I say its the least last day of April~

is there a fleece for this golden?

harp or spoon

its spine is a rare thing

rare thing rare thing

raring in

rearing in

in in



what're you sayin? it seems yer all over the place of the space

id ont know i'm tryin to figure it out. filigree of night and ray if light
splashes on my head,
love speaking names
its greater part
away ~

that's melodic __ you are melodic as it
fines it s twist to make the unknown
known finding your self heart in this

thank you you're very kind ~

(blushing a little)
that's what people say ,, often ~


de ton coeur

amico dedededecoeur... friend heart
losing heart?
heart on bus seein her almost
almost seeing her

de ton cœur
ton cœur
t'on cœur


amant ~
mant ~mant ~



schizo your heart's friend
your heart's friend
your heart

your heart











Opening sequence of Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes- Wrath of God...

_____________________________________________________ The first time I saw this, I could not move from the room ~Nether could I Niether Neither could me anether to the salmon I could not see Snippet of youtuber's comments "Aguirre, Wrath of God is directed by Werner Herzog .... This scene is the opening sequence of the film ...". ______________________________________________________ Comment I had to add a more recent youtube version of the sequence referred to above as youtube/google does not allow to download and convert videos anymore. I mean I used to be able to download and then upload them without the youtube information etc. That isnt permitted anymore and hasnt been for about 9 years? Not sure. Its all part of the taking control of the Web, the world wide web burrow rhizome... wont happen at all levels though no matter how they try as the web is infinite always another hole to pop out through.... ___________________________________________________________________________

: LinDBErg

: "this song's just filled with puns and side references like that referrin to old ... state of mind .... Duplessis at the start,
-------------------- directions and jets and airlines
which way
des helices
__ chez Sophie...
Des hélices
Astrojet, Whisperjet, Clipperjet, Turbo
A propos chu pas rendu chez Sophie
Qui a pris l'avion St-Esprit de Duplessis
Sans m'avertir

t j'ai fait une chute
Une kriss de chute en parachute
Et j'ai retrouvé ma Sophie "

yes he makes the chute, the fuite, eh? colis, une kriss d'affair,
and Finds his Sophie... his wisdom baby... I ve no idea what the song means, supposedely but no matter, its beautiful and Forestier's voice is Beautiful I forgot how beautiful it was... and the range and edges of tune the two made in that song.... trilling around yes like twirly....

Quebec has produced great beauty.. O produced its a horrible word, Quebec's animism? Quebec artist hav e made beautiful things... Language yes, the horrible lingowage of declarative everyday dull denotes, never says what the me wants to hurtle out of my mouth

"Puis Pan-American "
Mais ché pu où chu rendu

for a real kick

for a real kick read The Name of the Rose, listen to a recording of Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, read the Rhizome section of One Thousand Plateaus, drink tea, eat barbecue chips, go into debt, get near to bankrupt, behind behind without your body but read, read, the city read ing the city the boring city needs to be read then into the mix add thoughts of mystical Gurdjieff, is that how you spell his name?, and smoke a cigarette, go for a walk in the nowwhere city of alone this town with its one thousand festivals to come and nowhere to go and itsreconstructd griffin towns and its village mind set, but its Grand Ballets Canadiens, and the the hockey game lost, whatever the score was. and the madness of it. yes the bedlam

and watch El Topo

for real luck read Henry Miller and imagine his voice, as I imagined your breasts and ass tonight as I walked the lonely rain pelted street Park A venue and its boring doors and window
washed by the wind

and I think I've never met you
remembering a photo you sent
and i imagine you, yes I do, I imagin our mouths
warped by glued kisses and cryin to you my loveR

as the city goes


More than that I imagine our sex
our body
mingle explosion destiny
and think f the pretences of poetry
beside this



Yes, rainy Monday night it's four in the morning there while i thought these thoughts, now its
near 6 in your morning

only when?

is any of this real almost doctor D?

no ~ it's fictive all fictive poet ensemble~ fantasm of the poet at work~ in his solitudes ` as air wraps around the first fridge so her wrapping around the first velvet fantasm imagining loving lovers imagines. nothing as air is wrapped around the velour height of celled winding

afternoon ~


only when

Its only when you stopped brushing yer teeth
that i fell for you

flower and door nail
were all I had
praying at your thighs
mouth weeping mine at your heels
like a truck driver no merits
i've written the waist bands for you
the other ladies
ran for cover

sensing my monstrosity
coming me not being a ticker for cash
but cached in my rashers

down like any bacon between
deed and word it's your sex
and this

brief life between


Love makes me sick.
but you know I love you.

so , yes. love sick
as a collage
around your ass and legs
better yet,

the secret of you sex ~


Montréal spring




je marche

dans les rues

sauntering in the roads







a louer

non a louer

what a life


you love their a_cents??? wen you gunna lurn 2 spail?


