near done desart

I dont wish to self accuse you Mister D Verdant but you fail to live up to these claims of joyous friendsship

Indeed indeed. one its true. i do I m the real schizio of failied this's and that's . ye~ .s

yes fai_lire' s built into the package, thus pain thus tragedy thus failure.
thus your sudden desire to get a ph.d in philosopphy now yer near done
with this other desart

will I do a doctorate in philosophY? Perhaps! if only at
the Sorbonne that great Queen of schools?

hmmm well who knows Doctor D who knows
but back to you to you two you ~

now is it so that at times you dont eat
not going out you sit at typewriter keyboard
clicking banging clacking till yer blue in the face
cyrillic blue perhaps?

is it true you dont pay yer bills?
that they gather dust creditors pursuing you everywhere?
which way?

its true true true its trellis true and blue

and even your tea sits till it go cold?

aye aye its true

O Ohhmm
even yer tea
goes ? col'd a H?

yepyep But I heap it up

yer crazy
thats a given

but poesy will out the door it goeth as a green grass geeze.
rhizomatic plate of spaghetti