'because the people themselves would be a force ....' interesting discussion
between old g. macgovern and jim hightower re the surge of multitude in current democratic nomination process...

----- nice moments of humour & lightness
thank goodness~
we're not all dead yet~

___________________________________________ as ye dance
so world's saved
dance on dime
of faith
its rate
in god's leaf
no to torture essays at washingtong monthly

Obama __website
includes blogs updates
issues media links

Im no fan of facebook but obama has a site

and mister Zizek at
Everybody.... Zizek banters back...

"He is in New York to give a lecture tonight titled “Resist, Attack, Undermine… Where Are We 40 Years After ’68?” The event opens this year’s Left Forum.

“Everybody in the World Except U.S. Citizens Should Be Allowed to Vote and Elect the American Government”

POetry is a nose that
burn in night
against the barbarisms of politic power greed.

D& Mona were friends along the river of time. They were against all war. AS were Jill Mona and Franny . Her fanny was dandy to sit, and say, this is song of peace, and piece of pie for humanity . Not war mongers of hatred and torture.

Now who is this D?

A personafictation of desire love.