le tu

mister rhizome has held his end. always in the milieu middle as between thing... ing filation! no alliance ... yes, O alliance ... sensed her warmth .. . not war but
of the South

and and

A rhizome has no beginning or end; it is always in the middle, between things, interbeing, intermezzo. The tree is filiation, but the rhizome is alliance, uniquely alliance. The tree imposes the verb "to be," but the fabric of the rhizome is conjunction,
"and . . . and . . . and" This conjunction carries enough force to shake and uproot the verb "to be." Where are you going? Where are you coming from? What are you heading for? These are totally useless questions.

colder metallic fingers
snap pop

nostrils steam

Ok hold yer horses
steam whistle
in temple
ginger finger


inside the lyric
body of her bowl
her body bowl
i whole
aroun her n'arrow rims
she's held me O So Long
I hold you two ~
I hold her swell
I hold her as well
I hold her too ~
aussi le too ~
her tu ~
ca tu~
le tu
tu ~

le tuEEE
le tu of us ~



wolves and greece

Many Greece Not One
The pack, even on its own turf , is constituted by a line of flight or of deterritorialization that is a component part of it, and to which it accredits a high positive value, whereas masses only integrate these lines in order to segment them, obstruct them, ascribe them a negative sign.(One or Several Wolves, ATp 33).

Wolves and Greece. Things are heating up.

What howl? is that Howl I hear ?
ringing cross the planet.
The howl of , the hold of wolves and men ,
the holler of women and wolves ,
the sign of packs and herd.

Heading in the south to the region of delay and lift-off ~ .\

Franny is listening to a program on wolves. I say to her, Would you like to be a wolf? She answers hauthily, How stupid, you can’t be one wolf, you’re always eight or nine, six or seven. Not six or seven wolves all by yourself all at once, but one wolf among others with five or six others. In becoming wolf, the important thing is the position of the mass, and above all the position of the subject itself in relation to the pack or the wolf-multiplicity: how the subject joins or does not join the pack, how far away it stays, how it does or does not hold to the multiplicity”(…)”To be fully a part of the crowd and at the same time completely outside it: to be on the edge, to take a walk like Virginia Woolf (never again will I say,” I am this, I am that”)”.
AtpLateAuS _ many Wolves

Znet Greece watch

has written

A Road to Revolution?

and the whole essay can be seen and read at the Znet Greece watch page
December 27, 2008 By Uri Gordon Source: Haaretz ----------------------------------
Let their Greek souls rise high to the occasion ~

And also from The IndypenDent via

Making Sense of the Greek Uprising

December 24, 2008
By Costas Panayotakis Source: Indypendent

Knowing I Live in a Dark Age
Milton Acorn

Knowing I live in a dark age before history,
I watch my wallet and
am less struck by gunfights in the avenues
than by the newsie with his dirty pink chapped face
calling a shabby poet back for his change.

The crows mobbing the blinking, sun-stupid owl;
wolves eating a hamstrung calf hind end first
keeping their meat alive and fresh...these
are marks of foresight, beginnings of wit;
but Jesus wearing thorns and sunstroke
beating his life and death into words
to break the rods and blunt the axes of Rome:
this and like things followed.

Knowing that in this advertising rainbow
I live like a trapeze artist with a headache,
my poems are no aspirins...they show
pale bayonets of grass waving thin on dunes;
the paralytic and his lyric secrets;
my friend Al, union builder and cynic,
hesitating to believe his own delicate poems
lest he believe in something better than himself:
and history, which is yet to begin,
will exceed this, exalt this
as a poem erases and rewrites its poet.

The distinction to be made is not between exterior and interior, which are always relative , changing and reversible but between different types of multiplicities that coexist, interpenetrate, and change places – machines, cogs, motors and elements that are set in motion at a given moment, forming an assemblage of productive statements: “I love you” (or whatever). (One or Several Wolves, ATplAteaus 36)

______________________________ Welcome to the Multitude ~ Monsieur Empire ~


liKe a

Moving, like a tongue moves around a woman's body. Her lover speaks to her through. Signs. far and distant. near and close. close as the dark. a hand reaching her between the dark velvet of its hushed lover grasp.

