war unending ... the Republic is Lost....


'Empire rules over a global order that is not only fractureed by internal divisions and hierarhcies but also plagued by perpetual war.

The state of War in Empire is inevitable
, and war fucntons as an instrument of of rule.

Today's imperial peace _ Pax Imperii_ like that in ancient Rome
is a false pretense of peace that
really presides over a state of
Constant War ~ .

( examples: Congo, Kosovo, Darfur, Iraq; others there for the picking)

Hardt and Negri _ Multitude xiii

'The world is at war again, but things are different this time....
War is becoming a general phenomena ,
global and interminable....

There are innumerable armed conflicts waged across the

globe today, some brief and limited to a specific place,

others long lasting and expansive.... These
conflicts might be best conceived as instances

not of war

civil war....
Multitude p 3

EmPire Empire Empire

Empire Imperium Imperial....

This civil war

show be understood now not
within the national space
since that is no longer effective unity of sovereignty, but
across the global terrain ...


so hide yer head
there're soldier round the corner
in the cone
workin for the post office
they're the ones that obey
obey obey
volunteer to make you pay
pay pay
you must pay pay
for yer day
yer right
I cite a few lines above from Micahael Hardt adn Antonio Negri's book Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire ~

Since you were a kid you thought you were living in Roman times.. so then, is this sense the sense of intensity of being hooked before even knowing what that sense of things signified?

______ find the poem of peace in this. debris. debacle. of yer life and theirs. chaos barely of world. war . without end. for peace cut
skipped down the world avenue
disappeare d ~

but can become found
can become found
must be found ~

il y a rien a double V ~

there is no word s to describe the danger...

there has to be a great vigilance....

Deleuze W comme Wittgenstein

' Parnet ...let's move on to W,
D"there's nothing in W"...

Parnet dits oui , yes, there's Wittgenstein. . Deleuze says it 's

a philosophical catastrophe.

They imposed a system of terror in which, under the pretext of doing something new, it's poverty introduced as grandeur.

Deleuze says there isn't a word to express ...

this kind of danger, but that this danger is one that recurs,
it's not the first time that it has arrived. It's serious especially since he considers the Wittgensteinians to be nasty and destructive

ils cassent tout

ils cassent tout

ils cassent tout

, there could be an assassination of philosophy,
D dits... they are assassins of philosophy, and because of that,

one must remain very vigilant.

Claire Parnet, the ABC Primer, he describes the school of Wittgensteinians as ‘a philosophical catastrophe’, a ‘massive regression’ of all philosophy, and in an aside in his Leibniz book of the same year, he refers to ‘Wittgenstein’s disciples spread[ing] their misty confusion, sufficiency and terror’.

ambivalence the ol ploy..

At Senate Hearing, Attorney General Michael Mukasey Refuses
to Say if Waterboarding is Torture, Illegal

the slider evasion .
its worse . than reading about old inquisition. ex~perts
at taking apart their won republic more

at counterpunch this 'the usual suspects...'


d on w ~ ....fictives

Deleuze is funny and sad. Parnet as always husky and forthright. She might be ill these days .
jill always knew and harboured suspicions about the witfellah. he . was death. mask. andthe post workers were the same. As they carried us to death. we moved fictives around. always mouth. cared to see. hurried to bear. bodied to wreck? not camped in bivouac to truck their gang plank ~
as air-borne rumours to love ~

becomes philo s were not assured of pensions place to stay or anything . poet on potty bum. poet on bum. precarious poet.as like a nude model ~ yer not give a home. a pension. retirement pension fo r Poets? holiday? o? really and training? o really well kickyer arse.

poets dont demonstrate.hmmmmmmmmm not too often
mostly remonstrate against self and other
ive suggested before creating rhizomactic groups of principle poets and writers in assemblages. to move forward principle before persona.lities.
its no go. ambition goverN the power structure. how does
one undo this>?
how create decomposed modes of relations among poets?

if poets /writers are workers who produce and they do;
well then one context their class and so on to start
but if one works outside of the framework
in a similar manner to the twelves stepping groups
these conflicts of interest may be by passed
depasse as one says.