Robert charlebois & louise forestier "lindberg"

One of the great songs of the seventies by Charlebois and Forestier, voices not forgotten nor their great emotion whirling high up up an her voice singing singin.... this live version found over at Daily Motion....

__________As Im gettig ready to start doing some travelling this year.... Im checking out these old songs....

I Love their acents only in Montreal can you hear'em...
JusT Listen to Forestier's AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhN oOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EOOOoooooooooooooooo

HIS sMILE AS Hes strumming that guitar...

Des hélices
Astrojet, Whisperjet, Clipperjet, Turbo
A propos chu pas rendu chez Sophie
Qui a pris l'avion St-Esprit de Duplessis
Sans m'avertir

Alors chu r'parti
Sur Québec Air
Transworld, Nord-East, Eastern, Western
Puis Pan-American
Mais ché pu où chu rendu

J'ai été
Au sud du sud au soleil bleu blanc rouge
Les palmiers et les cocotiers glacés
Dans les pôles aux esquimaux bronzés
Qui tricotent des ceintures fléchés farcies
Et toujours ma Sophie qui venait de partir

Partie sur Québec Air
Transworld, Nord-East, Eastern, Western
Puis Pan-American
Mais ché pu où chu rendu

Y avait même, y avait même une compagnie
Qui engageait des pigeons
Qui volaient en dedans et qui faisaient le ballant
Pour la tenir dans le vent
C'était absolument, absolument
Absolument très salissant

Alors chu r'partie
Sur Québec Air
Transworld, Nord-East, Eastern, Western
Puis Pan-American
Mais ché pu où chu rendu

Ma Sophie, ma Sophie à moi
A pris une compagnie
Qui volait sur des tapis de Turquie
C'est plus parti
Et moi, et moi, à propos, et moi
Chu rendu à dos de chameau

Je préfère
Mon Québec Air
Transworld, Nord-East, Eastern, Western
Puis Pan américan
Mais ché pu où chu rendu

Et j'ai fait une chute
Une kriss de chute en parachute
Et j'ai retrouvé ma Sophie
Elle était dans mon lit
Avec mon meilleur ami
Et surtout mon pot de biscuits

Que j'avais ramassé
Sur Québec Air
Transworld, Nord-East, Eastern, Western
Puis Pan-American
Mais ché pu où chu rendu


Le Cri de la carpe à Querbes_ Found

------------------------------- I found this fine intense performance of La Chant de la Carpe by Ghérasim LUCA performed by Dominique Fonfrède, French performance artist I've never heard of her and how could I have? But i have now and am passing this along...joyously... it's wonderful, intensely splendid, intelligent and repetitively stuttery done as a Lucas reading itself... she brings a light and visual beauty to his poem, that i usually don't picture when I've read him, or heard the few recordings of his . THe piano is jazzy and hides a somber river inside this performance of the text....

------------- Gherasim Luca was yet another Romanian poet who wrote and livin in Paris, he died in '94 ~(he took his own life by drowning, as did Paul Celan; it looks like drowning is the preferred method for poets who want to die by their own hand) ayear or so before Gilles Deleuze. Deleuze had been an admirer of Luca's writing for many years. . Deleuze spoke about his poetry in One Thousand Plateaus, and the Logic of Sense, an there might be an allusion to Lucas in Sensation of Logic, the book about the painter Francis Bacon

The french notes here are the youtuber's


"LE CRI DE LA CARPE, Dominique Fonfrède, voix
Ann Ballester, piano -Création au festival de Querbes en 1999
Interprété ici: le Chant de la carpe de Ghérasim LUCA (extrait de la vidéo de 15')
Toutes les images « scéniques » sont générées par des anamorphoses du corps des interprètes «calculées» par le logiciel After Effects. Le parti pris est celui d'une scénographie numérique dans laquelle le montage serait banni. La 3D multiplie les couches d'images pour produire un espace feuilleté qui ne cherche pas à imiter la profondeur naturelle de la scène. L'œil du spectateur ne dispose donc pas du confort convenu d'une profondeur de champ fictive (virtuelle). Ici c'est une oreille qui voit et accompagne l'évolution des formes au plus près du cheminement poétique."


drafting mary & martha

Hover me timbers!
Mary's Martha vineyard her sister's double time
beats with the clock the clock
the cock of her bowl
of her robe.

