you write very bad ppoetry you know that, at

times its agglutinating in in gg ~g these things
about some so called woman female you write
and your mouth and hurt
and naked and the rest of it


yes yes complètement en accord
yes yes its but il ll say i ts not a
bout the writing anymore it s about

does this legitimize it i mean blogging this personalist
trash near to sentimentalist ooze you hauled
others out for previously?

thats a bit harsh do you think its really that bad?
all of it? none of it useful for the steady flow of life?
its cant be as bad as some of those "spoken word" wordists
idiots whatever they call themselves some who you
used to know personally how disgusting they were always
idiots lowering the bar the standard

dont you think?

think? i thought that is what you are supposed to d