of that during the past year.

We can do better than that. You can do better than that.

Charles Moffat & Suzanne MacNevin
Toronto, Ontario

as for

And now for something really special. After I saw you I went and did a few things I needed to do around here started to watch some dumbass show on television. fell asleep and just woke up. Now is not that the life? What can I do? meet a friend, stroll the streets, meet a lover? Once

I could do that.. or the edge of it, was a summer a a summer more ago....that would be nice, in this strange world of pragmatics, jobs, works, schedules, cars, and endless solitude of lonesomeness. What can I do at almost 5 in the morning? but write a few words and hope to read a few more then sleep.... O sleeper in the sleep valley . of hope and belief and the city rising like sun...
O when was the wild life, and a poem..... As for musicans I don't feel sorry for them at all..

As for the bad patch yer heading thru with love, well
it's gonna pass

and remeber what good old Shakespeare wrote in a comic moment

this old song which I been recallin since high school, and always forgetting from which play it stems

Blow, blow, thou winter wind !
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude !
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,

Although thy breath be rude.

Heigh, ho ! sing heigh, ho ! unto the green holly,
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly.
Then heigh, ho ! the holly !
This life is most jolly !

Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky !
Thou dost not bite so nigh

As benefits forgot !
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp

As friend remembered not.

Heigh, ho ! etc., etc.


this would be you

on the 8th day she has bucket
what? is this conniving convincing thumbs to her tucked in chin?

well fellow hail-well to yer bellow it's knees to her merry cape

come over leaning into the wall
dantesque to her shudder

I wont be a minute dear one as expensive as the watered simile
smile to her fluster fluted to her flanking

trenchant silence that husting as Caesar's bell
I'll mock any nape that comes this way

never listed by the sunning galley
sailors kick their boots and
withered by the tilled light and dawn she
shone her face on mine


if she cannot breath
it is because there are too many
in the bed
third to her lustering dawn ~
that image is goya's maja


with the thought of between your thighs and beauty

i cannot drink but from love
thirsted by the slaking thighs of your lips
twined raffled by these pillows

each could be a cluster
around this teeming self
body to body
married in the high ground

it will be salt
or soft
your choice
is faring
the grounds


me timbre

shiver me tumbler
timber to her rustled steer
satyr to foxhound fox glove

near fostex her house of maize corn and other 'debris'

is this cake winter the knapsack on her knee
old cow frightens the wood
the blank page begun
her willowing gattle meat to her dairy product

Note the Fedora hat winking inthe dark of her detective novel
double or one to nothing shes's the squeeze in any lemon
her bar baker damn dawn to her preening shawl



take the sedentary whisper of her breasts

as gathering together they leap
lap to her searching veins these broad
ways of attempt effortlessly bringing
sweeping rest to men
planed by their armies provo's in her parent's kip

she dance cavort she sucks his lips right down there
to her s his cock a swivel stick up her mandy honeyed mouthing
over the river and up the tent of his hip now
left thigh right
thigh beggars his embankment
his enjambment to her sickled sex
here cunting raised high to his cock swing river deluxe joy

this is the fuck ending fuck s cunning backward glance
grace of the body backwards in her hands rolled rippled around his ass

her lover sunset fucked to her rolling skies
the evening tent of Venus garbed by her beveled babes
gaggle go go gals geesed to her sparing intent

pull this into your mouth &
suck she say to his saying mouth
rivered to her thigh bound den
bound-den is only mighty words to what he wants
hunkered by the pleasure exhaust of her thighs

come to me baby come to me fuck to my tenderness
silked up by sighs and cry babied to her lover dog



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well readers
the world is a vast


! | Naomi Klein: Wall St. Crisis Should Be for Neoliberalism What Fall of Berlin Wall Was for Communism

Naomi Klein: Wall St. Crisis Should Be for Neoliberalism What Fall of Berlin Wall Was for Communism

As the world reels from the financial crisis on Wall Street and the taxpayer-funded $700 billion bailout, we spend the hour with Naomi Klein on the economy, politics and “disaster capitalism.” The Shock Doctrine author recently spoke at the University of Chicago to oppose the creation of an economic research center named after the University’s most famous economist, Milton Friedman. Klein says Friedman’s economic philosophy championed the kind of deregulation that led to the current crisis."


The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

No Logo

There's a bad mood rising against the corporate brands. No Logo is the warning on the label.

Once a poster boy for the new economy, Bill Gates has become global whipping boy. Nike's swoosh - the marketing success of the nineties - is now equated with sweatshop labour, and teenage McDonald's workers are joining the Teamsters. What is going on? No Logo, an incisive and insightful report from the frontlines of mounting backlash against multinational corporations, explains why some of the most revered brands in the world are finding themselves on the wrong end of a bottle of spray paint, a computer hack, or an international anti-corporate campaign.