Shes loud, like a coal binder kicking up dust
her brain chimes ting hourly thoughts , her partner's
inviting needles and pin tackled paper pink
as her kidney's to afternoon light.

black as spleen she's purged sheen from her wrists
and arm bracelets gandered like geese along her forearm
flooding the blue day after
tossed by lianas and blankets cutting her nape
on boudoir bathtubs
holding up her breasts
for Mary's tongue's Martha's part.

If Martha had a thorn
it was glazed by glass
blown by wind
tickled by hacked kisses she yearned
for aplomb in her disgusting starter manual this
is how diction cunnings her way past tense
stuck up like bathrobe Mary's feet are sapphic
as the rays of confetti sunset

The pink shell she thought was her cheek
is allusive and subtle salubrious and puckered
she 's elusive in double time

Quiet as an azure bone
she's kissed him body home
unlike like any candy lover she's hoarded allegiance
filigreed with light. Its her way
to his body's heart.

A well-placed horn
moony and myriad she's graced his glance
naked as the day he was born.



reading finally right through The Name of the Rose ~ i started this novel several times. anyhow. looks. like im heading thru. allthe way. working between substitute pc's since mine seized up. next week sometime bring it in. .

yea yea. this and that. poetry in yer head night colour columbine and day

what else reading?

all the things needed for the final revisions to you know what...
made avis de depot week b'fore last ~

im very bored with the whole thing. yet. knot. not yetknot.

i got so many bks/things reading unreading re-reading.
read on bus and metro and sitting down
laying on a cloud with a book
life is abook
read an essay two weeks back about the idea of the book and biblio
by the late french thinker mister der.jacques.

im losing interest . in american politics.
its about rich men and women putting the con down on the multitudes.

its a pity. democracy. who knows?

timbre stamp
i think it was your birthday recently
i was thinking about you
as i do each day
sometimes for a long time
time i think of you
is perhaps all the time
i dont know
know I all the time thinkin of her you
her you her toi vous
her toi toi her
I think of Her
Her inthe city
away from here ~

~~ ~~~


hanna hoch

Circe becomes l'ami de Ulysse and indeed changes his companions back into men, and offers her wise counsel on how to resist the coming dangers ...of his return journey home... it is she who cautions him aboutthe Sirens... indeed they were a fine set of travellers she on her island he on his voyage back to Penelope...

lip rhizome

These lips are a rhizome. Twined around your twin hips breasts and loose limbs. Loose limbs! ? what she says exclaim' if they're loose, they're yers,
caboose to tail
yers spine to heart

rhizome kiss again
again kiss this tip of
as sweet unsaid
are yours

the ~

Imagined Loves

Climb into this hand, land lover ~
you know I know
i bow before your grace
not treachery but falling
over your thighs

Like this we see~ you
know I know
Lover it's years before the debacle
of our spine
but each kiss
arriving from far
adds to the stock
when we meet
imagine the explosion ~

~ iMagine our hearts and bodies
wrapped in the toil of that bliss ~

i thought you already did that one?
Im not sure in any event, im doing it again~


Baise M'Encor....


Louise Labé
Sonnet XVII

Baise m'encor, rebaise-moi et baise;
Donne-m'en un de tes plus savoureux;
Donne-m'en un de tes plus amoureux,
Je t'en rendrai quatre plus chauds que braise.

Las, te plains-tu? Ça que ce mal t'apaise,
En t'en donnant dix autres doucereux.
Ainsi mêlant nos baisers tant heureux
Jouissons-nous l'un de l'autre à notre aise.

Lors double vie à chacun s'en suivra;
Chacun en soi et son ami vivra.
Permets m'amour penser quelque folie:

Toujours suis mal, vivant discrètement,
Et ne me puis donner contentement,
Si hors de moi ne sais quelque saillie.


