dissertation? I had no idea Mister Duffy~
does that mean you ar e about to become Doctor Poetry?
Hmmm doctor poetry interesting...
doctor with medicine!
Doctor Duffy's circus
medicine cabinet!

Step right up ~!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
I have the cure for all your sorrows
your joys
paired in pear verse

vers de peche



but what's all this about a defence?

wel the defence
is where five professors
ask question


I think it's October
I got a feeling


October's a good month
a good month
for me

after they're gonna me Doctor Poetry

oooh lalala

is that John Donne?
doe doe
do e
d o e
or everyone in dunne downtown??_______________________________________
or jester's port___________________________




29 th

1:30 p.m.


five copies


defence to be scheduled




is not a word






long time



happy to the world

walk lighter

doctor to become poesie
doctor devenirs-poesie ~


thats not a very good p oe m or even a poem at a ll

william blake's milton

Eve Tempted Satan

in the guise of the ancient serpent... illustration William Blake


Paradise Lost milton's defence and the argument against nOn rhymin verse
THE Measure is English Heroic Verse without Rime, as that of Homer in Greek, and Virgil in Latin; Rhime being no necessary Adjunct or true Ornament of Poem or good Verse, in longer Works especially, but the Invention of a barbarous Age, to set off wretched matter and lame Meeter; grac't indeed since by the use of some famous modern Poets, carried away by Custom, but much to thir own vexation, hindrance, and constraint to express many things otherwise, and for the most part worse then else they would have exprest them. Not without cause therefore some both Italian, and Spanish Poets of prime note have rejected Rhime both in longer and shorter Works, as have also long since our best English Tragedies, as a thing of itself, to all judicious ears, triveal, and of no true musical delight; which consists onely in apt Numbers, fit quantity of Syllables, and the sense variously drawn out from one Verse into another, not in the jingling sound of like endings, a fault avoyded by the learned Ancients both in Poetry and all good Oratory. This neglect then of Rhime so little is to be taken for a defect, though it may seem so perhaps to vulgar Readers, that it rather is to be esteem'd an example set, the first in English, of ancient liberty recover'd to heroic Poem from the troublesom and modern bondage of Rimeing.



I n fly city where the flies are so

fly city



fly it's fly to fly the flies that roam that run aroun

fly fly in your eye fly in your ointment

the dada fly that drinks milk

that drank my tea when I was in Ireland

fly in Shakespeare

fly in Satre

fly in the ointment

"Used " for a friend in trouble with a woman


she used to tell you __ 'you always wear the same clothes
I don't like what you wear'
I said to him, tell her
" You always wear the same body day after day why don't you get new ankles at least say
or perhaps another midriff that way you can your breasts against his
"you got the sameold shirt on"

she'd proclaim
and i 'd suggest
try a another breast and thighs
why dont get some other one they're on sale this week


and you remember Ann J


eyes marking

not her
the above suite


swim montreal paris

swim montreal paris

guy guy deborders

Guy deborders was very good at hold ing heads,
but not so good at holding hands.

teh first volume of his autobiography is chocbloc
as I recall with resentments

Guy Debord
Correspondance, volume 7
Fayard - 2008

En 1988, Guy Debord fait paraître ses retentissants Commentaires sur la société du spectacle, où les «quelques conséquences pratiques, encore peu connues, qui résultent de ce déploiement rapide du spectacle durant les vingt dernières années» viendront confirmer ses thèses de 1967, en disant «ce qui est».

De façon similaire, sa correspondance - qui avec ce volume arrive à son terme - montre, durant les sept années qui vont lui rester à vivre, que face à une nouvelle forme de notoriété il continue de juger et d'agir selon ce qu'il est.

Il décidera, le 30 novembre 1994, de franchir, à l'heure choisie, sa propre ligne d'arrivée ; comme il avait décrété que l'année 1951 devait être celle de son véritable point de départ. Car «la suite était déjà contenue dans le commencement de ce voyage».
-4ème de couverture-
He did his self in one year before another famous D.

