yer very lazy you know

no onthe contrary you can be late through speed
i work very hard
spinning my wheels
caring for the cairn the keep the upsake the tracked around wrens when I go down the sandymount beach dont you think I keep my lens with me? my Lens My Lenz My Lens.
that was the name of a poem, I wrot e for an about Susan Beaulieu, back then, when
I was desperately badly painfully in love deprived and suffered her about her, over
her, around her wanting her badly so painfully so refused accepted redeployed unemployed come back turned down accepted pulled wrapped in whirled over. yes. about her thighs
I saw her sitting there.

I was crazy.

I suffered and suffered and suffered and then some and more and later it went it went it went then it wold come back at times years later.
months. out of nowhere a hawk circling out the sky to kill me

then forgotten
refused I her
seeing her
I said
I don't know why I wasted my breath on you

I said that once,
I dont like that now.
it was a way back then

I wonder of that hurt and hurt disappointed humilated
came back haunted ruined other relationships


Who knows? I don't know. I don't know anything about relationships
except that now, now I know , I know with a fervent love
in my heart
they must be joyous

t hat the best are
that the best of me is ~


I dont say that glibly
its hard to find
hard to keep
work to maintain
but once attained
the joy is strong
carrying it s own self forward

You Dig?

(the secret is the big secret, is love is friendship)


Yes Mister D Verdana I dig

I do dig ~ ...