<___________________________ C'est pour elle. Je sais que elle avait un fête recenment ,

j'ai pas oubliée ~
même (si)ici (si) ici (ici) (si) (ici si si) (si si)
ici ici
je suis perdue ~



making up make up clownesque bedizened flowered beflower`d/
making up make up clownesque bedizened flowered beflower`d/
making up make up clownesque bedizened flowered beflower`d/

did you write all those? poems?

no not really I just made them up


coffee ,, spiritual coffee
it's what we need


this and these here and there



he had to come at her the backway

because she was too jealous~



The organs begin by detaching themselves from the despotic body, the organs of the citizen rise up against the tyrant. Then they will become those of private man, they will become privatized after the model and memory of the disgraced anus, ejected from the social field--the obsessive fear of smelling bad.


-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari

Anti-Oedipus (p.211)

being ambiguous

being ambiguous has made you

more desirable

you already know I am your lover ~


now then

Now then he takes her work to his bed

pictures her hands his naked around the pillow ~ these are not the dead hands of pretenders but those of bodies


hungry heated up


coming all over each other

swarming like monkeys

climbin each others asses,

genitals, legs,their mouths,

a torrent of mouths,



double lip.s.

him into her mouth.

her into his


then one body two sliding riding sliding riding around the tilt of each one another.when he goes to lie

in his futon

with her printed out work

that's what he has

calling her name

she calls back

they call call

call till breaking the sky

again they're hurtled high

into each other's beds

astral loved

hip to hip

comed to comed

as many as many welcomed comed



each cloud meadow of'em


take of

take off your clothes. she says. spring. is here.

our mouth's a narcotic. tickled by blossoms.

her journeys end here. between us.

dublin london her town around and around

its nudity, she's carried the weight

of her want. wanting all, giving nothing.

come to this bed. yer naked. mouth's open

across the strand. she's heard of three

in one, cut by the storm of hunger.


O me O my

O m e O my Im stuck with words

the glue of em

as vids audio and what not's gone


Ooooo Poof! with crashed puter's

Love is a box of sand 's hourglassed bust

rushed thru via the Windows of yer Self ~

Love all and carny

of course

A draft as always, comme tousjours


Of course , I didn't tell you all those things,private, about myself. you guessed them, taking them to bed with you, in your wrapped around garments,

feeling us

wooly in night

one body two one two one one one

my phone ringing you'd guessed my number too ~

I stood on my head

you are so naked

not deigning to answer

my letters

posing naked as you do for others

women, men,packs of hungry wolves

how could you not want it!

I dont even blame

i'd just ask you drop by time to time

naked as you do with them

covering my body with yours

laying your blanket on mine

your skin

burning on me ~

in ways I cant possibly explain


or drive about.

even if my license is first class ~


O yes

O yes, always drawn

by the her drawn to her

kissed lips over balconies

beckoned to her ~ her ~

image detourne of the global spectale


Notes, draft.


She used to go to bed with images of his,

image of his

his her flower

garden her lover

swirled around economics

broken by busted Metroe



her words his

scattered fleece

to her sex

ual becoming ....

his words, little pieces , tattered, scraps of bits

clutching them to her breast, her ass

her sex

then Boom!


He'd scream

inher skinny




She'd explode

so he too!

Miles away


No SOuls Please


Only in this Department.

we're sick of souls.



this is your mouth

not your heart

get in it ~



I know where your hand


mine does

too darling


as air

is winter

but better is spring

for travelling lovers ~

Spring came like a stranger

forest ranger

duckin in his breath head

his heart's friend


stions of m


its completely asinine to put these morsels into any genre

so i put them all in yer poetry where all lovers


like the desire machine

of your love

body burning eyes burning

Darkness break at her eyes,

some pleasure are perfect disasters and the body calls us

to places unforeseen unknown

lover lash unleashed...

we dance

oui on danse

comme les maniaques... est-ce que c'est Bacchus et Pan?

Longtemps on attendait le printemps des fous des delires ... this language of body and heart never dying...

black kisses over white flowers...

hanna hoch

. No matter. art and poetry are one. family.

A video I found recently which is a homeage to the great Dada artist

Hanna Hoch.