Still as
she imagines his
around her
his finger leaf
are leafs

over river

night is a breath he sings ~


the magic flute

it seems i'v e spent days listening to the Magic Flute _ Mister Mozart ~ as it speak beyond word. this magic opera of light lambent song.
and ive not spent all the time i need to listen to it in sequence properly from start to ending.

such a ravelling and unravelling of identity and beauty ~


you s...


you see her
tender lips 've
not ever
tasted mine

one day ~

Nor do...

Nor do we forget
joy as the bells ring

even there
here in the boisterous noise its past
we found joy

working its rigging through the snow

overcoming the 'nyet' as its swirl capered throughout sky
metamorphosing shifting caul
become yes
yes Yes
yes ~ .

solace ~ renewal bliss ~

We'll head back
we'd head o ut
watch from
watching the world
curl ~


Za chto ~ 2

The cold of Russia is not the same
as the cold.

It pitted the soul
rigged the bones howled .

As if wolves sat at the base of
the column of the spine .

North and North and north. More further . Under cover of the fear

. Then ~ .

Edge of White Sea.

White Russia ~
Cruel Pitiless bear ~

Edge of breath and air ~.

No delight here as riding over snow in sleighs

Not Rimsky Korsakov dashing nor the violins of its linoleum floor.

the harsh .

What? the death.
No bolshevik here. Russia 1984. First Visit. Where
you at the gulag? you brought your copy ... . with you?
Were you crazy?
no bolshoi

Za chto
'We'll find you in hell , if need be....'
This is...
And viesni, not for you.
. nyet .

How is your _ abrupt
How is the mouth ~ ?

Za chto ~

Za chto

Moscow _ 1985 _outside the city. Spire of it.

Town of cold breath. over hour train
ride back Lubyanka, za chto?

tundra, taiga. over lake. and river. crash of barge.

go back. track click clack click. trick track. Za chto.
Fur lined hats in the downwind. Outside in fields howl of.

Rumble train in distance
cloud scudded firmament
cold cupped lip
scarf dried
these fields this road

Against the ice-bound river
all the fur hats don't matter a snap
its the _ way out up there, outside the perimeter.

beyond the guards and informers. the spies coming home.
the . camps not smaller larger looming over the north cold you'd never known.


click clack clack click.
combustible wind colder than hell's ass itself.
hammers the face . cheek bones rise higher, naturally to protect.

za chto?za chto?
ringing in ear.
cling in head.
board in body death of .

za chto ice za chto snow
Melting Divina river islands and speckled with more ~

the chimneys of Moscow, the cupolas ~
ice cold air. smoke rising. shelving the wind momentarily
in its elusive embrace.

the Soviet Union ~

add postage


thus we rain. as spots across the sun. a little poem for you sweet one ~

or rain spouts from hair along the long willow of your tree.
a night dares distance . its longing song.
corralled by buses and train.

stepped across passage bore corolla
of limber light.
heaved flowers hurt their way
barrier aloft ,was
nice as the
sun went


moscow continued

Outside of the city. in the distant. near river. and populations. tribes of variance. difference as tribal.... or the Communist star ridging high. its grand hat there everywhere. but the camps.yes. the camps and Gulag. and 'father stalin' and millions. pay this debt. at Stalingrad Leningrad. Hear the train. Shunting.

------------ the warehouses were empty. now they are full. fulsome flower of Russian aviators.

over the rain


never mind death has no Marshall here.

coarse ice has no name fur
for wearing the belt against it ~
night is dark wind over the lassoed air ~ . can
see no one ~ .

over the rain
tarnished wind
buckles the beat ~

cuts the feet ~ .



Moscow ~ 1986 ~

fibrillations of temporary alliance ~

over the taiga Siberia and the nurtured maid of death.

her harbinger a flat of nothing on it.

later in the waters. rushed. or burning sky. burnished in the spring wind
a Soviet spring ~
to dare to breath ~
its beating heart ~

-- near Stalingrad memory of the sniper and his lover~
plucking off Germans one by one
took hours

piff! piffbangbang! louder than that. were bullet shots.