Est-ce que ligne d'arrivee est le meme chose que ligne de fuite?
We are not sure sire. we Reverse our word word wood on a regular base .
radio france culture
_______________________ advance the poem of the day
not the poem of beef!

mister t and mister s et mister g

et monsieur d

across the phylums of existential territory


these those and

baby lets become velour punks

dressed like still to kill

as watches move pedants to move

so we steal the hour

graced by the kentucky of roadways

racing cars, hot dogs, lovers lapping to death

on the breath of come. Come again all ye faithful

a Christmas tide of lovers wooing


I think of you ~

our mouths glued

stuck inside

you imagine ~


Virgile Debar, Punky girl, 2007, papier collé et acrylique sur toile, 80 x60 cm.
© Virgile Debar via corpssansorganes


so it

Mister D! you are striking through your own texts!

whats happening??????

We're Not sure we like them! Mister Courier!

after a ll verse poems are moods reflections and so on. imaginative reconstructions of not so biographical necessarily tales.

So it goes.

that was...q u i c k

saying it was over

you said
baby lets become punks

six months later
everyone cut their hair

i like this music.as i write.:
Sonata for violine and keyboards. no 5. in F minor.

you came once. lit a smoke. lay back spreading yer eyes
wall to wall

we were furniture.

ugly as sin.
me too.
i was so ugly

the night wanted t o shatter my legs.

i tried to become queer out of respect for you.

we 'd ended up on the bed.
with our clothes making out
badly hotly

round 4 in the afternoon.

i came with my jeans on
you did too.

your girlfriend was jealous.

these love days you had ugly cuts as sickening as the line marks
on a fat ass''s chin
were not
but when we fucked.
it was tornado . time. darling.


the friendship between deleuze et tzra was a secret as the love of communism and moi moi and communism.

I was.
in a cafe.

long ago
tzra went there.
each day.

one afternoon.
deleuze came by.
he was wearing sunglasses.

he came quietly to tzara's table who was quite older
they shook hands
laughed then continued to speak

Tzara turned to me in a prose poem
he said my friendship
with this man is secret as a secretary
and is as eternal as the sky

continue he said

contin "my friend, the mathematician _ my oldest friend, at least so far

he said
Clifford you know the city better than some people who live here.

well that was then,
who knows
what i will know
when next I go"

well we all know cities change. sometimes in Montreal, i forget where i am and thinking and dreaming imagining i think i am there in Paris,

and the sky
I remember the sky the heaven sent slate blue sky of montreal and its universal beauty

and th e October sky of Paris.

the first day I got there , Maurice met at the airport,
we went to have coffee

and later the same day, I helped him move. and met Isabelle. the woman he had married..

well first i slept then we moved. him his baby and Isabelle later that day to
after that, every day I took the train to the city. then the metros and walked every

Dans une autre vie,
in another life I walked around the lecture halls
where Deleuze had taught,,, the smoke filled room.... we worked hard then the students... the crazy crowds and lectures... electric voice of learning and tape recorders and intensity...

"chaque mardi matin à l’Université Paris VIII Vincennes et à ..." those were the wild days and mornings of discipline.

In another life,
you walked with the old man Mister Sami Rosenstock Tristan Tzara.

Deleuze walked we met him. Moi et le vieux homme. Il a parle tres bien. Il etait mon pere.

mon grand mere.. aussi. comme vous. ,homme approximatif comme moi comme toi lecteur et comme les ...

"je me suis courbé vers toi comme un pont tendu. dont les piliers bousculés par la ..... était fort libéral sur le plan de la lecture, lui fit une scène ...."


ima ga _ paris in the sixth arrondissement...


I've just stumbled across this interesting link to paris, and various sites and scenes over there... and it looks like apartments, as well, that are being rented... prob. a bit expensive for me... but what's wrong with dreaming of the cities I love most in the world....

c'est un presque ville proche des reves
un ville proche de mon coeur et mon coeur et l'ami de mon coeur
et coeur de mon ami et
proche de mon
"city" ma ville Paris


"All about Paris. Based on our experience and tons of articles kept in numerous random folders that may now be thrown out."

found images and links to paris arrondissement....

Paris ....... in the 6th arrondissement and close to our rental apartment - 39 Vaugirard....