I saw a show of her work last year. It was a plunge into delicacy and strength.

her work to me, in any case, appears to reflect many many elements of true life, and it seems, it struck me,it often was as delicate as her own body.


whats become

whats become of yer fictions? dontyou write poetry anylonger?
Im always writing those. what are you talking about ?
me talking ? me? talkin'? you talkin to me?

do you live i n a prison cel l/?

not quite i love i love i live ~

Des réseaux relationnels aux "réseaux sociaux" (et retour)

---------- Question: are there rhizomes in these networks? is it lateral or transcendentalist? does it create lines of flight, and open new world and experience creating space of co-creation and renewal or do these 'reseau' networks work as closure fear and paranoia? do they invite person to enlarge augment and learn. my view, is the do all of these, the media is different and does change the means and methods in how people connect but the people who use them are from specific social background and networks already established..... more later..
I speak from experience as well as theory... as you know... as you know on marche dans les ciels bleus des avenirs... i lost the word as I recall it... to me its always poetry as I write how to create a word creating.......
> Univers

-------------- As always Radio France Culture ~

has programming worth listening to at any time ~ .

Below is today's page and the site references to a discussion about social networks on the Internet Like Face Book My Space, and others. Includin' a brief descriptions of Daily Motion's You tube etc. Links liens, rhizome, burrow, connecting reconnecting... feeling toward a body of love and encounter... ~ amicale...

Nice music too.____________________

Place de la toile
par Caroline Broué et Thomas Baumgartner
le vendredi de 11h à 12h Place de la toile

émission du vendredi 18 avril 2008
Des réseaux relationnels aux "réseaux sociaux" (et retour)


Marie-Carmen Smyrnelis. Chercheur, Institut Catholique de Paris ; membre associé du Laboratoire de Démographie Historique de l'EHESS. Auteur de Une société hors de soi.Identités et relations sociales à Smyrne aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècles (Paris-Louvain, 2005) et a dirigé Smyrne, la ville oubliée ? 1830-1930. Mémoires d'un grand port ottoman, (Autrement, 2006).

Isik Tamdogan. Historienne ottomaniste, chargée de recherche au CNRS. Coresponsable, avec Marie-Carmen Smyrnelis, du séminaire "Analyser le social à travers les réseaux relationnels" (2002-2007) au sein du Laboratoire de Démographie Historique de l'EHESS.

Patrice Flichy. Professeur de sociologie à l'université de Marne-la-Vallée et directeur de la revue Réseaux, auteur de Une histoire de la communication moderne : espace public et vie privée ( La Découverte, 2004).

les livres

Pierre Mercklé
Sociologie des réseaux sociaux
La découverte - octobre 2004

La notion de «réseau» connaît en sciences sociales un succès grandissant depuis quelques décennies. La sociologie des réseaux sociaux prend pour objets d'étude non pas les caractéristiques des individus, mais les relations entre ces individus et les régularités qu'elles présentent, pour les décrire, rendre compte de leur formation, de leurs transformations, et analyser leurs effets sur les comportements.

En s'appuyant sur des méthodes empruntées à la psychologie expérimentale, à la théorie des graphes et à l'algèbre linéaire, mais aussi à l'ethnologie et à l'histoire, elle a constitué un domaine propre, éprouvant ses outils sur des objets «relationnels» aussi divers que la sociabilité, l'amitié, le capital social, le pouvoir, les pratiques sexuelles...

Ce livre présente les spécificités de cette approche originale, la variété des outils ainsi que des objets auxquels elle est appliquée. Il pose aussi la question de la validité de la prétention de l'analyse des réseaux sociaux à constituer un nouveau paradigme sociologique, une «troisième voie» théorique entre le holisme et l'individualisme sociologique.

les liens

> MySpace, l'ancêtre des réseaux sociaux

> Facebook, le réseau social des amis

>/??? Hatebook, le réseau social des ennemis-- this is a new one!

> A small world, le réseau social des gens riches et puissants ~~!!

> Ning, réseau social ouvert----?????

> La revue "Réseaux" sur le site Cairn_______??

of course there are I am sure others. think of it.
Its a funny world. eh? is it not. And I think of one I have not met.

