do these work as poems of ?

god know im talkin about life. i mean life. what is that? this other work, or impasse ive been in. you've beenin. that impasse. writing about dead men. dead poet men ~ and the rest of the route as it flutes its way.
who knows how this plays out diagonal to sing-song its tune . its cahoot to bring about ringtune wake song

would you be so kind as just to answer the question? a simple declarative statement'd do.

do and do and do its paradise lost and one other ~ with many betweens and becomes

ive said before fore and four times four is metaphor. whats a metaphor? a machine blink lover her hand held in the air she stares down another woman. why do women always do that stare down another woman of nonconventionality. why destroy its communal solidarity of dare to draw go out away from norm de prediction its per vasive capture daily why do females do that?

the subway is death . space of convention. no longer expression~ if you express yer a dead zone sat on fat on . drilled out. thus no this that no that this not no no no no non

I see . I see, I see a very direct discourse statement. Thank you Mister Almost Doctor D ~