3 alain badiou intelligence|||||| versus ambition ...|VeRsE Verse ~

Entretien Alain Badiou (1)
Uploaded by rue89

use yer head. politics. each day./ be a molecule. not a dead molar head. look around image. see yerself. is there what is? not paranoia of gang empire politic. mak yer country a parliment of direct democracy not capital gravy. interviews with French philospher thinker as examples of thought in action working with ideas to create and not to destroy manipulate and lie.

"The media-manipulated kids

and the misinformed, deluded ‘progressives’

were persuaded by his vague banalities

and his corporate-crafted Telescreen imagery

They falsely believe that he is some sort of

left or populist and antiwar can

and this on Barack's victory in the South ~

Needless to say, bourgeois

and reactionary go hand-in-hand

Obama is the 'shining' example of

an African-American, middle-class,

conservative, high-information Democrat

A member of the chattering classes

- privileged and self-important"


Clitoral Capitalism

Entretien Alain Badiou (2)
Uploaded by rue89 Foucault and others discuss the use of pleasure as yet another method to control. microsociety of power spread. image of power president to con the mind seduce the e soul ~

Image o secret hitlery



their world is that of war. never ended and never ending. bedlam ~

I had no love for the death's-head hussars,
Nor for the mortars with the girls' names on them.
And when at last the glorious days arrived,
I unobtrusively went on my way.

Good old Hugo Ball wrote that 1916 ~

blur of

we're not sure where a blog starts gin's move side back transversal of its shape and chronlogical dating . indexes. so then why date them? if there is a spiral or double spiral a kind of doubleing helix of it s poetic partitives and particles or waves
so text leap hurl from past present to present past a shifting cloud of tense backforth deterritorialize and reterritorialize

<>blur of

of blur of near sighted-ness
of not see
of not eYe
Of Knot eye

b r e a k th e se e t















yes it s he   near the end painted way back in te 1960's by a painter whose name escaperful man and poets me at this time but i ll find it . its the portrait of tristan tzara in the last two year of his life or so... a courageous man and  poet ~  he is amidst art from africa |dada\Miro|  a

Clifford  reading Tzara's Le géant blanc lépreux du paysage

'les flammes sont des éponges ngànga et frappez
les échelles montent comme le sang gangà
les fougères vers les steppes de laine mon hazard vers les cascades
les flammes éponges de verre les paillasses blessures paillasses
les paillasses tombent wancanca aha bzdouc les papillons
les ciseaux les ciseaux les ciseaux et les ombres
les ciseaux et les nuages les ciseaux les navires
le thermomètre regarde l'ultra-rouge gmbabàba
berthe mon éducation ma queue est froide et monochromatique mfoua loua la
les champignons oranges et la famille des sons au delà du tribord à .. .


_                                                                 _______________


Note 231az879:this problem has been resolved. subject was sent to labour camp northern canada.

...."i" ............ broke "my" glasses yesterday on the way out. im told they might not, its not ilkely they can repair them.

well insurance plan does not start till feb. its why i was waiting till then . i write now with head bend forward closer to screen like i do when tryin to play piano. listening to the keys/ out today it was wonderful. snow blowing around and sun. of course getting new glasses costs too much money. everything does. and guess, what? folks ? there are no jobs for a fellow like me, nor I am certain are there any for others, there must be hundreds, thousands who would and can like to teach but
guess what?


No Jobs
Out of your ASs on Yer Ass!~ we tricked you!
you went back to School to learn to teach! guess what they changed the rules!
the priorities intelligent people not wanted only arseholes and imbeciles need apply
between 45 and 60 applicants for one job a mere pittance of a contract too a t a cegep. what a farce.

and the Unions her> shit man their goal is to keep their ass protected and their insurance adn the rest of it. under lock and key. and us, we go blurry. what a ripoff, eh, a big scam.

last thing universities and colleges want: intelligent critical minded thinking teachers/lecturers

they want u all to go teach in china and korea even that is not sure, and the reason for this is to teach these poor suckers English as a second language. which is another big scam that addles and adds simply to the numbers of possible potential recruits of consumerism and capitalism use and exchange. big scam. teachin english in other countries is being the tutor of capitalism\spread english as spread of empire syntax: as tax of language:
the real question is always how to undo and turn the rudder in better directions of good will and freedom .
how does one do that living in a tent?

with no sight no glasses?