"Posted by Paul " and reposted here by yours truly, Clifford Duffy
"Montparnasse Cemetery – This nearby cemetery is a fun walk for kids with the final resting places of Charles Baudelaire, Eugene Ionesco, Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Man Ray, Simone de Beauvoir, and Tristan Tzara, among many others. (Map in book in our apartment or available at Edgar Quinet entrance.)"

I recall as I came to Tzara's grave how simple and unassuming it was. It was like when I came to Sartre and Debeauvoir's , how simple and even, humble they. were.

as lightening is to sky. as heaven to earth.a s mocking birds to song. as my heart is always close to paris.
to the quartiers and metro and arrondissements.
so many walks over the city and around _______________> here


Maurice my friend, the mathematician _ my oldest friend, at least so far

he said
Clifford you know the city better than some people who live here.

well that was then,
who knows
what i will know
when next I go



the visitor

I n the mystery h o t e l

an Italian woman and her son
get an unexpected




fill e 'd

the city is fille d with little lesbians

you love Mister Villon


the arms of slav women
come and go in my arms
trains arriving and departing

their hearts are heads

this whir of noise in the city is a pleasant beat

a s the night gathers thunder for its arms

here gr a mmar is a song
not a night tarrying the hours of gloves

wrapped in hoots and hooves you speak the open walk of gods
their breasts and asses their sex open like a train station
a tunnel where lovers rest their heads

is this where man goes?

better to be disillusioned with night than to be its bad servant
or lovers over climbing pairs the city ruin of

in the air I hear the puddle its tinker tell walks the wish
wakes the wisher

hugs her lover
night has belonged to this
bustle of dresses

woman's taste
cared by the late day

hungered by the ribbed hanger

its this fiction standing
hypothesis of love its trigger frigger

slight variation of
this text at brim

train mystery train

this good old song of Elvis in out of my head the days I feel good.... i like that melody and the yowling... train traaaaaaain coming round round the bend... trrain traaaaaaaaaain commming round round the bend

well it took my baby
but it never will again

down th e line
train train

and that guitar

I danced this one many times

and in them old day s I dance d to it drunk
but of course that was a lang time go

now dancing's ecstatic cause its euphoric

(words & music by h. parker - s. philips)


when was the last time you tasted a real woman's breast , mister D?
O O O a real woman? a real woman, you mean a woman __ a woman .

O I was watching Wings of Desire it was so long since I saw

it forgetting how beautiful it was

Yes, the scene when he picks up the stone in her room
not too after they meet
he picks up as a ghost at first but an angel ghost

But you didn't answer my question Mister D.

your question, yes, well a real woman,
yes, not a movie or a reel to reel one

its been so long since I tasted a real woman's breast
my mouth can't taste for seeing

yes that's how long

voix voice

and her voice her voice i ve not heard it her voice

in months waves and moon
season to season

do you remember her voice?

yes her voice
when I saw Wings of Desire
with no subtitles
I remember voice



L'Europe des idées

Gilles Deleuze
Il est un des philosophes français les plus influents du siècle dernier, avec une oeuvre au retentissement mondial : Gilles Deleuze aura contribué à une certaine réhabilitation de la pensée. Quelles voies d’explorations nouvelles a-t-il initiées ? Réponses.

Univers d'un philosophe


émission du samedi 23 août 2008
Deleuze (5/5)

Quelles voies d’explorations nouvelles Deleuze a-t-il initiées ?


Meriam Korichi. Ancienne élève de l’ENS, Agrégée de Philosophie, Chargée de recherches à l’ENS, enseigne l’Ethique contemporaine.

Arnaud Bouaniche. Chargé de cours en philosophie à l’Université Lille III - Charles de Gaulle. Ses travaux portent sur la pensée de Gilles Deleuze, mais également sur ses rapports à celle de Bergson. Il est l’auteur de «Gilles Deleuze, une introduction » (Pocket)


oVer __________________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Over Here _________________>>>>>

foudre avec une quelque elle
quelque elle? Monsieur D?
QuelQue Proche Elle
Proche le proche
La Proche de bouche
proche de dents
des ses levreproche
dans l'air

ailes de proch
de desir

imagine toi monsieur d. le proche entre toi et elle
proche vos levrese
et vos estomacs
vos sex
imagine laleprocheprocheunecorps

imagine ca Monsieur D
c'est beaux eh?
c'est joyeux

fr walk

I went for a walk

o MA

SimULYTanEiste UTubE
O Ma Foufre
! ma Foudre! drdrdrdrdruh!

