body bawdy politics

ok mister d whats the politic bawdy this day
and day?
well you sure political?
me political well in the studioits always political cause w
we'r e tryin to plug up th e rat holes....
stumbled across this essay
at counterpunch march 8-9 you cant lick t he[e] boot that kicks you "the only way to fight the clintons"

as alwaYS linda mcQuaig as good ideas and remarkable acuity about
politics in this dumb canaadadadumbland
i saw her speak at Concordia a while back she was fine and smart
articulate and had practical ideas. a n old 'so-called friend' of mine,
who also happens to be a really sapppy crude sentimental musican;
seems to hate her guts, almost personally. hes obviioysly not weel
in the head and he becamse conservative along the way ev en going so
far as to support the old 'reform' party when they ran in British Columbia;
i often wonder of Isms of any sort always lead to reaction_ary _Ism
along withthe varied diseased states they cultivate. national-ism
and the rest of it; what imperial signifier of barbarian despotic proportions
crops this ruin. __ back to this chap I used
to "know" or thought I knew,

its to sad to a man of his talent (well he did have
some talent for a time) turn so reactionary and negative
having made politics (ignorance and bigotry) a personal campaign.
he tried to take on the b.c. teachers union on a few years back _ Unjustly in their view
and the view of thousands of teachers and others in the trenches.
you cannot solve problems the way he had in mind; get rid of the unions?
sheer stupidity and backwardness |replace them with what?
parental authority based on arbitrary
captialist upper middle class ideas about rearing
of kids to make them rich upper middle class
non thinkers ____non thinking ___ he came out
looking like some strange semi-articulate fellow who was critical but had no ideas
to speak of; basically a reactionary type all paranoid
about his own life_ a handful of others, all broiled up
and never bothering to get to the bigger picture
and tryin to figure things, out, No, always his own ideas,
and not much more. its weird,
he was and has been generous privately but when it comes
to public life and politics what a back ass, backwards fellow.
always claimed he never understood poetry and modern art,
well he sure tried hard with his sentimental slurp music
but i think he gave up the ghost long ago____
anyhow enough o f him
back to Linda McQuaig a brilliant thinker,
journalist, and woman, critical and honest
seeking out novel ways to make the world
livable for everyone . I recommend her columns . and books. "HOLDING THE BULLY'S COAT: Canada and the U.S. Empire"


if Easter might mean
to thinks of immanence
perhaps it could mean
a Jesus figure of immanence
as in
the kingdom of heaven
is at hand ~ meaning here and now
spread the table
spread the oil
cultivate the ground with potatoes fer all ~

enough bread
for all
as in the fish and loaves

~ there' s stuff to weed out
his ideas of father signifier and the rest
but his notion of neighborlyness
and dying for one's friends
cannot be blamed for the stupidity it's been put use to ~

Anyhow, peace and love and potatoes to all is my mottoe ~

yep yep yep.
Easter Feaster
Feat Peat
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