chronicle of the schizo-organes

as the Knight was sad sick and sad, or was the Dulcinea read Knight's eyes cossetting the plain or was that dancing in the rest of the bucolic space which each river cried. but what was the gerundive of correct? sitting by his body shes holding he shore to each not wishing a loll distance to detach her cream coloured her lesbic make-up or the heavy lean to of doubt

The Knight has no Organes when saving is the treat the stinging self when it waiting.



the publisher of er..

Yes, yes the publisher, called and said oh, the format is wrong and so how are readers going to get what you are doing, and that is a good question.

we are wondering
ifit works

if we go

down the lines I guess not. something has to be figured out in this space of intention and draft, of defeat and drawing. What shall we do, shall we learn said Virginia to her friend down South.


"There's a logic today that places a greater value on celebrity the less it is accompanied by actual achievement. I don't think it's possible to touch people's imagination today by aesthetic means."

That kind of says it all about a lot of visual arts today - just shock and awe! - like the state of parts of the world today, as well as the popular entertainment business. Do we have to accept that?
Ballard which almost rhymes with Bollard


we gotta ORthOgraphEE

We Gotta An ORthoraphEe and it exists. so there you go and there you have it.