No Logo uncovers a betrayal of the central promises of the information age: choice, interactivity, and increased freedom. And as job security disappears, the respectful reverence which corporations enjoyed as engines of the economy is also dissipating - as is their protection from worker and citizen rage.

Equal parts cultural analysis, political manifesto, mall-rat memoir, and journalistic exposé, No Logo is the first book to put the new resistance into pop-historical and clear economic perspective. Naomi Klein tells a story of rebellion and self-determination in the face of our new branded world.

so now i turned it off ~ enough of that!

indeed the day is too sunny for that sort of death deterritorializing stuff ~

hints of ~

I mean it's almost suicidal . at moments. hints of that tearing that one
hears in Piaf ~

it's dangerous

music of life and death ~
no wonder it's the most deterritorializing of the arts ~

always gershwin

more heart-breaking music


at france vivace
depuis 19:00
Programme musical

Always Gershwin

Par Florence Brosselin
rediffusion du 10.02.07


George Gershwin
Concerto pour piano en fa Majeur
Hélène Grimaud, Piano
Orchestre Symphonique de Baltimore
David Zinman, direction
réf : ERATO 0630-19571-2
et à...

George Gershwin
Peter Donohoe, Piano
réf : EMI 7 54280 2

but one can dance to it

it's movie
there are moments
it's intensity
is gigantic
back to living roaring running
very unlike stravinsky's
of whirling
and ballet

is never
those dancing piercing piano notes
thrum along
interrupted by the strings
and slight horns
as if the chase was going
no wonder it became movie

the tatatata of trumpets
announcing their fanfare
the hope of the great american cities of pre-world 11

it's interesting when
i was in paris
i never listened to gershwin ~

so many paris'
& more musics of that city

montreal is a baby
city compared
the 'new' world is camp

O world

radiofrance vivace


Stravinski par Stravinski

Mister Stravinski is always the best ~
dance ~

Programme musical

Stravinski par Stravinski (1)

Par Olivier Le Borgne


rediffusion du 24.09.08

  • 05:18

    Igor Stravinski
    Symphonie de psaumes (Enregistré le 30 mars 1963 à Toronto au Canada)
    Festival Singers of Toronto
    CBC Symphony Orchestra
    Igor Stravinski, direction

    réf : SONY CLASSICAL SM2K 46 294

  • et à... 05:40

    Igor Stravinski
    4 études pour orchestre : I - Danse / II - Excentrique / III - Cantique / IV - Madrid (Enregistré du 29 novembre au 1er décembre 1962 à Toronto, Canada)
    CBC Symphony Orchestra
    Igor Stravinski, direction
    réf : SONY CLASSICAL ...

  • 2008/10/03


    ~would you prefer smoke or a kiss
    a kiss a kiss a kiss

    if i could find a kiss a kiss
    a smoking kiss
    kiss kiss



    what do you think now , yer a hobo?

    or an oboe?

          you used to think oboe 

    well oboe aint identical to hobo

    or snow blow

    or baseball

    boston red sox 7
    los angeles 5
    bottom of the 9th inning

    let's say begining inn night of jesus born
    birth to world chrismas coming on the distance
    life and death maid and maiden

    lover and approxy or proxy or epoxy
    when verbs go marching
    wondering around your imagined eyebrows
    taking everything literally
    like a spoken poem
    broken in the canal that called over the reaching ridge

    'I have a broken heart' "J'ai realise que mon coeur etait brise..."

    what does that signify a broken heart mister philosopher and your philosophy department
    and yer power and yer academic ridges and bullshit

    and the way they take you for your games
    not yer ideas and accomplishments what kind of world is this?
    Charlotte Corday what kind of world is this?
    hacked buttocks in the street
    the attack on the village in Apocalypse Now

    that says it all
    same thing going on in Baghdad
    other cities in the world
    permanent civil war

    yep yep the guns in the street the soldiers got guns
    in the street the cops don camouflage pants

    scares intimidates the populace O citizens O nights O worriers

    and all the skinny lovers you did not have love
    you did not have love you did not did not
    as night cuts the hand the lungs
    breathing for love
    the love missed
    the love caught
    love bought cookies on the native tongue

    love not heard or howled in its treasure night
    Or night say night the word recurring
    and the little babies crying sobbing the same old word

    but we seek always the wave pushing up against the wake

    the wake pushing up against death


    that is the real lesson of poetry ~