---------- under cover of snow . under cover . of cold. cold undercover. was
rared the pistol of blanks. bearing the barren
tundra over that death place its bleak murder infinite .
to its death ~

the organs

'The organs begin by detaching themselves' ... Franny JIll. MOna Oona. Frankly dreamt of being a place. was a city. San Francisco allegory. was dust to wipe was sun to central.

first the language gage. engage. teared t o the lip at each stop. 35. or 36. the narrative starting to chain itself down. feel the collage at the tip of your frottage. chance mister artaud said is desire is god. mister arp said, kaspar caspar.


---------------------------- O the D . in the T. when the child ran. off the bus-stop was that a bust or a stop did he stop the violence raining down on his skull?
Better to be a tiny quantum flow than a molar converter, oscillator, or distributor!
-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari
A Thousand Plateaus (p.226)

Over here the narrative continues. what is not published. so the meditation continues. remembrance of letter past.

the beauty

the beauty of the world's always been your narrative. reason to live. to breath. reason to love. to stay. remain here in this earth . dance of the sun

not the fetters fierce hard competition of the violence. not that. better a pillow in the sun

than a death in the blood.
better a drowning

lake than a dangerous lie

_________________________________ But O th e ship rocks

hits reef.


my sister

my sister has finally had her knee operation. replaced her knee. after all those of years of suffering. soon she 'll walk supple and flexible and the beautiful body will be beautiful again. how delicate the mechanisms composing this body.


each hour night was pain.
teared to feel the spasm connect.
over hour and second. not a god found
unconnecting pain's sufferance ~ .


when she wa s a child she won high board diving competitions.

her hair gleamed in the dark _ halo of a champion. ~



would a storm create a whole naked body?
yours say in the drifting and diluting of its summer

as you spend with me moi our desire s around the river of your sex , secret lover?

your hair is a rain falling around my hands

the hands are doors knocking at your feet.

every fist has been a prayer.


not to forgot your there .
you are there.
over there. here. close. inside and out.

a mouth to yours, mine ~ .

i have fought many wars
but none with you ~
it's good mon ami
it's bon ma chere

pardon les soirs
nuages des larmes




the facism of winter.
fasces. its face.
its wintry. hoar. gala benefir fit of death. breath of frost. fist of
winter's pummeled bastarding.

the big bashing's begun



... versations av e c... e c r i ivains

Tristan Tzara, en 1949, sur les Poésies de Villon ? "Si forte et insinuante est la valeur persuasive de la poésie de Villon, que souvent il nous semble toucher à un état de conscience mis à nu, tandis que la nudité même de sa voix est empreinte d'une douleur qui dépasse les conditions temporelles où elle se situe."
"I owe much; I have nothing; I give the rest to the poor." Villon
More converSations aVec Des

Oui E crivains
pas vains

les cons~
quoi? tu dits cons?
mains non je dits contes! un livre de Pierre Berge (oublie pas l'accent Clifford~)
Tous ces textes sont un constant bonheur de lecture et une séduisante manière de finir l'année avec optimisme, et peut-être avec Adolphe, de Benjamin Constant, en suivant l'avis de Marcel Arland, en 1958 : "Voici une oeuvre écrite en quinze jours, puis de lecture en lecture, traînée pendant neuf ans, une "anecdote", l'aveu d'une faiblesse - et cette centaine de pages ont pris place parmi les chefs-d'oeuvre du roman français. Cela tient de la diablerie, sinon du miracle."

L'Art de la préface Anthologie de Pierre Bergé Gallimard, 290 p., 22 €. O GalliMard! GallImArd vos Livres son si cheres! O those EUrOPeans are Soooooooooooooooooo Richeeeeeeeeeeeee Ri
So RiCh ch.

so adore

are you waking Doctor Genet of the flowers? with your hours and letters. bent by the ass you so adore?
we walked we waked with Genet day. that day. Tangier. 1970. Mister Choukri spoke to
us of it. it was hay this nohay as dance was unfurled in the frocking boulevards,
as they so called are, is the ship of Ishmael's taste.

they wake from the Screens les Ecrans

------------------- Oh yes Mister Genet sent you a letter from the place that is other. called dead. but deadalive dead is alive.

