detroit takes one game closer to stanley cup wins 2-1 3rd period

via NHL website

PITTSBURGH – The Detroit Red Wings now have a 3-1 stranglehold on the 2008 Stanley Cup Final thanks to Saturday night’s 2-1 win at Mellon Arena that saw the Wings frustrate the Pittsburgh Penguins at nearly every turn, especially in the third period when the Wings denied a 5-on-3 Penguins power play for 1:26

via NhL

the poetry of sport ~ indeed victory close inching for Red Wings. bring the Cup home to Canadadada land ~deterritorialized immanence ~

double mummy albatross/cheating on their partner.s/screwin roun/baggin in the next/bangin with the same sex /xcept to get the eggy eggs/

'At length did cross an Albatross,

Thorough the fog it came:

As if it had been a Christian soul,

We hailed it in God’s name.'

- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

_ the mental state of absence . prolonged by death. its not the idea o f sobriety expressed by lakes. Deleuze and Guattari, spea k of sobriety on the line of flight. then what is the accusation? it is the other's bad conscience.

drunk ~.

ea a type of ~


alonesome ~

_______________it's a good word. alone_some.
what you learned from that generation ?

a loss of principle? a lack of courtoisie in the old sense

wore you down turnin g you into what you are not
one of them

and its a triste day indeed your spirit become as theirs
weak and diluted by the watery pale of death ~
'their' lack o f
noblesse oblige has left you
high dry and nobled
to death

perhaps that's so, .. what were the words, i had in mind, when
such cruel absences came this way,
death was your harbinger

death was your silence

then the ship sailed off into fuckoo land
nobod land
damndamn land

work ?
worked for nothing in the rain years

we'll go away from them

fished for nothing
as the wave pelted in ~


yer bothered ... by all these correspondents... spondents, despondents... pond... pond..s pon..d.s..s. crazy one...s ... yes .... spondees.. evaders... dodgers of b asics?

you could say that yes, spondent spondee around the bevel of their devil edge...

not so good as i thought.. perhaps. even envy filled and worse, jealous.. of beauty's creation your....s... the deafening instrument... so then.. we fold up.....


"You shall love your crooked neighbor/With your crooked heart."

so wrote W. H. Auden.

easy to write that it was for he,
not easy to live that in this cruelle world, of art.ists. and other .

a~ t the~ E tabl~ e


too lost love.
the lips
the breast
the arms

i weep

no one

night is long

Jacques Derrida : Glas - morceaux de glose


'...Mon trouble semble commande par tout la nature...' Genet _
Genet_ geneti genesti , et il y a aussi les fleurs.. que je considère comme ma famille...


this blogged at
blogged radio deleuze

ironic aint we? iconic? les deux columns de derrida are genet's dance of two finger
two lives
parallels how I live ~

 was done years before by other writers dating back to the 16th century
_____________no less than  more 



sets 7

sets 7

xcharacteristic aboulie et tristesse

in nomine

something like this
provocative in the metro
merchant of dice harmony other pleasures
coquette cloy

she harms hammerin not wishin
to be seen directly
I'd looked at the other two

and they wondered:

why is he lookin at us?
she's right there
in fron t of his face

now what good did that
when she wanted nothin but so much
as to be stared at as stone
and her mp3 player ipod thingy
cut off her anyhow

living the electro circuitry gig anyhow


Is this filibustering mister D?

be ~tween


ween your thighs and (our) astral lover body

tween your thighs and (our) astra
stral lover body

betw bet ween
I ween
ween is older english for think

as in
I ween my lover
yearns for my fingers


yer a s be a u t iful as ever
an I dig yer songs ~

and how's my favorite door lady?

notes and letters . of wished haunte ~dddddddddddd veil ~

is she veil?
No my man!
its adowntown restaurant

she 's abank manager
she'd never make love t a ya

dental assistant

she neither
as warped around love's chaos

on Milton's Paradise Lost

Professor Karen Karbiener of New York University discusses Milton's Paradise Lost at Terrance Lindall's Mother's day 2004 recitation of Paradise Lost

Prof. Karen Karbiener on Art for Paradise Lost

---------------looks how Milton's Paradise Lost has inspired visual artists since the 1688 first illustrated edition, including Fuselli, Blake, Martin and Lindall.