O mA Foudre~O mA Foudre~O mA Foudre~O mA Foudre~O mA Foudre~Foudre~Foudre~Foudre~!

O mA Foudre~O

mA Foudre~O mA Foudre~
O mA Fou dre!
O mA F

O mA Foudre~O mA Fou
O mA Fou

O mA Foudre~
O mA Foudre~O mA Foudre~
O mA Fou

oudre~O mA Fo



I went for a walk
in the sun
round and round as

this thingamajig which draws yr name ~

so love was ~


we are ~

we are unconscious grace
grace to conscious
conscious grace

grace to dance
across metamorphosis ~

as hands saunter around the air
of our gestures ~

peace finger s the coyote song


yr guitar was peace
snapped my fingers
we twirled away
the half night

fat moon fell on river
we swung swum and run it it.
yer naked self.
yr ass
we were young

as choos and achoos!

but lets be honest
we prefer Mozart
don't we
the delicate dainties of his chords and toes ~.


presto proche

la presto proche presque
il push presque nuit et jours


lire le presque


Mister D-- you need to work on these series more

these people and their wars

from counterpunch
August 20, 2008 Proportion and Distortion Russia and Georgia By MICHAEL NEUMANN

It's said that Russia's response to Georgia's attack on South Ossetia is disproportionate: we hear of "Western leaders anxiously watching for a withdrawal and puzzling over how to punish Moscow for what they called a disproportionate reaction to the Georgian offensive". No one has asked whether a disproportionate reaction or response is always wrong.

War, or an armed attack, can itself be a disproportionate response to some offense. If Britain, for example, declared war on Sweden for producing Abba, that would be disproportionate. It would also be wrong, because Abba isn't cause enough for initiating violence. Britain could at least ask for a large indemnity first. The Nuremberg tribunals placed aggression, a "crime against peace", ahead of war crimes. Perhaps this was meant to remind us that wars usher in far worse than war-fevered cheerleaders suppose, and are virtually always an immoral and disproportionate response to offences.

for the remainder go to counterpunch


there's no poetry in war but death ~

carol reed's famous film The Third Man

disclose s the ugliness of the other side

and there is only ugliness__

of War

the dirty pool played behind the scenes

one can only imagine the nightmare and shit

of the poor people caught up in the present nastiness between Georgia and Russia


Radio France culture has a series about the detective novel

émission du mercredi 20 août 2008
Episode n°22:
Les nouvelles figures policières


Eliot and Kerouac On the Road Scroll| he do the police in different voices

the wondrous diffidence between the two , the two
men , poets, manuscripts


It is a difference which makes a difference .

So then Tom and Jack.


pages on loan to eternity

the waves cuddle the sea
lune to lune
squared to things not spoken
heckled by the hour Madame Blue Dog a presque trouvez son chien
la vie est presque accomplit?

Mister D yer foams are a narrow gate

yer work presque complete
presque proche le proche presque
elle qui parle


series presque proche plue proche que rien


year to

the word does fall

carefully as a struck page
cunning the hours its soothes its noise
as your present lips are distant

i call the prose of your sweetness this hour with plenty
in my heart the air of your personality is each minute
I yearn for you.
Year goes .
suds of a news reel.
garnered b y wheat and sun.

this hand calls your heart
cupping its nearness to my face

I sneak around the love
of your face

almost courageous to love
I do




the rumainian french poet Gherasim Lucas near the end of his life


Gherasim Luca, Héros-Limite, Poésie/Gallimard, Éditions , 2001.

jesus de montreal

--------------- this movie is actually filled with diverse ins and outs pun, comic relief, and spiritual truths that cut over the highbrow ideas of our daily lives. we are dancers of the body adn spirit. crucifixion or crucifiction.....

________________ and it shows some nice sceneries de of Montreal. A funny city. Montreal. Un ville comique et lourde et aussi bien belle~

Dir. Denys Arcand
Cast includes Lothaire Bluteau, Robert Lepage, Rémy Girard, Johanne-Marie Tremblay and Catherine Wilkening.