Genet Born and unborne this day that time...

Genet born unborne day this time thatthen. O f Genet yer papa ~

so the flowers go
prisoners in chained
over Blacks Balcon
Lou-lou ship to my Devil's island
Ship to my lou
hangman's noose
Our lady of les fleurs
des maladies


sunny sea

over the sunny sea
leagues knots reefs

whale in rough
r oa r of

dark rim of

its grim beast


worka t it


you write bad 'pomes' better than anyone I know Mister Duffy
I know, I know I work at it .

'like commas'
you prefer idiom dialect and good old fashioned idiolect!
or just plain idiot!

ya well poetry is purple when it's not prose.
is that how your novel starts?


Some of the things you toss here
well compared to ... summer day
or moon horned ridge
are apocalyptic peak-cocks

rainyday weirdo dog of the laminations
of french-canada. a longing for france.
deep in yer bowel.s yer brain is a refusnik.
meantime. the Soviet union is over.
EMpire. There is New Empire.-

so you go back and forth between
two apartments. work in wrought iron steel.
gates of heaven . swing. open. roar. of sea. mast of ship


on the high sea.
of this bucaneer.



long divisions

you saunter long division
multiplication ta bles
i'd multiply at your feet

fractions of cardinal numbers

i failed set theory and
long division

O lips of multiplication

revisions and long divisions

------------------------- inside a mirror. opaque. pale. .... aword in your teeth. signiffy what. image narrated author.

suspense. held your breath.

come around the boldfold. not hampered by knees of Hector and feasting. Or .

breath by pause.

now what does that signifiy?

an image an image narrating another

why did you cross the phrases in the stanza quote above

(between squeze is lemon is syllable.)

Why? because i am a baroque writer and I like to make things a mess

(how is better. How is letter.) (Homer keeps the keys.)

what about publication?

what about it ? is this not a form of publication?

where is my public O mister

-------------------- public is twinkled far

woman in subway was only one

for day


end the routine S.

___________ JIll hears her fate. across the tramway of . creation. Her decreation is justly sounded thieves. Then make merry across the four thieves of schizoanalysis. ___________________________> Fiction machine of hip and thigh. Of body before piercing window. of voice to aural breath.



We landed

cold as the

rivering along



in 'the distant"

tackle of sea-breast

over land

the ship goes thunder

wracks the hate bound rock.

over the cloud rage. dark. wrath of its rage. pours against. against us . punished.


your bust

winter time is your bust
come to me
baring it i
lick your tits

the sea'll bash us
but we're lovers

we're used to that.
in our own way.
roughed up by the waters
and the tankards goin down
the tankers going down ~

come between each going of your mouth ~
midlands to shore we meet ~

_______________ your teeth cheat in the dark
our bodies cry my sweet one
you know who you are
you know that don't you


here then in the drift walk the flakes
arrows of lightening overhead
their blinking lights glance atop the mast

mist wears down our tears
our faces
buttered by salt we las h at winter's sovereign soil
the lash of winter

he stumbles mightily
blithers to the


for ....

in this winter
where the barren lips lfit from the sand

glad to find their way home
cuttered by its almight presence
they feared for their lives

les bucaneers

. “Il faut ri“Il faut rire. Sinon le tragique va nous
faire envoler par la fenêtre.
Ferme la fenêtre”.
(Jean Genet, Les Bonnes)re. Sinon le tragique va nous
faire envoler par la fenêtre.
Ferme la fenêtre”.