Julia Kristeva / Thérèse mon amour

émission du mercredi 28 mai 2008
Julia Kristeva / Thérèse mon amour

Alain Veinstein s'entretient avec l'auteur.

Julia Kristeva
Thérèse mon amour
Fayard - avril 2008

Le visage renversé d’une femme endormie, à moins qu’elle ne soit déjà morte de plaisir, bouche ouverte, porte avide d’un corps vide que remplit sous nos yeux un bouillonnement plissé de marbre… Vous vous souvenez certainement de cette sculpture du Bernin, la Transverbération ? L’inspiratrice de l’artiste, c’est Teresa de Ahumada de Cepeda (1515-1582), en religion Thérèse de Jésus, plus célèbre sous le nom de sainte Thérèse d’Avila. En pleine Renaissance, son amour de Dieu vibre à l’intensité du beatus venter que connaissait déjà Maître Eckhart. Ses convulsions extatiques en feront une icône somptueuse de la Contre-Réforme. Une possédée à la manière de Dostoïevski, mais baignant dans les eaux du désir, et non dans les larmes comme Marie-Madelaine, car elle rejoint corps et âme le corps absent de l’Autre. « Où est-Il, où L’a-t-on mis ? » s’inquiétaient les saintes femmes au Golgotha.

-radio france culture

she_ 2x and 1 with strike thru

tryi n t a see how I can use "strike thru" as a technique to create some visual effects here in this , or wha was at first a fairly bad poem
u will always
always round|
[picture lips ours
calibrated by hunger|
[lover's bones best met late


inside this needle point moment|

take an accordian ||for instance

cared by racing along the escalator
she flowed & followed me off the train
step by step
she walked with me
up them stairs.

well she was proud
[till passion rang us

I m tryi n t a see how I can use "strike thru" as a technique to create some visual effects here in this , or wha was at first a fairly bad poem

u will always

always round|



she loves me
she loves me not
she lovers me
lovers me knot
lovers bowing
knotting unknotting
air untold

loves her
loves her not
loves her knot
her knot
her unknot

her bra

's hipping
her haunched
to her double




Im fascinated with how the size of a font can change the reception, at least to the eye, of a poem.

the ear is another story. often a poem which reads well sounds terrible ,and
likewise Vice Versa. No Pun intended.
L'amour est peut-etre comme ca, un Vice Versa?

O she was dark brown
and shadow around her lips

was rose dark dark dark
I O I O she was shaded brown hued in flute

She yelled
Sauntered off into the road off the subway

She was brown brown dark brown
brown blacked into brown the taste
of her skin elusive sky of skin
brown as the dark of my eyes
hers darker than these
her brown
brown skin
brown legs
climbing up into another continent

another continent

I' ll come back with more words for her stomach brown as the sun


Rutty red

Brown nipple the size of a dollar.

O collar of love linger in brushes.
Air subtle as call call around your thighs....

Open the black hole rushing in the city.


In the country her legs open her souling
opening to oak, pine, beech, solar whirl

of incoming spring augments lovers

as they swirl in to the speak of...

Her brown nipple her hands around my heart

Pick pick pocket of ....
Is this the word for nipple as tongue?

Come tongue to bring our name around the smell.

taste it. Smell of her hair.

Skinny ankles.

Wild white tee shit,
Loosely fallin off

Her waist
is queen of night and city....

Is that tatoo the song of feeling her hips?


when you rest your body

here I know we are lovers

I hear your pant lover

in the dawn about to break almos sunrise

take off your clothes now sweet


'Dans les silences, on peut dire tant de choses.'


