Set Free

set free they sang. hands around. them. around her body. i mean and she was weeping sobbing, stopping the pretence of being alive. of being alive. of being and not becoming what she wanted. as it was cropped and crippled. not near the end but dead. but not waiting . anymore


Open the envelope and see the story of a death warrant.
or a calcium deposit on her skull.or cranium. cortex.
lotto 500, kotex.

send a mystical letter chain of repliers. she was galivanting to the automated fay of his desire.

hejabed, __ her face ducky looking, diurnal.
ash of tray, altar of infinite.


did you say
she_ what?
grabbed her he_gabble?
on the round gable of the gothic CaP?



glenn gould could afford to not like mozart, I cannot afford it. without the divine mozart, what life would it be, but one of poverty. how not to hear him, his _ yes yes bach bach bach _ wonderful wonderful even some madness there in the brandeburg concertos , but Mozart, everything, the life, the music, the letters. the disappearance. he is us.
and we are him _ his music speaks across to us, continuously. this is almost a haphazard cliche to say it. say he speak across to you continuous coronet.

i cant even name the symphonies, K this and K that , but I , they are in my bones. N o one plays enough of his work_ oh some do,yes, and turn him into an institution_ he is not an institution & never was _ his work is not constructed and fired this way, its a path against a path __ , a nymore than Stravinsky. who plays Stravinsky on the boring cbc and when playing Mozart they talk too much they ought to introduce play and shut up but they like the sound of their saccharine voices. And he was nobody's fool, eh. notso, not to be bandied around by jackasses_ jackanapes, now there is a nice word, jackass, I'm notsure jackanape is a nice word, it might very well be a stupid word. ___ but they, how sickening they are_ I would clamp their mealy mouths shut and not permit them to talk about him ___, and what nausea they must cause his spirit, as he turns away in degoutant disgust. forget . get cd's , tapes, recordings, listen listen and listen and memorize.

[the outdoor link is to a weblog I just found dedicated to mozart with a dozen or more others_

It has this quote from a letter

"Pray Papa does not mind my wishing him the best and happiest of birthdays in Swabian; it is my native tongue after all, although you much prefer I use Hoch Deustch. Oh, very well then. You shall have it your way on this, your special day: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, am besten von allen V�tern!

Tell Mama to have Thresl prepare your favorite supper tonight and to pour plenty of wine as my toast to you.

Your devoted son,

I quote this excerpt revealing more than daddy's boy, not that he was ever that:

"But who will be able to describe the desiring-machines of each subject, what analysis will be exacting enough for this? Mozart's desiring-machine? "Raise your ass to your mouth, ... ah, my ass burns like fire, but what can be the meaning of that? Perhaps a turd wants to come out... Yes, yes, turd, I know you, I see you, I feel you. What is this--is such a thing possible?" From a letter by Mozart, cited by Marcel More, Le Dieu Mozart et le monde des oiseaux (Paris Gallimard, 1971), p. 124 "Having come of age, he found the means of concealing his divine essence, by indulging in scatological amusements." More shows convincingly how the scatalogical machine works underneath and against the Oediipal "cage."" Antioedipus 325 Eng trans.

Mozart is like the other wanderers. Kleist etc... the dotted line of getaway on the lam.




glory exist

glory exists we 're tired of wolves, we prefer banannas,
and charlie-horses, racoons, live animals
not dead feathers in yer cap ,yer switching heat,
yer candykorn lady back fuck no good to anyone.

Yer thinking Mona does nt' t fit it?
What Mona fit its and dont aint yer affair when you cant
get yer ass off a plane ona train to collect the kiss
yer longed foR all yer life. get a life.
get a trip.

Jill, and Mona are here to stay. Kiss me coffee cornfields.

Soon we'll detail yer sexual fantasies, my dear . One
a dog for yer height. Kneeling for your pain.