biggest ass snow storm sInce 71

thats a montreal webcam shot from cbc pages.

the winter which never ends? is that It?
they call this global warming, doctor d almost ?
hmmm i call it global boring, but hell its winter.
im sure its worse in siberia


....After several centimetres of snow hit many parts of the province overnight, a new major storm that swept into Ontario earlier Saturday began to blanket Montreal and the Gatineau area in the afternoon. Forecasters predicted up to 10 cm of additional snow by early evening and another 10 to 20 cm overnight Saturday. In the Montreal area, the storm was expected to be laced with ice pellets and freezing rain, as well as wind gusts up to 60 km/h. Montreal is close to breaking its all-time snowfall record for one winter, set in 1970-71, when 383 cm of flakes fell on the city. "These storms … it's almost as if they have Montreal in its crosshairs," ive storm roars across eastern half of Canada

what do you do then?
stand on my head
put on boots
& go buy food~!
maybe after the clocks go
ahead the weather'll change