Anyone found not wearing their gogs. get ass kicked. crummy greek grocer yesterday charged me 2 buck for unfresh bread. such civic sense!

blurrred faded

i broke my glasses yesterday on the way out. im told they might not, its not ilkely they can repair them.

well insurance plan does not start till feb. its why i was waiting till then . i write now with head bend forward closer to screen like i do when tryin to play piano. listening to the keys/ out today it was wonderful. snow blowing around and sun. of course getting new glasses costs too much money. everything does. and guess, what? folks ? there are no jobs for a fellow like me, nor I am certain are there any for others, there must be hundreds, thousands who would and can like to teach but
guess what?


No Jobs
Out of your ASs
Get ready to live in tent!
what a a fuck up
the place where i live is owned by some one who came here after ww2 that does not trust anyone and this reactionary pig does better than I in this country. Oh well its all a joke. Its a ll patois bullshit. property is delirium. why some get to own and others not has always confounded bedeviled and baffle me since kid hood. water tax, same thing,. i remember the first time i got a water tax bill I was living with Gail and I was like what ? water tax? never paid it.as the law was changed that year. lucked out./ it s hard to write with glasses

the bitch is always there. she might very well be an escaped war criminal for all i know. who knows these barbarians who have no concern for others or their neighbors. these barbarians of fear and paranoia, protectionist bastards, paranoid right wing reaction pigs all supporter o the nazi and fascist in their day. and this is the riff-raff capitalism brought to bear on property. what shit. but for every shit like this there are 10 12m, 100 good women and men who are not like this. the rest are savages.

anyhow it does not matte r to me because when i leave this place well, then who knows, i will live in he wind in a tent a cloud an ashtray, an ashtray heart, a soda pop fountain

and I shall thank the good government whiich brought me so low
left me without work
a wasted talent
a gift gone barren

fallow filed

but Ill listen to Bach dying
|| meantime here I am. whittling away day by day. wondering what time means no Kids! i have none!~ no kids to love! the god, I guess its the god of penalty punishment and capital never let me I have children, so I never got to love one of god's most beautiful creations. that too was stolen from me


writing these notes without glass.es. they snapped last night. on way out the door

Ravel &
Debussy ~

peace of mind ~ drama of soul ~

the string quartet |said i'd not put any more videos here, but this is too good ~ perfect ~ since ive been a teenager I've loved this piece of music ~ i've listened to many version of this

these ~ ~ I can See dance steps at those Violin String s being Plucked. and of course, it's been danced many times

String Quartet in F major
  1. III. Tres lent 00:08:09
  1. IV. Vif et agite 00:05:12

the Hagen Quartet plays Ravel's String Quartet in F major


weatherLe grand snow fall real winter

t h e b l i n d e d painter ~ grope to wall
today we ~ see ~ colour as the first painter was lady as Pliny o the marel of the mix-Up ~ howpainter eyed Out of Blindness.. was blindness lov E~ love is blind .esp. when you love someon e you never seen in person met in flesh~ this agon~ yes.


