Fictions of D&D__ 40 yrs after 68

So tell what's this? I think it s a way out/off this other older beautiful project.

hows the noise these days? same. one never knows. it goes and come. terrible. move yes. ... about this idea of fictions, it s a way to think and write to create something that is outside of the usual but its just recently conceived .

do you think yer a show off? with this notion of fiction i mean is it really just another sort of prose poem, and why do you claim on the header of the fictions blog that proese poetry =schizoanalysis

The fictions then, a desire-machine,tale of becomings,ebb flow, turn of break-cut. Schizoanalysis = Prose Poetry" What does that mean?

It means I was right, the proprietor is wearing those sort of cloggy things, its why I ve been noticing it more lately its a fucking zoo around here... never know O kay now whats that Zizek guy saying....

You went off there D... you're not replyin to my question.... yes well Lets get back after... to that ok
i want to listen to something and eat

do you think there's gonna be a new 68???
well lets hope there are a million 68's?????