Now playing: BENDA, F - Czech Baroque Trie - Sonata in B flat (1.FM - Otto's Baroque Musick) (1.FM - Otto's Baroque Musick)

the refrain

In a general sense, we call a refrain any aggregate of matters of expression that draws a territory and develops into territorial motifs and landscapes (there are optical, gestural, motor, etc., refrains). In the narrow sense, we speak of a refrain when an assemblage is sonorous or "dominated" by sound--but why do we assign this apparent privilage to sound?

-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari
A Thousand Plateaus (p.323)

Did, the philosopher Hegel talk about the "cunning of reason"?

way to working

This way to the working text

Paste abstract. heart. of Lover's body

honey and rain came to rest in your heart
[ rested arrested]
[or the honey and rain of her kiss
arrested her heart
she was hip to his longings
long befoe they met]
hipped] [hipped : is a sexy word]
as it was hoped hipped to your beauty

I held you quiet secret
[quietly secretly]
blossom of your thought [blossom is nice but "of your though" is riding it perhaps too abstract]
curled into my heart
[not sure of that phrase]

one day I'll walk near you [some day?]
[monday] [ stranger lover_ come s to find her across age and country] [she bares her breast his mouth]
[hold hand hand hold]
[swing low silence /swing low silent]


en holding hands
we'll swing beyond words~

swing is a nice word [so we make a poem a machine]
[I heard your voice already in my head]
[your voice of another continent thrilled me
goin right thru my head]

An initi al draft
Initials. Draft. Wind. Breeze. Breezy. Cunning? No, too abstract.

Peal Bells of Love

Via the OBama official website blog this clip, pHOTo, and
The beautiful Brillaint Photograph from the Puerto Rican News Paper El Nuevo Dia

Montana Volunteer Spotlight: Vicki in Great Falls
By Caitlin Harvey - May 25th, 2008 at 7:35 pm EDT
Also listed in: Great Falls, Montana for Obama, the Greatest Politician since Mike Mansfield | Montana for Obama

Vicki, a former teacher from Great Falls, is a lifelong Republican who is supporting Barack for President. She admires Barack becase she says, "he's a thinking person," and she and her husband, a retired officer in the military, both voted for Barack by absentee ballot.

the front page of this morning's edition of the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia:

Now this man this man of integrity and the Unexpected is going to be the Next President of the UNited States. It is Appropriate and right, and true to the lines of history surging forward. Not only will his opponents not become president, they Cannot .
History, at least as I understand it, is with the tide flowing with hIm. he might be the best
thing that's happened to the United States since Walt Whitman.

His so-called rivals, or opponents , __cannot become President. the supporters are another story. who knows the motivations of millions, it is complex, and twined up with dozens of forces, and intentions.

But McCain and H. Clinton? Impossible.

They are the absence__
It is Impossible, it is the negative reactionary nonexistence existent they stand for, worse than that they stand for it, they are the negative, the lack, the capitalist crap out of shit and death.

He Barack Obama represents democracy as it ought to be . At least at this moment i believe he is a man of the Multitude, the flow, of desire. And laughter. Joy. Beauty.

There's nothing decadent or sick about him. He has no bad reputation . I think he is good, not merely smart . He will know how to listen.

Now Perhaps, or if Only some Angel would come along and shake the Clintons into authentic genuine real sorrow, and regret. If they would Publicly Admit they are Wrong.

Then to anyone reading this blog __
I'd recommend the Young Turks website for intelligent articulate discussion of this campaign .because it is a campaign already. it is about

the election of the Next President .


.........masked Futurism lead to fascism.

Paul Virilio on the communism of affects.Paul Virilio on the communism of affects.affectscommunism
Paul on

The prophet is always being forced by God, literally violated by him, much more than inspired by him. The prophet is not a priest. The prophet does not know how to talk, God puts words in his mouth: word-ingestion, a new form of semiophagy.
-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari
A Thousand Plateaus (p.124)

"Monsters cannot be announced.

