that idea



or and of there and now and


standing between the virtual/the printed/the written and spoken/that's the life of a poet these day/s

                                    over the Atlantic again

 interviewed with a  a friend

Tell us about that idea for  a groupblog notion? did it work previously?

O yes! it did ... that was ages   back!     hey do you see that formation of clouds yonder.. it's the edge of easternwest of Greenland! which means in another  what is it? 2 hours we'll be over Ireland..  my heart skips a beat when I see that and my soul drowns in moon gusts and leaps for hope when once we're on the ground walking that place... what virtual space of containment compares to that?
You mean Iceland over there? yr blind! duffy! take the patch off
 Poets you see or would be artists and poet types are quite lazy and if you give them something,
           too easy they hold it in contempt!
                              (on the way we'll sail ) 
                                                           (the unbright blue C)
 they want to be rejected and submitted!

   hahah I ran a mag for a time, secretly under an other name, or really two and then were dozens of submissions from the known, unknown and the re-known again!

      people like to be recognized nothing less will do......

  However, when I think of the countryside and water around this part of the globe, I mean, it's not country at all, its water,

Water country cold as ice and worse

   what matter all this nonsense of publish/not publish  

   the artists have to realize they are best to become their very own producers.. conducers and extravagant
               c                   r          e a         t        o                      r                                   s!

lets go swimming when we get to Shannon!