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line transvers'al

where does poetry begin and end theorizing the philo characters
where does the word start & stop
do means relucid end? end stop
does a poetry shake yer toe? do voices from

past urb yer black cemetery cloak
does a question ask itself the sentence
does the period not wake by the end of its terminus

does the terminus shake a leg, shake a toe, call me Nomad
shall see the slinked thing of roodads
and bellelisimas


celine 3 part

celine Chateau to Chateau

Céline 1

KuRt Vonnegut wrote a good introduction to the English translation of these last novels of Celine ~


the wasitress

The waistress a knight met riding riding
mistreated him in and out
as a lassoe rider does
treating her night bad as bald
base as bung ~


je reve

Verses in french filled with errors
Je rêve tant de reves des raves
des ravis . des machines délirante.. et le nuit s'en va
mon français? et anglais c'est quoi ça, français anglais?
ma machine mon chine my china
all over the grass as lay the world map
le map d'amour amori ou sentir les nuages
des yeux des yes, le corp ton corp et ca?
"c'est déjà ça !""c'est déjà ça !""c'est déjà ça !"

les machines desirante ... le nuits des pensée
these ideas are trumpets .

Of course we pillow the desires
as I storm the castle of its bulk

art! c'est un sottise comme l'ami de breton avait dit.

apres ca c'est déjà ça! deja tes pieds
deja ton coeur ami ton ami de cœur.
coule su le fleuve des amant

O night
O day
O breath
O pulse

oui c'est comme ca déjà ça!


wi n

missssteeeerrrterr rhizomorphphosis and metramorphosis's rung the stochastics of schizolodia.


My window faces north __ desire faced North.>AS did the escaping glory good flood.

"My wind


dante 3

I can walk
Its me in those woods. Where are you? have I not seen you.Its the borrowed grapheme. What oral tale ride over this. And now you are bored. No, we won't forage for nothing. THe broken glass. His death, this week, A's yes. Was foreseen. Obscene slipped . No noise into other side.

There're plenty of pitch fork. Here. Not some cute dead trip. Down the escalor of the shite box called Hell.

":ché quello imperador che là sù regna, perch'i' fu' ribellante a la sua legge,non vuol che 'n sua città per me si vegna. because that Emperor who reigns above, since I have been rebellious to His law, will not allow me entry to His city.

The Gangster God reigns tells you about how to be. What to wear. Shes not yer god. Yer a lawless peg in the hole of the universe. Whats that? is she a margin in the book?

Awake Ananke _ aneantissment - french break of egg word. over mouth.
"And in that night I awoke to find myself in a dark and deserted place…"me tryin to read Dante _ He reads me and Doctor Strangelove. I love you the end of the world. Sea laps back to me from her. wave lips.Expiration Bereft__ word of night. Saunter the street of old city before new.Desolate.

"And in that black night I awoke to find myself in a dark and deserted place..."She was flower of the sand and rock. I am Chinese to her eyes. Mushroom. World. When will will the Left return to set Right to right. Then lovers'll speak.

I Ugolino abbaddon by her You. her IF is a Gender of Hulk in the medusa . Air. Sot stomach gut. Dont come here if your face is too pretty .You think i dont know what it means to be a cripple. Ive loved a woman with cancer in her womb. And another with multiple sce..whatever it is. spelling of lover's dates. When I come in your arms, like bridges. We imagine the night. You too the sea swarms around the bottom of your feet.

Is this rictus setting in my garden? A gardenia was her sex. But she was territorial to the land to my hands which spoke to the air. I was nuts, she was premium banannas. We loved air awake night.

" Oscura e profonda era e nebulosa tanto che, per ficcar lo viso a fondo,
io non vi discernea alcuna cosa.

That valley, dark and deep and filled with mist,

is such that, though I gazed into its pit,
I was unable to discern a thing." Unable to discern a thing a thing

Rock turn to ash. Why so ? What hurt is hurtled in to this earth?
this sort of thing never ends . Goes on up and war. Now what things outside again in Eastern Europe./

Ringing in my head & heart words as friction to day talk. Endless movie. Replayed . Cinema of history. Not Oedipus the dead boy which is what whats her name thinks at

Brim with endless self flagellation

. Remind of the time before. Not this dumb era of kiss ass. We are not what we are. I wander her shade. I am the comic death of her womb, her sex is me. I am her phallus brother. She s my brain my face. Come on and hold my break. This schiz is your parlour. we have to find a sentiment to end that war. that way is dead. Broother boring and her war. Her Her and gender bullshite. More of it each time. Is she my body? I have come to her name:

why wait for the atomic bomb? you think its gone. hmm the cold clock 's locked in again...
re moving as dead breath .

Ill hold your ego as a fragile egg.
we can hatch a self from there . A promiscuous Generosit.An Allegory of breath pullulating over the seven languages we share.

She left this blog. Why? was anxious we suspect her body 'd tremble reading. What words of work were here seeing her self to see here?




love kills ama_ teur

Rated I eyE rate I oYe OyE rate

Love Kills Ama TuEr


yer not certain_ beloved

You're not certain beloved
not certain
this I
that I
that I
this Eye
this Europe and that
fingers walking in the map
and the noise
the heart's jimmy pounding up
surf bashing on the door
as the wash pulling
over the hallway
or is hallway and the rock goes single
in many as it rears its head
not simple is it?

the lovers

The lovers are departed gone. Air lightly settles on the spot they absconded. Drapery which covered their hides, hidden in the bellies of the earth, is confused for the second it takes them to disappear. Drinkers of the earth?

Half an hour___, her skin remembers his , calls back, like an insistent telephone ringing , ringing, buzzing _ do you love me do you love me? do you love me? do you? do ? you love me ? it rings a hyphen to eternity with no terminus in sight.

She's heard that word before knowing he's working it down, and she's __ its merciless, the deaf tone of love.

Love, the long master. And treachery, the little offspring.

The lovers aren't gone, not gone, after all,
they split that's all, they cut out , took off,
hit the road, on the lam.
A little strapped for cash_ and lusty
pistol-whipped by the shaky eaves,
they're gone as

lovers do __ they go go go .


joyce paintriste paintristed

The first internation Paintriste movement takes place in the virtual
sky __

A motto