One cannot say: 'here are our monsters',
without immediately turning the monsters into pets."

"HYDRATEXT. The Hydra has many heads. You will not be able to choose between this one on the one hand, on the other that. And the play of differences between the right and the left hand..."

HIlary ClInTon SuCks

Hillary with Rosie O'Donnell at a Dykes on Bikes reunion

Obviously we do not like Hillary Clinton. We are convinced that,
if elected, she would be the worst president this country has ever had.
She must be stopped. We say, "SCREW HILLARY CLINTON"!

To aid other Hillary haters in the creation of their anti-Hillary
web sites, we are providing, at no charge, pictures of Hillary which,
although not nude. ridicule her. Of course, these pictures are
fakes which we have created. Feel free to download them and use
them as you see fit.Supply your own captions or text if desired.

If you don't have a web site, download them and send them to your friends.
Pass them around and give the world a good laugh at Hillary's expense


We want ....

the Books in my life

toujours par hasard....un chemin de l'autre...

je pense que c'est la sagess e....

La Sagesse

c'est l'acceptation


acceptez ce que la vie
la grâce
et vous....

j'essaie d' acceptez.....

Henry Miller French Interview 6

"All that matters is that the miraculous become the norm." Henry Miller.

Au "Sel de la Semaine" animé par Fernand Séguin. Production Radio-Canada.

Non, non ... par accident ~

Henry Miller French Interview 3 Qui peut-etre le judge... a mon avis personne ~

----------------- Changez Votre Vision _- Change your world not the world

I did another version of this combing one other marvelous video at I Jean Genet


jE Pleur pour moi meme ... pas pour le monde...

the Clown ~ who laughs and cries

a s Tzara writes in l'Homme Approximatif

man ...laughs with one face/

cries with the other

We, us writers don't get our nourishment from other... writers...

but from Life Itself.....

Qui sait son destin le fin de ses jours

devenir clochard.

NO one knows how his day s will end....


regarde moi ça...

les putains putains les putains


le s putains merveilleux belle et divers

take a look at that. I said to as he snuffled laughing .. hahahahh oui les belles putains....
les putains ici et d'ailleurs....

sudDenL F _ULL hEART

suddenly full heart full heart are you a sweet wind a grape full to bursting...? culled to taste... your honey is dark wine on the river's bed suddenly in a dream your hips smooth as narrows come around the waist of me in time we weave a grace standing up we camber and gallop you are blonde as sun at sunset piercing my eyes heart panting breath rasping your breast s rounded as perfectly only they can be yer hips narrow as long stretches of love at night your buttocks peachlike and seared with fire yer sex honey spinning a web catches lover lover man tumbling to your sweet head yer hands grabbing me round round it goes your tongue's arrow tangles this man's as he rides rides we're riding riding strangers gliding your lips rosier than raspberries know the feeling of piercing taking.... you are brazen in kindness i am solemn and with generous loves play as wind cut our body i've harmonized the star for you ~

I've Dreamed of You So Much

'This is the trailer to the Award Winning docu-drama short, "I've Dreamed of You So Much", from ANM Films. It centers around the surrealist poet, Robert Desnos and his lover, Youki.'


hold in the lover's hold

down bybyebybye in the hold




A lover's hold ~ the hour ~ keeps the vouchsafe

suddenly pitter patter of heart

pulse wreathed by love's skipper ~

come here sweet fish

your net's caugh the hour

this is your man ~

|||||||||||||||||||||||| w e 'll fry fish by the hour

skillet baking beans

your back is a perfect s ong

as the camp rested its armor

your body carries seed

comic sketches of beans!

when ever we explode d like that

laughter pealed the bells

ringing ringing ringing

the rigging of the boat twittering quivering

like your breast between us

our sexes joining joining

joining by the hour


Thundered in your thigh.... words come to go .... mind seeing your image... combine that with your words ...... it's what you've done. its great.... inspires ....confidenc....e...s..... m..................e..................... hectic aro.................und your pira..........te. ....ha.....nds.............. I kn......ow you........... c.......om...e here..... nightly............ . I am the overture of the song........ yer scream

your private gift

from e pirate



The organs begin by detaching themselves from the despotic body, the organs of the citizen rise up against the tyrant. Then they will become those of private man, they will become privatized after the model and memory of the disgraced anus, ejected from the social field--the obsessive fear of smelling bad.