'Religions are worth much less than the nobility and
the courage of t h e atheisms
which they inspire ' Deleuze discussion oct 26_1989_after seminar _ student walking with ~ asked about ~ this other quest of religion non la philosophie ~ il a repondue tres vite ~ .not a tues seminar but afternoon ~ of smoke air filled ideas clickey clack tape. parnet goddess eric / other/ i see head/ not /whirl of idea ~ leaning of ogre his ~ leaning back others nameded now. not so. as will gathered sheets in her hand. w heard him. he say. guattari va parleze le semaine prochaine. but wecould no~ t hear. voice goin raspy as` metallic ghost immanence whisper ~

everyon prefer. yes. well the starving?where is yer responsibility lie> question< style="font-family: trebuchet ms;">e night
in charge of day body? is heart fornicated to death to betray by what has not been seen, not met?
webcams around the place called canada

>I prefer real winter. yes. you do. yes. even when yer feet? yes . oui bien sur. why? its not for them . in rich place.OH/ why U say dis? cause you sad? non? on ? on c'est pas. on ne sait rien dans vie. >la vida est Avida Dollars|no money no funny. yea. I know . its hard, yes. its hard. when you stay always<> nada. for you. god hate you. god dere no go.d. then what hate You? who know? Capital ? hate you>> >when you born. he made shit on yer head. Yes. I know. I am cursed. since kid.

We curse the curse ~

Wind: SE at 4 km/h
Wind Gusts: N/A
Windchill: -8.0° C
Dew Point: -8.3° C
Humidex: N/A
Relative Humidity: 86.0%
Visibility: 1.2 km
High : -4°C
eriods of snow
Low : -10°C

____________|| I dont put no more videos on this blog. Not as often. tis lazy. easy way to do. bad habit. this is poesia. here.
o H N LEe HookEr
O|||||||||||||| yes she perfect winter prefer.naked as her buck naked ass in snow.i ride the flake of love. light a s an amber ~


every fiction's a heart

_____at democracy now ________
looks like the return of great depression?


Grace Lee Bloggs who I've just learned about
An Opportunity to Look at Ourselves and Reorder Our Priorities”–Legendary Activist Grace Lee Boggs on the Ailing Economy, the Legacy of Dr. King and the 2008 Race

we need such figures of such stature in Canada the fales unbrave and untrue North

the world's a never ending badnewsreel ~
Crash baby

will our multitudes become mulititude ~
tide turn of utopian city ~

recessive recession depression
blowback of capital.. ten
billions fly off in air . ta outerspace?

Fighting the 'r' word

in the 80s.you worked in food-banks ~ the very term is troubling ~ and its ironic and all kinds of shit canbe said about it. since then they have proliferated ~ .

cursor always good


ye a
divide and conquer



wolves are not philanderers or neighbors
dark dark knock knock the wolf man wolf wo~
wolverine bitch hogged the hell hound
eyes like these go to come from hell
~ hell hell

the repetitions, when He think s of the repetietions he's heard
from this one, you gotta wonder , wonder , the 'tietions'
indeed,the smacking lingual sound of repeating repeating repleting

tell me yer shaNmble SHakE down language


naturally when yer in prison ther e . is wall. barbed wire. guard. camera. watching day night. danger of other prisoner. of course, no women. or them go by, fast. as a glance . from camera. eye not permissive. custody of peepers ~ children? prisoners are not allowed to have children. them .that had before. these are removed far off. other planet. voting? not a right . anylonger. that is relinquish.there is more. ill say more. just one more fer no~ w ~ lov~ e? ~ not allowe~d . any ~ more than family . point of prisonis to impoverish prisoner~

in frison yer always 'In Camera'
no matter . what.
who . when.
yer watch'd day night. isp. social insurance no. health card. all i.
s. recorded. Uncle Tzara told us about this. long. time go.
somewhere.in that. long one, approximate man ~

heard another person speak. sat. spent 29 years inside the big house ~
29 is a many long moon and sun. other side. he spoke well and with deep courtesy and of his ride to here now. aroundthe moment of his lif e~ present ~

___________________ Becomings escape it all ~

counter signature Re:name the Zone the RhiZomne

Indeed one can ask with the Mouth where drawing endings and word division mouth hooked precipice to solemn oath begin? be_gin be gob.
as been to gob was bin bin binning . imagine this intellgence in the face o~

[AP] Conversación con Juan Luis Martínez / Félix Guattari - Construblog - Construmática

en Revista MATADERO
Julio-Agosto de 2000

Juan Luis Martínez : Yo sé muy bien quién es usted y es importante que usted esté aquí.Félix Guattari : Gracias.