__________________ bucaneer kept his hat waving to his porpoise in the dirty atlanticwas the day of downing sailorsnot buckled by the plough of overhead wave
grip the forecastle and hear
your love

(((((((((((((((((((((( Beware the Mighty Octupus)
darling boy
screamed Triton Neptune his great horned cavern riding beachward behind him


wet sho res

how many went down in the brink?

in the deep of its eye-storm strong-clasped darned to the wool in their seas

wet shores was leaning castles in the rain
the horse reared. neighed.

was rain catapulting the cabin

what ship was going down ?

wil l it be land and sea

at sea we land teared by the breakers
combed back by the wily budding of its bust
swelled to the death beneath

a t sea win t er

is there a winter at sea Captain?

aye aye my sailors my fine fellows of fin waved tooth combed against breakers
curdled the laneway of the hardy spilled forth ocean there was Argonauts

our fiction hale selves met the best of them


this s ...

this stair is the possible winding sheet

drifted over board
we knocked on
the rapids
our 'territory'

like any navy

we hummed our way back to land
dripping wet from the phosphate of sea
foam rack and wind rune tossed the petals back


a daily

a daily practice
a patience
praxis and round the drift the ebbing bend of sea and light


Boom! goes the crack of the ship mast!
Boom! rings its hoarfrost downthe pate!
Boom ! it rings in the rigging

c h a r mi g

charming to percevoir les montres et montes tes fesses .
charming to percevoir les montres et montes tes fesses .
charming to percevoir les montres et montes tes fesses .
charming to percevoir les montres et montes tes fesses .

you've hidden
yer many shadyspotting
my lady of the hats
thy body is smooth as guilds
ive not forgotten yer dainty ways



uglier than rain. hand reaches. this hiss
round snake hair. lover cover. lover .
covet. shhhhhh. night snaking round your wrinkled aging eyes
i buy no thrill around your thighs.
these are the hungers . you long. gorilla growl darling.
play your pen against me.

first she comes to him with a long neck.
bottle wrapped around her hipping
stretching to get him. hooked round as a
wreath my sweet ~ .

round your hooked navel.
belly-button to your beard.
animal. sweat seam.

_ delight of this bear.


this has been your
many cursors
a mouse without a hand
the hair-raising hilt.

shiver me timbers
mister duffy


that rumour

do you go blind with day or
is night your fare?
pay the trippin' price as stairs go quality.
without contributions you are nothing. the tin
flute. Montreal, 1943. Why that number and no
other . mixing and merging. the direct indirect
the paid of

at three o'clock the meditation ends
vespers ending dinner beginning. whirls of accompaniment follow
the garment trace.

as winter

as winter recede.
concede. season. receive the woman's .

in air of night is silence.
where the words .
from .
always wonder your way.

not the flipping thing which making spaces
breathes round the room
but the sudden silence . between
the cutter and sheaf~


dada duffy is a mysterious signer.of flottilas. cloud.
maskings other things. their far sighted journeys to the sun


hmmmmm 3 2 sizes

O some of this and that ~ that this and ... the ey e ShapE as it Change...

indeed there are spaces between
s p a c e S


what I like about the world is
that I am always wrong
there's more to learn more to every
edge than I'll ever

thus a

let's say instead of a
storm ~


Anton Corbijn-Captain Beefheart

they call me the doc

i m a g i n e

Imagine: A man says to Radio: something along these lines. but the world is not manichean. Agreed.A greed. D'accord. but no thanks to god,that old transcendental shit

whatre you doing mister D
with yeroldcollage






the fact of the matter is that you are swimming
they know you are drifting ...
does snow direct its flakes
(Direct! Direct
ladies and gentlemen!)

does the sun glance
at its readward days?
do nights become evenings.
where does day end. ~ night
fists its care to
roughs up

peal pearls before swine
the dogs have been cut loose on history
in the clinique critique there are sicknesses everywhere

ye s indeed there are.
history is mad.

bedlam governs .
________________________>>>>> Move to Bedlam<>



we always go to the bottom
of the sea and air

a long time ago
began the jour
it was like that
to heart

heading by waves
rushed overhead

sea roaring with its wilting waves

then lost my memory
that voyage was a terrible
with the briny water all about

clutching tearing its stelae its steeled fingers
hooped into my guts ~

what was the roar of the poet then?