> Mark Granovetter, sociologue père de la théorie de "la force des liens faibles" (en)

> Le lien "Je pense à un monde où chaque mémoire pourrait créer sa propre légende" qui n'a rien à voir



story; funding cut or rather they say its run out and it has no doubt. 'bourse' to replace it...rent due. ['bourse' ought to tide me over for a time....]computer up on rocks. [appears serious prb.]using substitute ||poetry exist between substitutes and surrogate.

today 20 degrees. summer spring day. cleaning pad. most of day| radio says 'beautiful weekend' 'ahead' 'stretching... body . not outdoor yet. once. all day here. in this place. i gonna go. here from here from here. end of month after next. imagine. that.

yes imagine that. after. all. and where to. so what then sir almost doctor.....?

we'll see we'll see we always do ulysses we three

why do you say Ulysses we three we'll see ~

cause I hope to be smart | as he was | clever
in circumstance ~ like these



re ye cant

all is citation anyhow?
is it not? as lip
re-cites its
birthing lip

full mouth
holds its noggin
as all mouths are full ~


you mean mouth to breast resuscitation don't you?
that might be the case
I mean face
of breasts

ye cant

ye cant keep a good blogger down ~

ahead of his time ~ as wing sszz to flying beasts
her berry breasts hurt ~ spring mouth to mouth resuscitation ~

I think you're a show off ~

that might very well be the case ~


yr 'aving prbs. with yer pc?
yes i am
screen machine all
other working slow too
cause its a curse!
ma~ chin~ e

you think he's punishing you or punished you?
indeed I do Mister Capital[ism]'s punishing banishing
isolating clinging me capturing I all the time time
for now~

wisdom of your

I know nothing about the wisdom

of your


I've never tasted you


kissed your lips

falling from skies

how can I know


can I know

how do I know

know know wisdom's body


tasting you far

near far farther than before

closer than then








Nobody knows your colour

except me

when I look across your eyes

across the bow of the ship

sailing toward your lap your thighs ~


do you

do you cry everyday over that, over her, ? because of the event ,,

yes, not necessarily daily but I think of her of Us , daily I think of there,
an me here not wanting to be here, and the smell as I remember of there ~

there is nowhere else I wish to live ,,

not to my knowledge, and memory ,,

where else to live but there ,, if I lived somewhere else,
it'd be so I can be closer to there, her , to her there ,,

her who I know and do not know
I know I dont know I know her who I know know know I who know her
where my heart lives there

where my heart is there , in that country , , no othe r ,, n'other

interesting me ,,, I ignorant dumb one ,, o f the seven seas ~


yer up early writing early
better up early than dead eh,
what song is it my heart humming
i dont understand the truth .....



------------------------- I hear those Greek voices everyday &
believe you me || there's no mistaking them ~w~h~en~
she sings ||

Marika ||| speaks her
envy of a much younger singer
yes, you hear ~
those words ~

"Aman, Aman"="Hear, hear"(..you noble people and Gods)
I'm burning, burning
Throw more oil on my fire
I'm drowning, drowning
Throw me in the fathomless sea.
burnishing burnin hell
Aie~ you do
But you deep in hell
can break.. ..

||| you hear the~ m || no matter ~ ||

Tittle Title

sucha hurry burry didnt title that one did he?
whats with you and the belly dancer greeks? cretans?
its the company i keep
beauty knows no failing
mind yer own business Mother Oedipus
we're goin full speed aheadin to future not murdering the past with our deaths
you've not watched a complete film in years yer so caught
inyarning yer own double~T /

Re: today 2x

You said Diction not Malediction
but what he means is Fiction
Diction fiction
not Malefiction
or faction

RecallToPoetry: today
so the cufflinks Sir's between the things ~


Jill her brain ah, Mona. Kimona. and

radio panderer ~ .prof challenger's bussy ~

yes by the bye try lookin at them other ones with Proper browser. ya
see thing better
---------------- well~ then you see the font[zzz] better than blurier~

Re___today: today

Do you think today is tomorrow Courier?
RecallToPoetry: today
that was lazy or fastly swift conned tacked with error
as yer inclined fastly fast

cast as gone to keep
wintering summering
motoring to rig
yer side wise longfellow
farrow to your ruth

as irish cup bows
before grace its hair line rapture f unked by tinkle tap tap tap

be yourself! for god sake

what s that? your self? ||||||||||||||||||||||| Courier's pushing us about the rounded html of our lingo leprotic dizzies. as the woman in the cafe her rhizome thigh ~


today it's "spring' "like". city. moorings unlatched lightly,
it moves , bodies, millions, toward spring. long.
wintering _ thawing. snow. gone. going . gone. go.
spring crawling caterpillar as like
an epic cinema? simile to its avatar
[similitude to its metonymy]