---------------- a tht end of the film. he dies in the Metro. The actor playing Jesus in the movie. I used to live near that oratory. its a horrible place at day, but quite splendid at night. Montreal villes des esprits catholique et tant d'autres et tant d'autes....

------------------ And the voice of this hard French Canadian( I refer to the woman who is speaking of the stations of the cross...)is captured so well. Nothing so hard as a french canadian woman's voice
nor nothing as pure as the voice when happy.

But this is true of all Peoples.

Le voix des autres.
et ta voix, toi la, dans ton corps et tes seins et tes mains
et les villes et les autre villes
le presque proche ville plus proche a moi que des autres
le plus proche presque ville a montreal


and what is yr thesis about? yr dissertation?
its secret you dont say these things chez blog
its about love between two poetries and doctor guattari et deleuze
and paradise lost and waste land _ the song
between the two~

afrer apres midi de.... fresca presque

this is my favorite composition
i wrote it when I was singing!

what? you claim to be Mozart now too?
are you crazy??? koo! Koo!
yessssssssssss I a m KooKoo!

after your defense what are you doing Mister D?
after! after?~! i WIL L Sleep~! laugh and go dancing
or stand on yer head
or whirl around the Eiffel tower
spin the cycle of love on my heels

trampoline of desire
kiss a secret friend

win some tickets to the Left Bank of Paris

Now playing: Diverse - W.A.Mozart: Klavierkonzert Nr.21 C-Dur


serie Presque to continue ~

la le presque

la le presque
la le presque proche le proche proche presque serie de poems presque bientot proche vien_to

to? Mister Duffy? voulez-vous dits quoi?

____________________________on dits que c'est un serie de vers
que j'ai commence pour une dame
Ma dame proche a moi
au cause que elle est presque moi


e 48

ici e na fra n ce

;;[[[[STA BACK

jESsT =deterritory

ici e na fra n ce


page 48
page 48
________________ have yo a mo uth?



bettertha bettertha better tha __ as yo see me chi p at fi ega s wake

the truck d rivers

i n France

n 'ont pas polie

no they areknotknot not


Go the truck drivers

better them

than war



the truck drivers

are from o uterspace

not narcotized like the present moment

Last Sunday I fished i n the big St Laurent river

not f ar or lon g

(I was no Fisher King)

it was like bei ng a kid

with friends who showed me how to reel
the rod

it was funny

it's the same river which flows out of Montreal

up to Q ue bec city outo the Atlantic over and over
an d eventually all the way to Eu rope and France

lady there i k ow whose secret name
I rarely say out loud
(yet in my mou th)

whose name
is a ring

i n my pitter patter heart

whose city is far

this lady I call vou s et toi toi vo us vou s toi

elle est proche loins proche loins
elle est presque proche
et presque loins

et en
veritie elle est tousjours proche
elle est proche presque cinema veritie

on faisait des jeus
des mots

o n faisait des beaus choses
elle est proche

de moi
a ma cote
jours et
vous est pas un bon poete en francais
oh well j'essai
e realitie je suis poet e 2 e de ux anglais fra ncais
f ra cais eglish


I will call her presqe vous proche

proche de vous

elle est proche
de nous

elle approche
de notre


Mister D_ yer computer is not as fast as before

yes its tru e
mais pas elle elle n'est pas une erreu r


and yer dissertation?

I am getting ready for the defense in October

it took yo u a lo n g time

yes yes a time time

is it good?

yes yes

and rich will i t make yo u rich?
yes rich rich rich

Ca n I see it when you complete the defense?

Yes I ll give it to you


I will stand
on my head



at the whole world!