was it air breathed
the death dark night

of repetition and its seven sons

her daughter
waved to me from over the briny deep
a thousand thousand leagues from me her arms

waving about me ~

to become

to become a fish and merman

in the sea
salt water for breath ~

this night is air
past the half-mast

each book works like this hiss
of spray underdeck

bellow port side
wrack of weeding latch of forest
ocean crave ~


each verse is a
working toward

the forward deck ~

where the roar

of the sea dragon


hollow rim
of sea fiscal

tears the lining
from the cement ~

(is this how Oedipus waves?)
(does she wave goodbye?)
(does she he?
he sea?
she see
she sea?
mer la mer l e mer ~ e )


how ...

call me Ishmael ~ is how Moby Dick begins ~


of course politics is a farce
and it's fun to go along for the ride for a few days
one rogue and one prorogued G.G. and parliament do what they do ~
determing millions of lives ridden by media

but then we gotta get back to our work ~
the work is waves and ceilings
dent and cave

blessing and awning
the work of 'the' artist

is shared in the daily duel with its 'travail'
not its play thing of necessity

but art is resistance of consistence of
round the whirling bend of song ~

_____________________________ So ho hey me hearties
democracy of the sea ~
& the high bending pirates ~

je dis... sur un autre sujet...

je dis c’est ça le processus, c’est ça ce qui nous emporte. Évidemment ça veut dire que pour moi les lignes de fuites, c’est ce qu’il y a de créateur chez quelqu’un. Les lignes de fuites, c’est pas des lignes qui consistent à fuir, bien que ça consiste à fuir, mais c’est vraiment la formule que j’aime beaucoup d’un prisonnier américain qui lance le cri : "Je fuis, je ne cesse pas de suivre, mais en fuyant je cherche une arme ?. Je cherche une arme, c’est-à-dire je crée quelque chose. Finalement la création c’est la panique, toujours, je veux dire, c’est sur les lignes de fuites que l’on crée, parce c’est sur les lignes de fuites que l’on n’a plus aucune certitude, lesquelles certitudes se sont écroulées. Alors je dis bien, voilà.

Gilles Deleuze - Anti-Oedipe transcription : Frédéric Astier cours du 27/05/80


can you pro rogue poetry mIster D?
O proRORORO rogations

O ProRogue Not Madame Govner General

O Queen's Representative en Canada

Prorogue Non(e)n!

-----------------------the only time to govern
is in th eE
questions of bad faith are not really the issue
the issue is one of the moment

let the marshalling forces of the multiple come forth

indeed gracing to become


Madame Governer General
Listen to thy poets and collective clochards
and not banks and tanks

thy own country of origin _ Haiti_ suffers

of democracy

due to power monger banks and kings of power

we all know the big boys are being bailed
while billions are wasted around the electronic circuit of the capitalized EARrth.

while millions getto eat nada
or near to it

As in Congo
just toname one godawful place
in this shitass planet

of Big shots
with babes
and bucks
and gangs
and wars
and shit

more shit
_________________________ SO let us not Pro_ROGUE
our lives away

but carpe diem seize the time

O Peoples



this rarely used power is really s ome thing
like this
it is

for them that wish to

sell out their country
to rogues

dissolving what tatters o f democracy
remainder in the spent suit of democracy
in a country run by
brain less
knowing nothing of desire
except how to tap, use, and capitalize it.

so if they do "pro _Rogue"
we know they is rogues


__________________ perhaps once a governer general
in canadian history
might do something significant
and not dissolve Parliament

then she'd be
the hero of true democrats

TO ALL From the Parliament of True Poetry and directing democracy democratic
becomings devenir-futures
___________________________ Peace and Love O Canada ~

ye s

will it be hers?

of course




elle ~



how many earths do you believe in?
at night there are many swirling around the other city
where it's day far as near as any can be

but worried about you stay still
not mocking the peace between you

loved by one that cannot see
seeing you love

so day is one to touch
her waist hair
fingers around her eyes
her voice rubbing the night in your heart

is she well?
do you read her?
do you see?

