Frida Kahlo apparition

Walls, remove spheres of light between bodies of love submission and authoritie. is a body a wall or sphere, both? between each settlement of dust, love and its four thousand traces|may found videos in thee space of tube and da. ...Motionings

Frida Kahlo apparaît dans la rue Ste-Catherine de Montréal
Aparición de Frida Kahlo en la calle Ste-Catherine de la ciudad de Montreal.
Cette vidéo fait partie d'une coopération entre Fritta Caro et Helena Martin Franco. Il est une réflexion de l'image de Frida Kahlo comme stéréotype occidental de la femme artiste latino-américaine

yer name at window..


those were

every ‘parole’s a prisoner in this road

half-hacked knights where your word was

ringing over teemed up rumpus rooms

brokered by silver fish and dawn its each window

which costs the death of your lace

not your hand-held curtains beckoning my call

its that my call? a trumpet making merry dawn

busked by stage dusked by day or death’s mighty pal

a tumbrel wrecking your gracious dawning

misdemeanours of what you’ve seen

rare as your body was in this golden air

over sanctuary and miles of well placed rapid

going messenger

hold your horse fire forest dear one

its nearly spring here in dark night

when young like petals you prayed to a whoopee god

Priapus and his many metals

tangled by briars and necklaces of your body

legendary as any cape

you imagined distance is a candle which kills

it does it does it do do do as soft black

wears napped covers veiling her feet

come as my lover burnoused as any tribe

wearing the trinket of her sigh

your scarlet hips know this tongue

better than any imaging

its yours if you calll


Cathy ten Broeke on ending homelessness in Minneapolis

Cathy ten Broeke - Coordinator on Homelessness for Minneapolis and Hennepin County

Cathy has spent the majority of her adult life engulfed in issues of homelessness. After researching effective strategies for ending homelessness around the country, she has come to the Twin Cities to head up Hennepin County's Commission to End Homelessness where she has lead the development of great projects such as Project Homeless Connect, and Heading Home Hennepin, a ten year plan to end homelessness in Hennepin County. Cathy lends an important perspective on positive humanitarian efforts by our local city and county government.

Recorded on May 2nd, 2007 at Solutions Volume 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


don't hold and

ont hold back hold yer hands against hamadryad
as week to strength its night breathing lightening over
the cambric dawn's come over this
your speaking verse
mellow mountain of coffee
rails against the hardship
thousand lairs of her alone
body wilts in the cowardice

but broke
out of



down the nothing

to everything

clothing the dead
feeding the fish

this narrator's got the long gone block on her head

hear the trombone
or those flattening heels
clickin in the subway

what's that language you speaking
as yer death wish come true

breath to mate every song


a lover's fast version 2

prends moi dans ton coeur
ta bouche
mets moi dans ton coeur
tu est bien
tu est bien
je viens


is that a glass? water? oh Or dear its wind to pipe? cutting slack fr baby babee baAbEE

____love's faster
was an ass you wanted
to crayon with yourtongue
a murderous apartment
death by longing
sur le metro elle sens
tres mal

of this i send a heart
crossing-the witch's brew
sauvegardez mon amour
je viens je viennes pas

commes tants d'autres

je ne parle pas francais
inside the dot of her eyes
yes her eyes which you never met yet in flesh
dans le nu
est-ce que c'est comme ca, que je t'aime?

si les chose sont mauvais
c'est n'est pas vrai

it's not so
i am there with you

you turn you look
seeing other versions of day

night Rome, sight, sound
river, air, the hand swinging,
holding us

Night one .


reve ~

Je rêve tant d'reves des raves
des ravis . des machines délirante.. et le nuit s'en va
mon français? et anglais c'est quoi ça, français anglais?
ma machine mon chin[e] my china
all over the grass as lay the world map
le map d'amour amori ou sentir les nuages
des yeux des yes, le corps ton corps et ça?
"c'est déjà ça !""c'est déjà ça !""c'est déjà ça !"

les machines de désire ... le nuits des pensée
these ideas are trumpets .
desirantes O les mots que je connais pas!

O well it's fun , eh , love? lover ? toi la, tu sais.

Of course we pillow the desires
as I storm the castle of its bulk

art! c'est un sottise comme l'ami de breton avait dit.

après ça c'est déjà ça! déjà tes pieds
deja ton coeur ami ton ami de cœur.
coule su le fleuve des amant

O night
O day
O breath
O pulse

oui c'est comme ça déjà ça!



and, in fall

and, in fall: "If there was a chance that you might read me, because as I said “her whisper remained unfinished” even after introduction, then descent’s toppling of elation would not be carried out in vain, as an incomplete collision might pile-up to awkwardness." Lady Jenny Allen

and her e her
Intermittent pen
Flourishes ___


churn weed simple sum kick back
the spade its cunning part wishes the fervid fever to die alliterate zone
capture th e fold'en caRt

then ~ you peak like any other liver sausage
sassy aren't you , , sweet bun ,, cash crop ,,

harem hair cut-back like
any swollen brief ~


now lookee here Miss? ,, doncha hold yer horse ,,,
two kong fer King_Kong and her ass sex

yo! HorseSexE

add a pace to puffed cheek
round bully-beef as any
as any
as any


adds timbre here: shock value to her gumy manner.
he offer a body golem like a shyster wld.
swindler to dead heat.

this cannot become what its
only wishing to see. recall that
wished for feel up when you sidled over to his you know when?'

hog that grammar crepe miss donor!

email after she wear knight brothel cloth to her


the moon and you remember

the moon is full ,
but so is your heart
in this desert nothing matters
but rain

where is the rain
when the heart began to gallop
what box did it clatter into?

what shell did it creep out of?
what care package did it sit on?
how was the box fitted in the child's


did night speak its name
were words the only salience of its


You remember

I remember a woman
uglier than summer
tastier than spaghetti

her legs were ruins
her hair was paired













How did the rest go? I havent got a clue