Palm to palm ~

---------------------Yes, I agree its not very good.

<we're not sue this one works you know it's highly unusual. its sort of naive treatment. is it a beside? of language? a tongue in fort? as it speaks does it push the end of its palm carrying onto another levelits speaK _________________________________________________________

Palm to palm ~ next image

olive to olive
as reaches
the song


what strange image, olive after
palm_ i think it has to do with
with the olive branch
symbol of peace ~

so palm to palm
olive to olive
branch branch
peace peace
palms peace
peace palms
palmed peace
reached in
branched out
around leaves
reaching in

how to explore an image

how explore branch palm leaf
calm after storm
stormy calm
her hands that mound of venus
on her palm
that part in the hand
venus mounded

a word mo
und hand palm

palm to palm round hand
O eye
that flutters bliss
around palm to arm
arm palm
glass palm
flesh palm
feel glasses
flesh glasses
feel with these glasses


those were older glasses

indeed they were ~
think of the taste of olives
like skin after tasted in kiss
when skin's kissed tasted

palm kissed kissed
in palm
O Hand
Hand of heavy lipped sensual

ON the whole its not good. bec ause it does not achieve any of what it want to. does nt surpass limits, but resets them

Are you sure?
well I am , at least, provisionally, considering revision's the mode I write in, an d that
text is , or what was that quote, I like so much, all my words are on parole. Parle parole, subject to return