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Guattaree pens a missive : t'a Mona and friends

  • GuattariComplex

  • Mona dearest ____, I know the performative is valuable. Fear not these nuts in the dèstablishment. they are deadbores. not performative. Yer friend and mouthlover DadaDuffy is the true CroWn Prince of the Potato. he has many spudlings as amiable pals and cheerful suds of friendship and fellows that invent the fellows of the thought that follows.

    these new so-called "Establishments" are the worst most reactionary one of all of them in the worldin
    all history! I pindar ponder

    "from the council right through to the publishers, the critics, the reviewere, the whole kit and kaboodle and

    it has not changed "

    [so you say]

    it got worse
    [yea yea yea bla bla]

    One is censored
    [two are censored not One the censoree and censored]

    kept out controlled
    [micropoetics of control]
    then there is the ____ that national radio "broad" caster __ and that horrible horrible programme "Frighers in Compnay!"
    (an what a n Obvious echo of great Sylvia Beach's Shakesepare and Company the woman who published one book by one man)

    and that horrible gang of Middle Class controllers
    [dont ya think yer being a little bit general?]
    across the Country who maintain and control the machine

    even the most far out

    and intelligent of poets/ writers get caught captured imprisoned by all that Bs

    Look at what Deleuze and Guattari say by way of Artaud ...

    Every writer is a Sell out....


    it is so..

    So sick and neurotic so concerned to expose their students to what they imagine are the true and right values of writing

    So sick and concerned to sell their little expression their little puny expressions

    and the "clicks" that formed over the years

    the wanky spoken word lot

    I am so glad I am living in Mongolia now

    where none of these twits can bother me and Martha.

    Martha my doll

    Martha my wrap up Poetry Queen

    Martha my Dada wife

    shes my babe

    and I dont need any Scrabble Woman teachers or any of the rest of them dead busts from Candeada or Usamuckia!


    Listen we breath better in the mountains

    The phone rang, Oona calling to say, we don`t believe in any of our own opinions and are as willing to drop them as a draft.