(here is something funn y)

I am Rimbaud's

yer crazy!


but I am not serious

& yr collages?

yes yes may but no time `

sshhhhhhhh~~~~~~~ Time is a w ave coming to yo u~

series: la presque vous toi et toi




the story of mister and mrs schizoanalysis

he ssmmmoookkkesss


his heart

he sen t his


mister war

empire war

w a r

across the world


boom boooom bA boom

marching walki g trampin g


Mister America

Mister Ru ssia

likes war


always her sss

once is a body

speaking there

(he hides the
of her name


his ow



(paranthese des amants

always will be

for voices

between sun and night


bodies howl holler in

the avenue

earth is like this

between power and moons sun star

a woman's pain holler a t night la ville the city


should she roll her

ses hanches

to him?

je cite



did a lover speak?

man c rying hidden words to his lover's mouth

geared blind he comes to her mouth

she comes to his

they cry words of foreign cuttings city

over earth's far spare space


he's in her locket


guttari__while my guattari gently weeps

Pierre Felix G~

dig the vortex
many wonderful things a t ultime fr blog -- not this but lotsof intelligent burrow and comment


spe e d i g
Una animación basada en textos de Paul virilio, su teoría de la velocidad o "la lógica de la carrera".

with the D r o m o s


2008year of a thousAnd plateaus

"2008 is apparently not only an Olympics year, but capitalismandschizophrenia.org has proclaimed 2008 2A Year of A Thousand Plateaus," dedicated to the collective study of Gilles Deleuze’s and Félix Guattari’s ‘book’ by the same name (book here appears within inverted commas as a precaution, since the writers themselves did not like to apply the word book to what they saw as an altogether different thing). From the capitalismandschizophrenia.org main page (outdoolinked above):
"[The capitalismandschizophrenia.org construction site is a] project which is gradually becoming, and the first collective project is to read and write A Thousand Plateaus, back and forth, over, under, and piercing through. The main task of this wiki is to function as a philosophical meeting place for those who read Deleuze & Guattari's books. It is open for everyone to create an account and start filling it up. There are no concrete rules when it comes to definitions, interpretations or applications. This site is not around to set Truth straight. Rather you are encouraged to participate in a spirit of dialogue, recognizing what is productive in the multiple ways of proceeding with those great books."
from nick's party blogspot



One tHoU




living betweee n plateaus an voice boxes

in Verdun where the safe sun rests


Gilles Deleuze et les images


François Dosse, Jean-Michel Frodon
Gilles Deleuze et les images iimage image image i Mage

as in Sage


Gilles Deleuze s'est toujours intéressé de près aux images, notamment cinématographiques. Les Cahiers du cinéma et l'Ina publient un ouvrage collectif qui vient rappeler la contribution du philosophe à la pensée du cinéma.

I remember Prof.DeleeuzeGuattri said to me one tueday; it' always good to watch a great film when readin a book
Sous la direction de François Dosse et Jean-Michel Frodon
Gilles Deleuze et les images
— François Dosse, Jean-Michel Frodon

1. La philosophie à l'épreuve du cinéma

— Jean-Michel Frodon
Aimer/Mettre en résonance

— Jean Narboni
Du côté des noms

Gilles Deleuze et nous : dialogue entre Pascal Bonitzer et André Téchiné

— Alain Bergala
Stratégie critique, tactique pédagogique

— Arnaud Macé
L'image moins le monde : Gilles Deleuz
e hanté par André Bazin

— Jean-Paul Fargier

Comment j'ai raté Deleuze, qui ne m'avait pourtant pas loupé et comment Jean-Daniel Pollet m'a converti à celui-ci qui pourtant l'avait raté

— Dominique Païni
De l'expérimental comme une ritournelle

— Vanessa Brito
L'île déserte et le peuple qui manqu

— Jun Fujita
Pourquoi les images refusent de travailler ?

— Hervé Aubron
Clichés vivants

2. Le cinéma à l'épreuve de la philosophie

— François Dosse
La pensée-image/L'image-pensée

— Jean-Louis Leutrat
L'image-mouvement/Image-temps : une coupure ?

— Anne Sauvagnargues
La table des catégories comme table des montages

— David N. Rodowick
Le Monde, Temps

— Dudley Andrew La réception américaine — Cyril Béghin 

Le couteau de Gilles Deleuze
— Alain Ménil L'Image artiste — Christine Buci-Glucksmann 

Le virtuel produit du réel : l'image-flux — Raymond Bellour

Une pensée du cerveau

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to take off your clothes

                                we stood in the rain the patois of grief covered our heads
   connnect ings hereMore