hulsenbeck hausman other

This first a tribute to that old Dada

first heard about hulsenbeck and genet with in ? no hulsenbeck first, later by way of
notre-dames des fleurs, genet.

at ryan larkin's place the book by who was it, richter? then later came jeff nutall
and others, by then reading sartre and others; naturally lots of poetry
. 1970-71 back and forth to sussex. there the old books remain
the old "young" manuscripts, copies of old young poems

Raoul Hausmann at the Librairie Loewy, Paris 1961
(Photo: Martha Rocher)

hulsenbeck hausmann these guys, derring do dada reading reciting to
riotous crowds of hundreds as they wandered the cities of Germany
in theM prewar Years.

Genet was a mere child I was not a thought, but perhaps a gene. You were not there,
I dont recall seeing you in the gene pool

pullin my belly to your body

sometimes id bee reading shit writing shit

mixing languages and arts
genres and bodies have made this, and made me what i am.