JLM : ¿La visita a Chile le ha dado una perspectiva nueva sobre el país, sobre la democracia? ¿Ve algún cambio? ¿Esperaba ver algún cambio?
FG : Es muy pronto para contestar eso.

JLM : Personalmente, creo que no hay muchos cambios.
FG : Durante años se dijo que esto no cambiaría, pero la realidad lo ha desmentido. Y el cambio va a ser cada vez más acelerado...

JLM : Usted tiene todavía muchas esperanzas.
FG : Es una visión geopolítica global.

JLM : Creo que las cosas se van a acabar, lo que es mucho más importante.
FG : Desde luego, si las cosas siguen igual, la gente en Santiago va a morir ahogada, todo se va a terminar.

JLM : Hay muchas maneras de terminar, no sólo esa. La cultura es lo que está quedando casi fuera, occidente mismo con sus institucionalidades. Yo he trabajado estos últimos quince años en un libro que es muy intenso, de ahí que me interese mucho su perspectiva sobre el discurso de lo político y lo siquiátrico. Pretendo que sea un libro intolerable. Así que, si no me encierran, será pura casualidad.
FG : Soy amigo de Matta desde hace tiempo. ¿Lo conoce personalmente?

JLM : He tenido la intención desde hace muchos años de enviarle mi libro y no lo he hecho nunca porque creo que Matta no lee.
FG : Efectivamente, no lee.

JLM : ¿Cuáles son los poetas que le interesan actualmente en el mundo?
FG : Ginsberg.

JLM : Ginsberg es un poeta de poemas individuales, de buenos poemas separados, que no funciona con un lenguaje como totalidad, lo que no me parece compatible con su perspectiva. Me sorprende que le guste ¿Qué me contesta a eso?
FG : El problema no se plantea para mí en términos literarios. Lo conozco muy bien personalmente y para mí hay una relación que es muchas veces esquizoanalítica.
Vitro Nasu ? Blog Archive ? Jean Eustache - Malick + Gordon Parks

The word ‘contre’, counter or against, can equally and at the same time mark both opposition, contrariety, contradiction and proximity, near–contact ... The word ‘contre’ possesses these two inseparable meanings of proximity and vis–à–vis, on the one hand, and opposition, on the other ... it happens that for a long time I have ‘cultivated’ or ‘allowed be cultivated’ in numerous texts the formidable ambiguity of this ‘contre’…
Jacques Derrida, ‘Countersignature’

i like forging fragmentary morsel. As the brick and mortar, the pick of a lock~

he Zone is a single, vast building. The rooms are made of a plastic cement that bulges to accomodate people, but when too many people crowd into one room there is a soft plop and someone squeezes through the wall right into the next house... ( Naked Lunch)
Burrow |besideness

.The drawing, from the original relief by Butades, is always masculine, and of a particular kind of reproductive masculinity that defies biological ,sense to re-present its own self. It is necessarily accompanied by a 'constitution of structurality' as it is the constitutional condition of inscription that ensures its own survival. Butades, following the profile of his daughter's lover, inscribes not his daughter, nor her lover, rather, it is
Tell us who speak when Death does

the name of Butades that

. Edwin Lutyens, in the final bed ridden weeks of his life, found his own voice failing due to the degenerative effects of bronchial cancer. During this time he wrote a letter to his wife, Emily Lytton, in which he asked the question, "Can you hear my writing?"[35] Lutyens died soon after, surrounded by his architectural drawings. He was survived by his wife, one son, and four daughters.

To my knowledge he was not tattooed. Not tatooed above from varied and here


_'fixe' ed posting over herE and Here


ver herE and Here it was goin the sea washed hair glaring flooded and fixed__ indeed yes fixed, cut, goofballed, gunnysacked __ air weft _ con'trait' flipping good. Walk to of, clack to jam of white nights snow fording __ some thing as privateering does _

campd pride selving _ spindle winks!