O i see in
these veins of plenty

near to narrative and many stays
(stays? it means a time of waiting for justice)

as her waist whispers to me
I call around her ears

hungry wording telling a story

ours ~
now day
in the
now ~

of then

of the poem country
city navy army clouds bearings

over shade
wisped to earl
past pearl

inside thing
we make many

Canadians for a ProgRessive Coalition Government Coalition PROGRESSISTE CANADIENNE

HowEver imPerfect one might know, see and imagine this movement toward a coalition

one must no t

remain Cynical

but ____seek the affirmative and the positive in this .

_O all these dead beat conservatives so worrried they might lose their grip on Power.

Sign the Petitio
tHE LINK ABOVE IS both French and English

Making coalition government work

| December 1, 2008

_from good old Rabble CA

____________A little multiplicity might just come along and bite these arseholes up. Cheers. for le vrai democracy.

Imagine if they "prorogue" in other words, call off Parliament ~ that would
be a low blow.

not politically feasible.
---------------------------------------- In any event, there was a coalition go.v. way back in WW1.

The Union Government (1917-20)

Since Confederation there has only been one coalition government in Canada’s history: the Union Government of World War I. This was a coalition between the Conservative Party, led by Robert Borden, and Liberals and independents. The coalition was formed in order to broaden support for the Borden government and its controversial conscription policy.

In 1917, Prime Minister Borden announced that his government was going to introduce conscription to increase troops for the war in Europe. This policy was strongly opposed by many groups in Canada, in particular, French Canadians in Quebec and rural farmers. These groups resented being forced to participate in a British foreign war.

Prime Minister Borden hoped that a coalition government consisting of Conservatives and Liberals would help overcome these growing divisions within the country on this issue. Wilfrid Laurier, then leader of the Liberal Party, was opposed to conscription; he refused to lead his party into a coalition with the Conservatives. Many English-speaking Liberals, however, disagreed with their leader and left the party to join Borden in a coalition commonly referred to as the “Union Government.” Ultimately, the Union Government was successful in wining the general election of 1917 and eventually pushing conscription through Parliament.

With the end of the war in 1918, the primary raison d’être for the Union Government ceased to exist and the coalition began to break apart. Many former Liberals returned to their original political party, and the coalition dissolved completely with Prime Minister Borden’s retirement in 1920.

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ess ai, dissertation, redaction

indeed mister redaction memoire dissertation essai.

and you are reading?

yes Dostoievski _ The Idiot


and some others of William Shakespeare ~

et par coincidence je trouve


but where is yer poetry?
My poetry? it's everywhere
its a recall to poetry is a way of life
un état d'esprit

and so many others
et tant d'autres
et tant d'autres

émission du lundi 1er décembre 2008
Raison de plus avec Michèle Cohen-Halimi et Jean-Pierre Faye

Par Alain Veinstein
Réalisation : Manoushak Fashahi

Entretien avec Michèle Cohen-Halimi et Jean-Pierre Faye, à l’occasion de la parution de « L'histoire cachée du nihilisme : Jacobi, Dostoïevski, Heidegger, Nietzsche » (La Fabrique)


day of

first day december

day of first decemeber

first day of december ~

any news?

mister dissertation
monsieur defendre votre

dissertation noun GB Univ mémoire m (on sur).

ils mon ecrits un email et they said soon ~
Oh lala ~

lucky me

find a job yet?

job? moi? bum des hippies?
vieux clochard?
rêveurs des multitudes?

on cherche
un job

on cherche
on recherche

on fait
que est-ce que on pu

pu? ou pue?


Monsieur Pue a pas bue on 26 années.
et tu mange?
mange ? oui on mange
mais pas des hanches
je mange pas ni des hanches d'une amant ni de un'ange

on mange pas


an InFiNiTe

An InFinIte Joy

if the gobbly goo
government goes

yes yep
away with 'em

the mountains's shine brighter

the sun

hipped by golden
fair shores

all the oil
from Alberta
with their taxcuts
bargain basement

off to the Artic with ya

away with the alien

o the rise
of the wave

of the




yer a very much a dreamer! mister DuffeE.