The organs begin by detaching themselves from the despotic body, the organs of the citizen rise up against the tyrant. Then they will become those of private man, they will become privatized after the model and memory of the disgraced anus, ejected from the social field--the obsessive fear of smelling bad.


-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari

Anti-Oedipus (p.211)

via liberation
Regarder l'actualité
L'Orchestre National Symphonique irakien rejoue à Bagdad
L'Orchestre National Symphonique irakien a donné mercredi soir à Bagdad un concert devant plus de de 400 personnes, un fait rare dans ce pays ravagé depuis 2003 par la violence.

Le concert est «le premier du genre depuis des années et il constitue une façon novatrice de promouvoir l'unité, le dialogue et la diversité culturelle», selon l'ONU.

hundered in your thighs....

Locals are takin Initiative as the big bushpoopah crumble dumbles...
POLITICS-US: As Bush Policy Crumbles, Allies Pick Up the Pieces
By Khody Akhavi and Jim Lobe
Indeed, the events of the last several days appear to have confirmed that Washington's strategy, to the extent that it was coherent, if not simple-minded, has pushed the region to the brink. Recognising that, local actors and U.S. allies are finding ways to reach agreement in spite -- if not in defiance -- of White House wishes.

"If you look at the Lebanon deal, Syria-Israeli resumption, Egyptian mediation of a potential ceasefire, either this all got the U.S. green light, and it's a major reversal, or it hasn't, and it's a rather major slap in the face," said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator and fellow at the Washington-based New America Foundation.

"I think it shows U.S. weakness rather than a turnaround in the U.S. position," Levy told IPS.

Some analysts were prepared to give Bush more credit.

"Maybe the really good news out of all this is that whether [the U.S.] played a positive or constructive role, it's pretty clear that they haven't tried to prevent it," said Gary Sick, an Iran expert at Columbia University who served in the White House under former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.


se debrasse

this is sucks cant get space right
dawning board
drawing board

beside yourself

so many be's to be be com
e ... etcetera


echnica l to COMplete

so many bees compleat

think of Wyatt~

floo ~ d

Do I stop flow. Never. stop flowing in her thighs.all over. all over . the place. between breast and chin. we are a

roaring mountain. she becomes the night. paint stuck to her ass. her burning is a transom .w indow. where i come.

its art. that serves her night. pull me into her vagaries. is that? it? hold my ass. hold her sex with tongue. my

other hand, the one below grabs her inside taggin her beast.
yes. this is just what you say here. darling dare.

her song is a baloon ship. im hangin on. she got valves i press. its an experiment.

flow and glow inside her sex.its a church inthere. a mosaic .it bites me . eat alive. we are a dog biting the

sunset. river of opal and pulse. just tarted by the cake of her tummy. come my sweet thing, yer narcotic oil is

grace to my body.


a little draft. eh, me hearties. we know what's here is concealed. the veil of censorship keeps everything hidden.

move the pome around your body, the land of balls.
should I say fuck to make you happy. will the words like copulation, fornication screw, lay, ... none of them do for

this, and you know. so scream your body cry



Americans Reject the Media Parroting FOX

Speakers from MoveOn and Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) at NBC Studios in New York talking about why the traditional media should not parrot FOX "News"


democracy in action

Spike Lee: The Election Is 'O-v-a-h' Over!