'Fanny, don't bum my tits, you braggart! Infantile trains and derricks to ramshackle yer hoists, infernal conates sisphyean swish anatomical rapscallions. English is her e_name and love's biting ass her tame ruby-shipping rump. Hunkers to slaver over were the boys pantalons. Not mister nymph and her eleven by forted hexameters....'
ed on your ass. Jill hushy to her hussy willingness! shush yer scandalous mouth of diamonds . A jocund tart was better than none. A sandalous lesbic speech armed with plates, cups, upward standing houris. Low buttocked high buttocked sheer weighted the swayed hipping of her enjoinment. Restart camp once more, myrtles and Agamenonon. Nononon. Yes yes yes Come all me triolets, triplets to your wrong

trebleclef my eye! clouts Franny hovering the wings buzzz buzzzz something as that zzzzzzzzzz in the sound .
More anon good booknook. your shell fish have feetatfictions2


he r hand ~ and


he r hand

for the nights were for her as she
was beauty's rose
incarnate night ~

your hand came across
clutching me
you see
like i went to your bed
incarnate in the sky
over the astral spaces we slept
and love and
slept again loved
loving ~ .


lyra kira

I like the way the drum beat
rolls around your feet
your tongue
~ all yer body here for me ~
but you won't admit it
i n your veins
your tongue
heart beating beating beating
like your sex pulses
pulses pulses
and you are my lover ~

if that was the Japanese style
then it's time you took off your clothes &
stopped hiding my darling
stop hiding

your nakednes is honey in my mouth ~
summer in my dawn ~
I'll rest holding your breast here too ~
You know where to,
so yer veins and breasts
your heart
are mine
surrender ~
its a long sowing seed from my sex to yours sweet - heart.

like in your arms your arms, your arms ~ wreaths of lover ~ .


2 quick verses|

4000 signs ~ blogermance

four computers high speed. connect ~large screens,Wide

Preferablly Hanging on Wall ~

yes,. with two browsers in each pc. ie explorer and mozilla and ~ show you

guys a real show.
you can help
we do performance

we can callit

3000 thousand fuckin signs and 200 blogs


over at and & dissertation a word fancy ~

I'vYou ve e been writing righting .... doctoral dissertation ..... my thesis as some call this. Its done, that is to say, i have written the 200 pages I needed. Now , these days, between revising it,and revising it and trying to make a living, I write. I work on ten blogs. I've listed some and publish others here. I see allof this as one Antilogos literary machine. What does mean? it means it works outside the normative ideas of what constitutes a text, a blog, a book. It' s hard work and at times, very painful. Writing these thesis goes against my nature, my poetic one that is. It

is a split, une definition entre deux choses le these, et le poesie. Et finallmanet, le these elle meme is a mediation, a reading of two texts which are themselves very split and divided. And
we have to earn a living too ~ too ~ eat sleep and the rest of ...the body crying disappointment joy clouds, cutting, winter. cold no rest for the 'wicked' everything is political ~ desire is bounded by politics ~ and also go past it strong heft of life force I am also a performance poet who worked for 15 years with music and poetry. So it goes, and we do the best we can. Each day. Living. Living. And moving along.

various and sundry spot from that here go there to here and her e and other Ear it

s all
here here here here poetry machine ~

if i repeat myself well life's filled with repetition, eh? and there 's the variety of difference and the pain of paying for it ~

and turn

And turn and turn again. Trundle word cock of verb.
Plumage of the scrimmage. Spend to her season how.

