is this machine a daily dialogue
yes i think it is . becoming.
what about periods, comas, paragraph,
the rest of it?
what does grammar have to do with creation of creator
thing is create strong works
how that is done is the goal
i think the artist is pushing limit, so when its personal
its not . one goes to seek solitude in the midst ofa crowd.
and other way. for instance, what is a crowd? is it a solitude?
when is forced crowd crowd? when does bloc o f becoming become becoming?\
|other thing is philosophers have no prority the work does whatever the work
might be, at least, as in creation.


Sartre discusses, in abook, obvious, somewhere, the 'opinion' my opinion
in my opinion , indeed, the sinking of opinion , when is
it real its derealized,? hmmm not so as cloud cut banking river

you dissolve your pinion as day go.
crag of talon hooked on air.