mais coment?

but why disguise? is it not out in open?
disguised implies a behind
and there is none
or not that kind
only the behind of beauty
|so now
|you changed it

to: People-Like-Us 09-The-Whim-Reaper (Guitar-Solo) (UBU Radio)


Now playing: Fritz Steinegger performing Co - K 467
ah but then you listen to Master Mozart?
of course, sir, how can one not
[well list(z)enin' toit now 20 mins puttin
me sleep
go to bed!~ then you~ snoot~
yes, bt you agree the end drags on!
its wretched Mozart or whoever directed this
versio is deadasleep at the oHelm~
how can u bear it after the bartoK

well Sir, if we must agree, let us agree I agree I agree, agree ,, but it's the thought counts

which font are you?
all of them ~ its the fon[c]t[io]ns of d&d~