Not accomplished to the american word ~

find the splinter. Now this. Mouth.


f te~e n

idiotic behavior psychologist speaking 'cognitive dissonance' fancy word for old thing, human blindness, and rationalization.
>of tone ~f voice ~ love ~ how else then ~ >wordav'f seer ~ prophet in his own
work some don't .hooked

land landing landed ~
winged island indeed.

en ~ words of seer ~ prophet in his own
work some don't .hooked of nose. death. lassoed by principle. wretched by fate.

land landing landed ~moult ~ her eyes ~ mouth eyes~ brea ~

this tidbit was wrapping itself in echo around h e a d
will war come ? big one across spreading butter jam plant death? o mighty lords of peace and love bring peace . a klight walking invoked yer aid

~ love ~ how else then ~ words of seer ~

r you go really?

landed ~moult ~ her eyes ~ mouth eyes~ brea ~

this tidbit was wrapping itsel

lest knight

Cb~ 'combines a work of "aphasia" on language'
aphasia~ as was as was as was aswasaswas

where text text 'gun err end?

eaths. essay stuck . see how weekending takes it.
Busted by busty one. was bliss to her bosom beauty. great roaring alive. gusto~ Saw it. Alive ~ more than other~ s. hope no pills ~

spoke last knight lest knight meeting . dur .... happy faces. most waving o'ver field of crowd.
a flight gliding _tone/deathly quiet at fapaflace _ meaning arrival of noise in morning... no sleep . then.bad... worse to come? worse yet ? O best best to come?
two at back or three to my right. one okay _ look spiritd alive a little ~ what concerns plagued their minds ~ _ they call this mains speaker ~ silly term ~ wrongish language...me
e ~ e ~ ti~ gs something t'a be des~ sire ~ d .. ..
and beside either someone i thought new, or a dead person,a sour death face, flat as pancake. hair greased back. like death. turned out someone i 'knew' half /of-tone.htmltrundle d along. spoke,. we chatted afterward.turns out she was dead. hadnt beent o a meeting in ages."I don't go to meetings anymore" defiance arrogance, how can knight ride her maid ?half knew cry of olde the flags of valour Yet none were there as away there were ...pride of deof oulde le flag o
vanittyath. d .e.a.d ..person. d.e .a.a.d noo meetings ...automactic with some they are dead spiirt. wood of lock death. as bad as poet deaths. essay stuck . see how weekending
takes it.
Busted by busty one. was bliss to her bosom beauty. great roaring alive. gusto~ Saw it. Alive ~ more than other~ s. hope no pills ~

was riding riding riding to J and L ~ A poem in 4 Acts ~ . signature post ~

free langgwide p l e a se

Nota: of defiance: the quiet kind|


train arrive station : guga not station of life:cross of :

anj 18/2008

landlady is vacumming and cleanin over my head at supper time. she makes no sense. why did she not do this at
the afternoon. she know s i am under her.

Saturday moring / her daughter is hereoverhead . I can her as always over head. I wake up with feeling in my guts, and sure enough she is here, and they are banging around over my head . I can hear that bird as well. There is no peace here, especially if I am already tired. No peace and no privacy.
io go listen at door ~ she's play with her grand~daughter I retreat cannot angry become ~ yet draggin of table over head moment after ~ other matter as require zen saint buddha t'a becoming ~

la Fuite ~

La Fuite

this link

Paris, Gallimard ~ 1947 . Tristan Tzara . big bad daddioDad Deleuze was a young'un then when old Sir TRistAn Tzarazouthstra becomer published this book of ver/poetry ~

in 47 didiodel was 22~ Fuite lignes de fuite ~ Tzara there first ~

La fuite : poème dramatique en quatre actes et un épilogue, 1947.


Félix Guattari - Université de Vincennes 1975

Cours à l'Université de Vincennes 1975-76
3 years after publication of Antioedipus ~
--------------------- there are momenti in it when voice of Felix melt[s]into that of Prof. Deleuzo > but never completely always as his fire of desire high pitched intelligent warrio. r yes. Warrior of thought. nomad . de intelligence ~ beaute d'intelligence . .. just at the start when deleuze is moving off screen so guattari comes to fron ~

today which was the birthday of Gilles Deleuze, I found this video of Felix Guattari speaking at Vincensses in 1975