[banter of breeze bunches

of heart in wind]

[you sir cannot write even if your breath pending
on its occassionalweddingbellsboutiquebluesyoucant

is this effort a spare tire
that's known as verse?
otter to the bantering blang of spring
___ is it dog night?

we're working on diction
mountain boulder and shouldering the ring
rollicking your voice above
the city

its hitching its impetuous cunning reason
baring its hips meddling with reason
as tough talk and pretty weights bury their coal
bunting souls

a uniform sensibly states its case
but lovers squeeze the frights out of day


you're just making this up
indeed I was .
besie the room of curling puddles~

(I said Di ction not Mal eDiction)




She used to go to bed with images of his,
his words, little pieces , tattered, scraps of bits
clutching them to her breast, her ass
her sex
then Boom!
She'd explode
so he too!
Miles away

No SOuls Please
Only in this Department.
we're sick of souls.


apart from the shitty weathersnow and snow and snow and snow   !
mp : 1.9°CLight Snow
Wind: NW at 11 km/h
Wind Gusts: N/A
Windchill: N/A
Dew Point: -2.1° C
Humidex: N/A
Relative Humidity:
9.7 km

-__________________________________________ Its a plain jane snow no snow. whatever god there is maybe the god of gloab al warming has cast this snow again on the city ------------------------------------------

 More on the movie I saw clips of yesterday "The memorable tsifteteli sequence with one of the singers being very envious of a much younger colleague. Sotiria Leonardou and Kostas Ferris wrote the story, Kostas Ferris directed and Stavros Xarxakos wrote the music.Takis Zervoulakos was the cinematographer."  

Marika sings 

her first solo in the movie Rembetiko. "Aman, Aman"="Hear, hear"(..you noble people and Gods) Refrain: I'm burning, burning Throw more oil on my fire I'm drowning, drowning Throw me in the fathomless sea. But you deep in hell can break.. ..




between become

its between isn't it?
I think you are

indeed yes, we agree ~

go see~ foryourself ___________________________________________________________________


snippets and cuts from the writings of guy debord

"Never to have given more than very slight attention to questions of money, and absolutely none to the ambition of holding some brilliant post in society, is a trait so rare among my contemporaries that some will no doubt consider it incredible, even in my case. It is, however, true, and it has been so constantly and abidingly verifiable that the public will just have to get used to it."

- Guy Debord

"Our only public activities, which remained rare and brief in the early years, were meant to be completely unacceptable: at first, primarily due to their form; later, as they acquired depth, primarily due to their content. They were not accepted."

- Guy Debord

"This time, what was an absolutely new phenomenon, which naturally left few traces, was that the sole principle accepted by all was precisely that there could be no more poetry or art – and that something better had to be found."

- Guy Debord

its completely assinine to put these morsels into any Mouth



salt shaker~


so sow sew sewing

so yer so

so yer so

i put them all in yer poetry where all lovers


like the desire machine

of your love

body burning eyes burning



blues outcasts


man I can you living among Greeks for 2 and a half



I tell there is harshness here


and the greek spirit that is great

is crushed under

by peasantattitudes


I never saw this film before

its an amzing clip

filled as life with



birth death

living in the part of th city

im in now

there've always been greeks

passionate people to say the least

and this music speaks to it all

as does the writing of Nikos Kazatakis~ one of the beauties of this movie

is the old smoking no longer permitte d in Brave new world paranoia bullshit we are not allowed to do anything anylonger second hand life

second hand smoke love second hand food second hand word secondary artists

secondary secondary seconded seconded by death and life

My Memory has not betrayed me of

the Solitude that Slayed me

-------------------------So many eyes\ the images of the kid

woman and man sound the motor in background

woman giving




as man takes strap to daughter

this is horrible

betrayal in them

I want to see the whole film

Darkness breaks at her eyes,

some pleasure are perfect disasters and the body calls us

to places unforeseen unknown

As lover lash unleashed...

and we dance

oui on danse

comme les maniaques... est-ce que c'est Bacchus et Pan?

Longtemps on attendait le printemps des fous des delires ... this language of body and heart never dying...