O no I am a believer in Multitude and the possibility of
democracy always appearing and
peeping through
the shifty shitty strata
of daily life
and filthy


what a pleasure it would be
a joy it'd be to see the conservatives grandstanded and crashed
a a joy to see the socalled prime beefy alien minister go back
to the benches

what ajoy see democracy work

not a false vote
but a coalition yes mister conservatives

maybe a flow of the many


a new government

a path to what might be proportional government
the so called conservatives stinking right wing

who would if they could

take Everything Away

Dont forget that

They would Take Everything Away
the right is the right is the right

the right is always wrong always deceiving always cheating
cheap conservative mean and it goes
without saying

are the capitalist war mongering

antihuman outer space

weirdos who are against all progress
unless it serves the interest of the ir whole package

their whole package
is under the disguise


I cna see a tyrant behind the eyes of the prime beef minister


let us hope it happens
the coalition

this might be a crack into a possible becoming future

from rabble ca

Progressive leaders urge opposition parties to form coalition government

OTTAWA, ON - Prominent progressive leaders have come together today to urge Stéphane Dion and Jack Layton to put partisan concerns aside and form a coalition government to serve the best interests of citizens suffering from a global economic crisis.

The open letter follows.

An urgent message to Stéphane Dion and Jack Layton: Only a coalition government can provide the leadership Canada needs

Dear Leaders,

We, the undersigned, write to you during this time of economic crisis to urge that you set aside all partisan considerations in favour of decisive action to help Canadians who are suffering and whose livelihoods are in jeopardy.

At this critical moment, a coalition government would be the most capable of delivering the kind of stewardship the economy needs, and the least likely to put partisan interests ahead of responsible government.

Barely five weeks after promising to work cooperatively with the opposition parties - representing a majority of voters - Prime Minister Harper failed to deliver a plan to halt the devastation being wrought upon hard working families. Instead his Conservative government is using the crisis to attack the democratic process, violate the rights of public servants to bargain collectively and end pay equity.

Canada now stands alone as the only government in the western world without a coherent economic stimulus plan. The Harper government talks of balancing the budget by selling off assets and restraining spending, the exact opposite of the stimulus response that virtually all economists and many others are arguing is necessary.

Time is of the essence. You have an unprecedented opportunity to deliver to citizens a coalition that is capable of putting aside partisan ploys and to work cooperatively and swiftly in the interests of all.

Despite Mr. Harper's contentions, the outrage of citizens and opposition parties is not about public funding of political parties, but rather, it is about a Conservative plan that would actually deepen our country's economic crisis. The Harper government's taking party funding off the table should not be a reason for backing down from your efforts to construct a coalition government.

Please be assured that we all stand ready to offer constructive ideas on ways to help workers, their families and communities weather this storm and emerge stronger than ever.


Ken Lewenza, President, Canadian Auto Workers
Paul Moist, National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees
Dave Coles, President, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada
Denis Lemelin, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Steven Staples, President, Rideau Institute
Bruce Campbell, Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
John Urquhart, Executive Director, Council of Canadians
Mel Watkins, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Toronto

This text copied over from

from rabble ca



this will be playa.

bite apple.

wear dappled mayflowers on yer head.
sur le bus.

many folk. longgying their passage.

I.O.U. silver explainations.

between entre francais et english.
her lipped francais mon levre anglais ~
double becomed~ double devenir ~

Ahoy! me ditty dogs! the sea lent lambast's upon us! Typhoon! Merge of waves. Gorilla talk on sea. Roar of mist. how that can be? in sea Octupus. Rigged by the sea brain. A deep sea diver. Plunged plumed. My hardy ones. Sea wrack. round mouth.. amnesia scuffle. my bare lent ladies have recherche my reckoned.

Now take breath. Sailor boy. Are you a sodium? then? a dolmen a sodomite bridged by yer neck?

Mouth to her sex. leaned into the lust.
O aye! me captain
the capstan is waning!
Watch forth the breaker's is heaving high! roar'em in the poopdeck! must be shore on the hull side o'things!
Yer irish accent's gone looney

beckon me reckon me. tickle me. fickle me.

Mona's won every capsized mate .