After acting all silly and detached, and spiritual
she says,

Can I see your blog?

Can I?
will you take it down
take it out,
can you show me the size, the shape
in her hands, in her hands
her fingers, naughtier than night
my blog grew and grew
right across the continent
and I came to her running
across the country’s continent
to her arms
her arms
lover ~


remember the first we went to bed
there were three of us

now what’re you saying?
hes working on a poem ~

oh? is he now?
i though he was reading erotic stories
thinking of you know who

you you
he’s thinking of you

you know? you know, that comma
hangs around your lips
like a love kiss

Kiss ~


The poetry of redemption ~ Ive blogged this before on another blog. I still find it the most moving scene and filled with a type of spirituality. I love the dialogue. the whole tthing’s a masterpiece.when the writer is telling Clint EastwoodI dont have a gunIm a writerI never a had a gunand the scene Eastwood is leaving and the prophet’s wrath in his voiceadmonishes the town folk about he’s gonna come backand do them all away if they treat the whores bad again....

"All Im coming out..

Nobody better shoot...

Ill come back and you better bury Ned right...
you better not do harm to those whores

or Ill come back and kill everyone of you sons-of-bitches..."


Lover boy cherche son ami
Lover man cherche son amant ~
Lover man Lover man doesn’t feel
her lips
her’s numb as strong strong stone
waiting ~