Via Brav E New Filmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz _ sEe OutDoor LiNk

itssssssssssssssssssssssss s ooovvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
its not somethin I've ever seen anywhere in American politics and I ve never seen it in Canadadada dumbland of the brave true and free double language neglect the Native country of 30,000 homeless in second largest land mass in the world after Russia

counting days

I'm counting the days/to getting out this place
this neighborhood

this place, really a prison I've lived.


I've lived in a lot of places
but never disliked one as much as this.....


obama and the two faced white witch

daily kos has more today worth readi' ta unnerstann what happenin'

Counter Punch's leading article's uncovers more of the white witch's racist power driven ambitions. Gothic is the word because if the other nutcases' Bush and Cheney don't start WWW 3 by attacking Iran, this evil witch might just do that. She's not stupid like Bush, but she is worse, she is wickedly intelligent in the ugliest way. Her place in the Inferno is dug deep in the shit and muck the piles of loathing and disgust reserved for the liars, greedy ambitious scum clawing their way to power at the expense of the weakest. She is the Return of the White Racist Queen.
Courting Jim Crow the Gothic Politics of Hillary Clinton By JEFFREY ST. CLAIRE
Iquote a paragraph or so the essay by St. Claire

"Her campaign now resembles a political neutron bomb that wipes out all living contenders and leaves only the super-structure of her own aspiration standing. Apparently, the idea is to crush the interloper Obama, either in Denver, through some deus ex machina of spineless super-delegates stampeding her way, or to have McCain do her work for her so that she can challenge the septuagenarian in 2012. If so, her motto will be the familiar taunt of the schoolhouse tattletale: “I told you so.” If Obama

survives the primaries and falls to McCain in November, Hillary will attempt to remake the Democratic Party in her own image. It will replay of the origin of the conservative DLC, designed by her husband and Lieberman to keep the party from falling into the hands of ...."

____________ Let us prary Mister St Claire is wrong that the angels will save the day from the Fascist Kali white witch

in my opinion ~ hitlery clinton and her campaign bodes a form of fascism. were she president there would be danger as history has not seen since perhaps Hitler and other ugly world fascist leader. Her venom and vindicativeness run deep. she is a fascist and being a woman has not thing to do with it, except she is White and a White Matriarch proving the thesis she is fascist as the United States has long been a White Matriarchy she is the nightmare William S. Burroughs spoke of in several interview including the long in The Job. This nightmare White Kali of Vindication's and Hatred is also portrayed and described in his his three novels, the Trilogy that constitutes Cities of the Red Night ,
the Place of Dead Roads,
and The Western Lands...

Pray for Peace Hillary go home go home go pray for pray for reprieve to see the blindnes s of yer ego

-------------------------- Democrary for Everyone

Not Demon ocracy by One legion of pack shites


Ladies and Gentlemen President Barack Obama

ladies and gentlemen President Barack Obama
jack ass Obama takes Hitlery as his vP athetic
shows the real colours of Empire
bou nd to happe n In the politics of Black Mail Male
is receving guest s at the White House ~

graciously take yer seats
kiss the arse of Dictator

Gob ama & His Vp Bitch Fito n

calm we are in the presecne of the oratory flow peace breaking smile

I predict this

President Obama

gracious seats presented by world love
parliament of peace

congress of liberty
senate of wisdom ~

it's a start

radio deleuze

posts posted at

radio deleuze

and at several fictions


bit of writo maniac
aren't you?
yes, well...


ye s so what is it about the blues... and why aren't they on the line of escape... you'd think they would be, right? And they might be for a moment of pain but staying in them is the blow the loss... that's where the problem is and thats where the blues goes wrong as it becomes self indulgence... and thus radio... and its exploitation of feeling, its capacity rather to exploit feeling thus prolongin the sorrow and false structure of feeling which accmpanies a feeling which never passes but continues to repeat... repeating never differing.. this is th e reason .. or one of the m peeling back the tomatoe of self...