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so poetry is a machine of transversals ~

no one says the word 'deterritorialize' as fast
clearly as well with such celerity as Pierre Felix Guattari ~

this that and


Cette revue accueillera les travaux des individus et des groupes se réclamant de près ou de loin de la "schizoanalyse", science des chimères : les travaux de tous ceux qui entendent renouer avec l'inventivité première de la psychanalyse, en levant le carcan de pseudo-scientificité qui s'est abattu sur elle comme sur l'ensemble des pratiques et des recherches en philosophie et en sciences humaines. À la manière des arts et des sciences en train de se faire. Work in progress. Les textes émanent ici de psychanalystes, de philosophes, d'ethnologues, de scientifiques ou d'artistes. Pas pour une inter-disciplinarité de galerie. Retour au singulier. À chacun sa folie. Les grands phylums théoriques finiront bien par y retrouver les leurs. De toutes façons, par les temps qui courent, nous n'avions plus le choix, il fallait repartir de là.
Félix Guattari, Chimères n°1

books readin//// various projects

The Waste Land TS Eliot

Paradise Lost _ JOhn mIlton
Antiodipus Deleuze et Guattari

One THousand Plateaus _ D&G.
Deleuze Reader
Guattari Reader
Michel Tournier
Joyce's Ulysses
Lives of the two major poets,
Eric Alliez _ philosophy.

Those are just the big names. there are others, smaller, and perhaps sweeter. and the poetry in Milton and Eliot _ is rich enough for many life times.

Long essay project coming along slow.
Two hundred pages done, and revising.>?

3 days of noise ~ hard to write in the morning. so we mourn~& grieve. maybe move ~ or grieve mourn to move our grieving tears? our tear grieve mour n ~ bereave ~

Do I call this a type of poetry, or the resistance to poetry, by the fascism of everyday life? is this a spin of some thing raoul vaneighem might have said?

Why NoT/ / ? I am antioedipal antipodean desire machine truck! Ok monsieur prendre un shower! colis!
I lov e ~ when some French Canadians swear ~

Jjjeejjejejejej JeBoom Boom Bboom. babBoom.


elle griffe, pousse pousee pousiere!
dust o f daisy

delicate comme un os ~
n'est c'es pas?
I dont speak verse en francais mais il ya des fois, je vers en franc_cais comme un griffon!
cest moi
cest moi moi

I is the Je qui moi
Un peut ~ comme Rimbaud parle quand il dits 'J'est un autre'

Autre Je I.
I autre Je I.

A play of I et texte et I eye moi toi griffer ? poussez les ombres.
Et les jours son t si longs quand on vive dans le bruit incessant

O lovers ~

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(deleuze's birthday jan 18 ~)

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When I go to Moinesti _ where he came from,
my father
Poetic Dada of my heart, my heart's fear,
we'll see then about moon light or silver tears
buckled by city
meteror of war
firer of chaos
maestro of order

or orchids for Arthur and king of presence
promises stung by feet
poor rich men won't hurt their navy arming bow and arrow
knowing the flower's blossomed in your halo
hail over sea and in corn fields
I'll stagger tear in eye by bus and post
waiting for the river warming my shirt
as fathers gather row on row
eye dimmed in the night of East
territories sea and river
where I've woken in that langauge he left behind
my father nearly 100 years now

off to Zurich and dada circus
Circuit of the folded moon's tent
I'll give my hands then
armed by the teeth of lovers' pulley
covered in the fuel of arrival
and a body to pair

or Tristan T ~ papa de Dada non papa et fondateur co founder of Dada And many many books after of poesie.

Written / and to go to factory for inspection later
verse factory

born born in Moinesti-, Bac--u Province, Romania __April 16, 1896

Here then

_ a text I began fast. written. not sure. but then I am always
in "draft" status.
All my words on parole.

I'll send you the moon in full view ~

A moon of one's own
For two in tow
pulling at her strings

we'd fall like you
and I
around her laces

gathering our places

demur initially

afterwards we'd
howl like banshees
wolves at the hoot of the bodies
silver twist
our tongues

like that
two backed beast
lover ~

~ then bus driver clandestine secret rosettes~