workin stiff

s something the mater with your Trebuchet its fictional 'qaulitie' does not appear working here in this blog
is that
what they mean by a working stiff?
its stiff as a tree?
with branched out veins goin
here there like fingers inside a woman's sex
twining twinning her velvet inward
one hundred millon places ?

I thought I was the subject of this
interlocation now I notice yer taking on characteristics
of someone I know. Im not sure I like you Courier.
yer becoming fictive taking a life of your own desire
speaking of pleasure and woman the way you do
i was sure I writed that one about self garter belt pities
but now its conation and who the hek is this with its stiff tree?
woman's spread fold gold?
her hips as blanched as any knee?
are you Hector Homer?
is that kellogs cornflakes on your shirt?

I sir am a literary savoir I voir les o
and e and i keeing their plugged in mentalitiy
how is yer desertation? yer desert bloom?
yer lake on wheels?
Okay when do you write?
how with pen and paper, or typewriter? or you a public writer of
cretal queries?
do you dogmatise the hour the moment the song of the greedy path
do you latinate your verb?
you round the ass of any woman you see?

Those are vair question.
As vatic as the suburban lawn .