i also think i chipped or lost a part of a filling ! What a strange day.. damp rainy

and today was the day I was to meet the dissertation professor but he cancelled until Friday this is the meeitng that is last before last... this seems never to end... does it... well it is imminent ... yes, this last one, penulitmate then, final corrections and submission..”submission” what a word.... it s a terrible word, its one reason i stopped sending my work out... 'submission'.....so now that we know about blues line and line of flight... yes wel l my dissertation is all about line of flight...the various strata and segmentary of Paradise Lost and that other poem... whose name i dont wish to write here.,as the second one now make sme Ill..

and I am reading pretty much non stop The Caste in the Forest by Norman

and sections of Prisoner of Love Genet, an the firstis a non stop read compelled impelled pulled into the whirling subject matter of its novel and yes, findinf relevancs to what i am doign as with the latter


call the dentist

yer insurance partially

covers, no pun, that

tooth! Yes, of course,

Ill drink coffee first

my brain writes before i

breath its as love

when an epic smile

simile etcetera coffee

coffee yes coffee coffee

Colloque mai 68 Nanterre

the politics of reality and bodies.... as with asthma and other lung illnesses, so the body politic


listenin to some music /radio/ didnt know what it /was../sound high nasally/ struck m e humorous.... so I go over to radio... turn it up... turns out its the tail-end of a blues... .../ listen.... but bit ... (then) ...noticed as words of song and tone of voice in singer.... pain 'level' in my stomach goin up.... i go with it let it ride, it rises, passes... and ive begun to dream think what is it about pain... the blues.... then

recall the 'the line of escape as opposed to the 'blue' line, the blues....' what else? I'm dreaming is what else... broke a filling ... it looks ... dreaming yes...

empty head



Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

This intense subdued version of the song I just quote a half hour ago appeals to me.Its undestatedness is just 'what I like.' Why, the single quotes, because what I like is not quite what I mean, and I am not certain what i am getting at.... however, here we go.

Juarês de Mira (Singer)
Analaura s Pinto (Pianist)

Sing Low~

This good old song in my head on the way home and in my head off and on last day. Shared a pizza with a friend tonight , we talked of this that , plans, the future, travel.

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home

I looked over Jordan and what did I see
Coming for to carry me home
A band of angels coming after me
Coming for to carry me home


Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down
Coming for to carry me home
But still my soul feels heavenly bound
Coming for to carry me home


The brightest day that I can say
Coming for to carry me home
When Jesus washed my sins away,
Coming for to carry me home.


If I get there before you do
Coming for to carry me home
I'll cut a hole and pull you through
Coming for to carry me home


If you get there before I do
Coming for to carry me home
Tell all my friends I'm coming too
Coming for to carry me home


we all us'd to sing at camp in the summer other places too cant recall cant be seen cant befound but it nice theway it come back likea t times

like the other

i wont quot e tonight..

but the rain might have something t o do with that

and happiness


the wikipeople havesome what look like goodstuff about

tradition Black spiritual

line of fuite huitss.8Ball. black ball .
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"Most people have never encounted Poetry..... as i understand it..."

David Antin

photo: Charles Bernstein/PennSound ©2008

Studio 111 recording session at the University of Pennsylvania
March 16, 2004.
Click here for pictures of the Studio 111 session.

A Conversation with David Antin, with host Charles Bernstein and questions from Penn students (1:11:21):
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Studio 111 Producer: Charles Bernstein
Recording Engineers: Chris Mustazza and Julie Sheets
© 2004 David Antin/Charles Bernstein

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and yet his discussion of poetry in the 60' s does not account for the vast poetry events of england in the 60's. why things happened in england and how they came about in the states or canada are different. what has happened?

ubu at MoMa

MoMA: Writing in Time

March 28, 2007
Museum of Modern Art, New York City
Co-sponsored by UbuWeb

1. Introduction by Kenneth Goldsmith (8:22)

2. Robert Fitterman (17:47)

3. Greta Byrum (15:40)

4. Kenneth Goldsmith (12:14)

5. Caroline Bergvall (18:48)


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